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Favored Souls [Tome of Virtue]
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For Valor

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

sigma999 wrote:
Pelor = Cleric. I'm surprised you didn't make that assumption, considering how Jozan is all hot for his patron (like god, like supplicant).

FSoPelor being a Cleric is... ehhhhh... because evil Clerics can use undead (which isn't in line with Pelor), and like to be crazily buffed (not really in line with Pelor), and don't focus on light and the sun very much (guess what? Not in line with Pelor). So they're not all that good of a choice. Kaelik made an awesome 10-level class where the capstone ability is level 8 Cleric casting, but the first 9 levels had magic light powerz.

If the Cleric were appropriate for Pelor, I'd totally be fine with it. But it really isn't.

EDIT: Here are my ideas for FSoKord

It's a Barbarian ACF:

  • Fast Healing = Barbarian Level
  • At first level, you gain the following:
    Knock 'em Out: A barbarian may elect to make any damage dealt by her weapon or rage dice to be subdual (flaming swords will still deal 1d6 fire damage).
  • Lose Combat Movement. Gain SR
    SR is 12+HD.
  • Lose Great Blows. Gain supernatural righteous might; DR becomes X/- and stacks with rage DR (so your rage DR is now level/2 + 5 from levels 7-11, level/2 + 8 from levels 12-14, and level/2 + 11 from levels 15-20)
  • Lose Call the Horde. Gain the following:
    Fury of Combat (Ex): While enraged, if you deal rage dice damage to an opponent and they don't drop, the next time you deal damage to them, the rage dice increase by 1 size to a maximum of d12, and your morale bonus to hit increases by 1. So a level 20 FSoK tried to kill the God himself (1200 HP. He can take all 4 hits), the damage would be 10d6+10d8+10d10+10d12, assuming each hit landed. To hit the damn guy, your morale bonuses would scale as +2, +3, +4, and +5.
  • Lose Watched by the Totems. Gain the following:
    Kelemvar: You gain an indestructible magic adamantine weapon. It can look like whatever the hell you want, but its function is that of a sword 1 category larger than you. When it strikes a dragon, the dragon must make a will save (10 + .5HD + your Con) or die.
    Rage Magic: When enraged, you have Freedom of Movement (Ex) at all times, you can cast break enchantment (Sp) as a swfit action.
  • Lose Savagery. Gain the following:
    Perfect Rage (Ex): When enraged, you are permenantly hasted, as per the spell. Your rage dice increase to d8 and you can perform any str/dex/con-based skill check OR any str/dex/con check as a free action, so long as its DC is 25 or less and it isn't paired with a move action (like swimming can't be done with a free action).
  • At level 20, gain the following:
    Of Kord: Without changing your actual size, you can change your effective size to anything from medium to colossal as a non-action. Also, increase your Str, Dex, and Con by 10. Finally, you gain Kord's portfolio sense (not sure if I'm allowed to post the text of it here, seeing as it's not OGL).

Mask wrote:
And for the love of all that is good and unholy, just get a fucking hippogrif mount and pretend its a flying worg.

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Serious Badass

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Kyahaha, thread revival. I was bored.
So this is totally the Devoted Cleric from Neverwinter, adjusted to actually do impressive things on a D&D scale.
The class gets around 2 things per level, but many of these are upgrades to existing things, so it doesn't become a massive list. They're squishier than a Cleric, but good at survival.

They get a bunch of things that require different actions, they value Charisma and then Wisdom and then it's not terribly important after that. Medium BAB because they're not a frontline fighter and there's no need for them to *completely* abuse Zen Archery/Insightful Strike. They get a bunch of "other misc stuff" on top of their healing and Fire/Light/Positive damage so that they have things to do when people aren't fighting (and in later levels, things to do when people are fighting but are also flying or whatever).

Iori: no I won't be multiclassing Tokano into this. This is really just one of those "post things when bored, I guess creating something is good enough" things.

Favoured Soul of Lathander (or Amaterasu or...)

Hit Die: 1d8
Skill Points: 6 + Int
Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Concentrate, Craft (Any), Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (Any), Listen, Perform, Profession, Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Spot
Proficiencies: Light and Medium Armour, Shields (but not Great/Tower Shields), Simple Weapons, Flail, Warhammer, Heavy Flail, Halberd, Glaive
Alignment: nearly all are of some variety of Good alignment

LevelBABFortRefWillClass Features
1+0+2+0+2Solar Brand, Weapon of the Sun, Burst of Sunlight
2+1+3+0+3Beam of Searing Light, Fiery Invective
3+2+3+1+3Words of Healing, Remove Fear
4+3+4+1+4Ward of Blinding Light, Vision of Righteousness
5+3+4+1+4Solar Seal, Augury
6+4+5+2+5Divinity, Fortunate Insight
7+5+5+2+5Ward of Binding Light, Healthy Glow
8+6+6+2+6Warmth of the Sun, Eternal Vigilance
9+6+6+3+6Flamestrike, Eternal Light
10+7+7+3+7Brand of Sunstroke, Grand Prophecy
11+8+7+3+7Positive Energy Surge, Phoenix Wings
12+9+8+4+8All-Revealing Light, Refreshing Heat
13+9+8+4+8Hammer of Righteousness, Field of Glory
14+10+9+4+9Vision of Impending Doom, Command Flames
15+11+9+5+9Shrivelling Heat Wave, Biding Warmth
16+12+10+5+10Incinerate, Supreme Foresight
17+12+10+5+10Heavenly Firestorm, The Sun Rises Anew
18+13+11+6+11Burning Skies, Radiance
19+14+11+6+11Blazing Chains, Eye of Heaven
20+15+12+6+12Aspect of the Sun

Solar Brand (Su): with a Standard Action, the Favoured Soul of Lathander may call upon a brilliant brand of positive energy and hurl it at a target within Medium Range. This requires a Ranged Touch Attack to hit. If it hits, the target is afflicted by Faerie Fire for one minute, and during this time, they "leak" positive energy. Anyone who causes damage to the target regains lost hit points equal to the Favoured Soul's Charisma Bonus.

Weapon of the Sun (Su): any weapon wielded by the Favoured Soul of Lathander emits a bright glowing light - he can't suppress this other than by not wielding the weapon. On the plus side, all such weapons are automatically considered magical, gaining an Enhancement Bonus to attack and damage rolls of +1 per 3 hit dice (round up), and gaining the Flaming quality.

Burst of Sunlight (Su): with a Full Round Action, the Favoured Soul of Lathander can channel the excess positive energy within, unleashing it in a 20' radius Burst: he designates any targets in the area (probably including himself) to receive the "gentle" positive energy, regaining hit points equal to 1d6 per 3 hit dice (round up). Undead cannot be designated in this way. Anyone not designated as such will instead receive the "harsh" positive energy, taking that amount in positive energy damage. A Fortitude Save (Charisma-based) negates this damage. Those who fail their save are also hurled back a number of 5' squares equal to the Favoured Soul's Wisdom Bonus (minimum 1).

After using this ability, he must wait for three rounds before using it again.

Divinity: if empowered by Divinity (see below), enemies who fail their save are also knocked Dazed for 1 round.

Beam of Searing Light (Su): at second level, the Favoured Soul of Lathander can focus his brilliant light into a beam. With a Standard Action, he may unleash a 5' wide Line out to Medium Range. All in the area suffer 1d6 Fire damage per hit die, with a Reflex Save for half (Charisma-based). Those who fail the saving throw are set on fire.

After using this ability, he must wait for three rounds before using it again.

Divinity: if empowered by Divinity (see below), he may elect to make the line 15' wide. Regardless, enemies who fail their saving throw are also Blinded for a number of rounds equal to his Wisdom Bonus (minimum 1).

Fiery Invective (Su): starting at second level, when the Favoured Soul shouts, people tremble in fear. And not just people. He may use the Intimidate skill against Undead without penalty. If it would normally be enough to provide a condition or penalty (such as successfully demoralising a foe), he is considered to have successfully Turned the Undead (as a Cleric using Turn Undead). Indeed, if he has twice as many hit dice as the Undead, they are Destroyed.

Words of Healing (Su): at third level, the Favoured Soul of Lathander literally gains the ability to speak to people in a way that fills them with energy. With a Standard Action, he may grant Fast Healing equal to his Charisma Bonus to a number of allies within Close Range equal to his hit dice plus his Wisdom Bonus (if positive). They must be able to hear him to benefit from this, though they needn't understand him. The Fast Healing lasts for one minute, and using it again before the minute is up merely refreshes the duration, it does not stack the Fast Healing up.

Divinity: if empowered by Divinity (see below), the amount of Fast Healing is doubled, it lasts for 1 minute per hit die, and everyone affected instantly regains lost Hit Points equal to his bonus to Diplomacy checks.

Remove Fear (Sp): at third level, the Favoured Soul of Lathander can cast Remove Fear at will. He's just so shiny and bright that people feel brave at the sight of him.

Ward of Blinding Light (Su): starting at level four, the Favoured Soul learns how to place glowing wards that are effective in making foes keep away: with a Full Round Action, he can designate a 10' radius circle on any flat surface within Medium Range. This lasts for one minute or until triggered, whichever comes first. It cannot be used again for one minute, regardless of whether or not it is triggered.

A foe who touches the warded area triggers it: there is a bright flash of light, and the creature suffers 1d10 Light damage, plus the Favoured Soul's hit dice, and is Blind for three rounds. Adjacent creatures take no damage, but must pass a Fortitude Save or also be Blinded for the duration. If multiple creatures touch it simultaneously (such as by placing the ward beneath them to start with), they all are treated as triggering it.

Divinity: if empowered by Divinity (see below), then any creature that triggers this is bathed in light that renders their armour useless: for the three rounds, even if they are immune to the Blindness aspect, all attacks against them are resolved as Touch Attacks.

Vision of Righteousness (Sp): at level four, the Favoured Soul of Lathander gains the ability to cast Charm Person once per day as a Spell-Like Ability. The target must see him, but he needn't speak or make any fancy gestures. The Save DC is 10 + half his hit dice + his Charisma Bonus.

Solar Seal (Su): at fifth level, the Solar Brand of the Favoured Soul becomes more powerful, cutting through certain defences: if it hits, he may make a Dispel attempt (using his hit dice as his caster level, with no limit) against any effects on the target (roll once). Additionally, the target becomes Flat-Footed until their next turn.

Augury (Sp): at level five, the Favoured Soul of Lathander can cast Augury once per day as a Spell-Like Ability.

Divinity (Su): at sixth level, the Favoured Soul's divinity starts to spark and flare. Any time he suffers damage from an enemy attack or effect, he may spend an Immediate Action to gather his divine energy. This lasts for three rounds, or until spent, and doesn't do anything until it is spent. It may be used to improve the power of certain class features (where specified), or gain an extra use of a Spell-Like Ability granted by this class that normally has a limit on its uses. In both cases, spending Divinity is part of the action of activating the ability.

Fortunate Insight (Su): the sixth-level Favoured Soul sees all - even glimpses of the future are revealed to her, so far-reaching is the light. At the start of every day, he may select a single skill except for Use Magic Device. The first time during that day where he is required to (or chooses to) make a Skill Check for that skill, this ability activates, granting a Competence Bonus to the check equal to half his hit dice (round up). If the skill cannot normally be attempted untrained, or can only reach certain results when untrained, this limitation is ignored when using this ability.

Ward of Binding Light (Su): at level seven, the Favoured Soul's Ward now unleashes physical ropes or chains. Even though they appear to be made of light, they are a powerful energy effect. Creatures that trigger the Ward must pass a Reflex Save (Charisma-based) or become Entangled for three rounds and catch fire. If empowered by Divinity, they are instead rendered Helpless for three rounds if they fail the save.

On their own turn, they may attempt a Strength or Escape Artist check, even if Helpless, against the Save DC. Success causes them to escape the Entangled/Helpless condition from the bindings, although any other effects from the Ward remain in effect.

Healthy Glow (Su): positive energy constantly leaks out of the seventh-level Favoured Soul of Lathander. He has a permanent Enhancement Bonus to Constitution of +1 per 3 hit dice (round up), Fire and Cold Resistance equal to his hit dice, and he may add his Charisma Bonus to saving throws against Poison and Disease. With an Immediate Action, he may pass the Resistances and Save Bonus to an ally within Close Range, lasting until the start of his next turn.

Warmth of the Sun (Su): the eighth-level Favoured Soul is warm and fuzzy. At the beginning of each of his turns, he recovers from a single point of ability damage or drain. By spending a minute focusing really hard, he can extend this healing light out so that all adjacent creatures also remove a point of ability damage or drain.

Eternal Vigilance (Ex): at level eight, the Favoured Soul of Lathander no longer needs to sleep. Furthermore, as though he actually were the sun itself, he cannot sleep, and is immune to sleep effects.

Flamestrike (Sp): once per day, the ninth-level Favoured Soul of Lathander can call down an explosive pillar of flame, casting Flamestrike as a Spell-Like Ability. The Save DC is 10 + half his hit dice + his Charisma Bonus, and there is no level cap to its advancement.

Eternal Light (Su): at level nine, the light in the Favoured Soul's eyes never stops shining. He can never be rendered Blind, he can see invisible things as though they were visible, unless they are actually on a completely different plane, and he can see even in magical darkness.

Brand of Sunstroke (Su): at tenth-level, the Favoured Soul of Lathander improves is Solar Brand once more. Now, the target must pass a Fortitude Save (Charisma-based) or become Fatigued. This lasts for the usual duration, and can indeed stack up to the Exhausted condition.

Grand Prophecy (Sp): once per day, the tenth-level Favoured Soul can cast either Clairvoyance (not Clairaudience), Legend Lore or Communion. That's how good his insight is.

Positive Energy Surge (Su): the eleventh-level Favoured Soul of Lathander gains the ability to, once per minute, unleash a pulse of positive energy that reverberates, gradually growing weaker. With a Full Round Action, he may cast Mass Cure Serious Wounds. However, on the following round, all targets then enjoy a Cure Moderate Wounds. The round after that, they gain a Cure Light Wounds effect, and finally a Cure Minor Wounds effect.

Divinity: if empowered with Divinity, the effect is instead a Maximised Mass Cure Critical Wounds. The second round they gain a regular Cure Critical Wounds each, then Cure Serious Wounds and finally Cure Moderate Wounds.

Phoenix Wings (Su): when necessary, the eleventh-level Favoured Soul can fly. With a Standard Action, he may sprout wings of flame. These provide even more light, and grant him a 100' Fly Speed with Average Manoeuvrability. It lasts until he chooses to end it with a Swift Action, wanders into an Anti-Magic Field, or loses consciousness.

With a Casting Time of "1 round", he may fan the flames of his wings, striking a foe with super-heated air. This duplicates a Parboil effect (Charisma-based).

All-Revealing Light (Su): at level twelve, it is impossible to deceive the eyes of the Favoured Soul of Lathander. He gains a constant True Seeing effect. Furthermore, any time he focuses his gaze with a Standard Action, he creates a Cone out to Medium Range. Everyone gains the same benefits when looking at the area within that cone.

Refreshing Heat (Su): at level twelve, the Favoured Soul's Words of Healing now grant another benefit: all subjects gain the benefits of a Lesser Restoration effect. If it is empowered by Divinity, they instead gain the benefits of a Greater Restoration effect.

Hammer of Righteousness (Su): at level thirteen, the Flamestrike of the Favoured Soul of Lathander carries a brilliant concussive force, or maybe it just fries people's brains. At any rate, it deals full damage to objects, ignoring Hardness, and foes who fail their saving throw against it are Stunned for one round.

Field of Glory (Su): at level thirteen, the Favoured Soul can create small pockets of positive energy, links to that powerful Inner Plane. With a Standard Action, he creates a 30' radius Spread within Medium Range, and that area glows with soft light for the next minute. Any energy that originates from, passes through, or ends in this area becomes Positive energy - the kind that restores hit points to most living creatures. For the most part, energy that passes along (such as a Ray, Orb, Cone or Line) enters the area, is converted and then keeps moving (in the converted form), even if it leaves the area. Things such as Bursts and Blasts that originate out of the area will expand in their normal way, with only the overlapping area being converted.

This cannot be used again until one minute has passed. Note that Bludgeoning, Slashing and Piercing damage work just fine.

Vision of Impending Doom (Sp): at level fourteen, the Favoured Soul gains the ability to show people their own foreseen failure - and then make it happen. Once per day, he may designate up to one foe per level within Medium Range, and with a Standard Action, force them to all attempt a Will Save (Charisma-based) against a [Fear] effect. Any who fail become Panicked for a number of rounds equal to his Wisdom Bonus.

Command Flames (Su): at level fourteen, the Favoured Soul of Lathander is finally immune to Fire damage, as flames just refuse to harm him. Furthermore, once per day he may cast Dominate Monster (Charisma-based), but the target must be an Elemental or Outsider, and must have the [Fire] Subtype. It has a duration of one hour.

Divinity: even though the Dominate effect is not a Spell-Like Ability, Divinity may be spent to use this again beyond the daily limit.

Shrivelling Heat Wave (Su): at level fifteen, the Favoured Soul's Beam of Searing Light now causes flesh to wither, and invokes a deep fear inside Undead. Living creatures that fail their saving throw become Fatigued (for the normal duration of Fatigue), and Undead that fail the save are instantly Turned, as though by a Cleric with hit dice equal to his own (including Destroying them if they have few enough hit dice).

Biding Warmth (Sp): once per day, the fifteenth-level Favoured Soul of Lathander may bless his team with healing energy that is yet to arrive. Up to one target per hit die has a Contingency placed upon them of "taking damage", with the effect being a Heal spell.

Incinerate (Sp): at level sixteen, the Favoured Soul can make people die in a fire. With a Full Round Action, he designates a target within Close Range, which may be an Undead or an object or whatever, and they must make a Fortitude Save (Charisma-based). This is a [Fire] effect, but not a [Death] effect, so creatures with Fire Immunity are immune. If the subject fails the save, they are obliterated in flames, leaving only some ash behind.

Supreme Foresight (Su): the sixteenth-level Favoured Soul of Lathander sees things before they happen. The first time each day that he is required to roll Initiative (or subject to a surprise round, on either side of the surprise), his foresight kicks in: if there is a Surprise Round, he gets to act in it. He may also add his Wisdom Bonus as an Insight Bonus to his Initiative check, Armour Class and Reflex Saves for the duration of the encounter.

Heavenly Firestorm (Sp): at level seventeen, Flamestrike becomes more terrifying: it now unleashes a Flamestrike once per round, for a number of rounds equal to the Favoured Soul's Charisma Bonus (with a minimum of one). It does not have to hit the same area each time, and he can choose to end the effect early - but not to simply resume it later. Continuing, Re-aiming or Ending the effect does not take an action, but even through the use of Divinity, he still can't invoke a second Flamestrike until the first one finishes all repetitions or is cut short. Foes are only Stunned from the first one, not the "repetitions".

The Sun Rises Anew (Su): the seventeenth-level Favoured Soul of Lathander is almost impossible to truly kill. The sun sets every night, but no matter how hard the Drow try, it just rises again the next day. Likewise, if the Favoured Soul is ever killed, but not reduced to dust or ash, then the next time the sun rises, then he is brought back without level loss or any such effects, as though by True Resurrection. If his remains are in an Anti-Magic Field when the sun rises, this effect fails and he is gone for good - or until someone else brings him back.

Burning Skies (Sp): at level eighteen, the Favoured Soul of Lathander flat-out ignores the daily limit on Flamestrike, not needing to use Divinity to get around it. It can be used at will, providing it is not currently in effect at the start of his turn. Furthermore, he may choose to increase the area to a 50' radius and 500' tall Column.

Radiance (Su): the eighteenth-level Favoured Soul gains a Gaze Attack: all who meet his gaze, fail to shield their eyes and fail a Fortitude Save (Charisma-based) are rendered permanently Blind. He can suppress or resume this at will with a Swift Action.

Eye of Heaven (Sp): at nineteenth level, the Favoured Soul of Lathander can see pretty much anything he wants to see, kind of like Magenta. Once per day he may cast Greater Scrying. The Save DC is 10 + half his hit dice + his Charisma Bonus.

Blazing Chains (Su): at level nineteen, the Favoured Soul's Ward of Blinding Light now sends blazing beams of light arcing out: when it is triggered, all creatures within 10' of the Ward must pass the Reflex Save or be rendered Entangled/Helpless, and targets that fail the save can no longer attempt to break free (whether by Strength or Escape Artist) on their own turn.

Aspect of the Sun (Ex): at level twenty, some people actually mistake the Favoured Soul of Lathander for the Sun. He always has Divinity, and thus can constantly spend it on every single thing he does forever. Additionally, any time he suffers any damage but is not killed, he immediately benefits from a Heal effect.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I really like this, Koumei. Barring all else, it looks fun. And shiny.
He jumps like a damned dragoon, and charges into battle fighting rather insane monsters with little more than his bare hands and rather nasty spell effects conjured up solely through knowledge and the local plantlife. He unerringly knows where his goal lies, he breathes underwater and is untroubled by space travel, seems to have no limits to his actual endurance and favors killing his enemies by driving both boots square into their skull. His agility is unmatched, and his strength legendary, able to fling about a turtle shell big enough to contain a man with enough force to barrel down a near endless path of unfortunates.

--The horror of Mario

Zak S, Zak Smith, Dndwithpornstars, Zak Sabbath. He is a terrible person and a hack at writing and art. His cultural contributions are less than Justin Bieber's, and he's a shitmuffin. Go go gadget Googlebomb!
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Favored Soul of Nerull
"Blood for the Bood God! Skulls for th- oops, wrong guy."
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Nerull is the greater god of evil, pestelance, trickery, death, and especially murder. He is the foe to all good and hates all life, including the lives of his worshipers. The initiation for his clerics is literally being buried alive and clawing your way out before you asphyxiate, and the big N is disappointed in the ones that survive, so being a Favored Soul of the pro-murder god of Carceri seems like a kinda awkward thing to be. And though he does absolutely hate you for living, he hates you a little less when you make others no longer living. Those who kill the most he hates the absolute least, and if you squint, that less hate would kinda look like the favor of this class.

1+0+2+0+2Aura of Death, Dead Inside, Grants, Rebuke Undead
2+1+3+0+3Lifesense, Mother Cyst
3+2+3+1+3Death Knell
4+3+4+1+4Corruption's Ally
6+4+5+2+5No Breath
8+6+6+2+6Commune with Nerull
10+7+7+3+7Fear the Grave
14+10+9+4+9Usurp the Horde
16+12+10+5+10Call the Horde
20+15+12+6+12Reaper of the Reaper

Starting Age and Gold: As a Cleric
Hit Dice: d8
Skill Points: 2 + INT mod, x4 at first level
Class Skills: Concentration, Craft, Bluff, Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Dungeoneering), Knowledge (Nature), Knowledge (Planes), Knowledge (Religion), Hide, Profession, Spellcraft

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Favored is proficient with simple weapons as well as the scythe, and light, medium, and heavy armor, but not proficient with shields of any kind.

Aura of Death (Su): As a swift action, the Favored may radiate an aura of death out to 20 feet. Every creature in that radius is dealt 1 point of negative energy per class level, a DC 10 + 1/2 class level + wisdom modifier willpower save negates the damage.

Dead Inside (Ex): You can take the Favored out of the grave, but you can't take the grave out of the favored. They are healed by negative energy and damaged by positive energy, and count as undead for the purposes of feat prerequisites. A Favored will not radiate light to a creature with Lifesense/sight/whatever and will no longer age, because they are already dead inside.

Grants (Sp): Prayers to Nerull are given in the past tense, even they haven't happened yet. For example, the Favored might pray, "You granted me Invisibility from my enemies…" and would later be invisible when appropriate. A Favored may have at most one plus the Favored's wisdom modifier in unused Grants at any one time. Using a Grant takes a standard action and is treated as a spell like ability, because that's what it is. The save DC of a Grant is 10 + 1/2 the Favored's class level + the Favored's wisdom modifier. A Grant may only be used once, after which it and any other used Grants may be replaced after 10 minutes of uninterrupted prayer with unused Grants of a level 1/2 the Favored's class level, rounded up. A Favored cannot change an unused Grant with prayer, they may only be changed after they are used; you totally told Nerull that Grant was going to happen. It's absolutely acceptable to ask Nerull for the same Grant two or more times, as long as the number of unused grants does not exceed the above limit.

Rebuke Undead (Su): Just as a Cleric of the same level as the Favored's class level, except at will.

Lifesight (Su): Nerull wants to extinguish all life, and so his Favored see living creatures as if they shed as much light as a torch. Go forth and snuff that out.

Mother Cyst (Ex): Nerull is all about contagion, undead, and undead contagions. The Favored gets Mother Cyst (out of Libris Mortis) as a bonus feat, and may ask for any spell provided by the feat as if it were a Grant of the same level.

Death Knell (Sp): Nerull would rather the dying be dead, and so his Favored may cast Death Knell at will. Any untyped bonus provided by this spell like ability is instead a profane bonus.

Corruption's Ally (Su): The Favored is unaffected poison and disease, both mundane and magical, but they still carry it around and can infect/inflict others with it, because Nerull is tricky like that.

No Breath (Ex): The dead don't breathe, and neither does the Favored. They only need air to talk.

Commune with Nerull (Sp): Nerull is a busy god, but even so he makes time out of each day to talk with his Favored. Once per day a Favored may Commune with Nerull, as per the spell.

Fear the Grave (Su): When the grave calls, the living run. Any creature the Favored considers an enemy that fails their save for the Favored's Aura of Death is Shaken for the Favored's wisdom modifier in rounds. This is a [Fear] effect.

Tombstone (Sp): The Favored digs their grave six feet deep and is buried in it. Thereafter they may have an astral projection (as per the spell) of themselves appear next to their tombstone and continue adventuring. Should the astral projection be slain, the Favored may make another after 24 hours of lying buried in their grave. Should the favored wish to move their grave, they must only be reburied elsewhere.

Usurp the Horde (Su): The Favored may alter the purpose of a Necromantic Intelligence. They must perform a ritual that takes 24 hours at the location of the Focus of the Necromantic Intelligence, and this ritual provokes the same response as a Cleansing.

Call the Horde (Su): The Favored may create a Necromantic Intelligence with a purpose of her choosing. This costs 20,000 gp in materials, and circumstances must be appropriate for a Necromantic Intelligence to form.

Ghostform (Sp): The Favored may use the spell Ghostform as a Spell Like Ability at will.

Reaper of the Reaper (Su): The range of the Favored's Aura of Death is extended to their line of sight, and any living creature that the Favored considers an enemy who fails their save for the Favored's Aura of Death is dead, which is a [Death] effect, or shaken on a successful save, still a [Fear] effect, for the Favored's wisdom modifier in rounds. Creatures so killed with 10 or less HD rise a Zombie under the Favored's control.

1stProtection from Good, Cause Fear, Disguise Self, Doom, Harm, Bane, Greater Dispel Magic, Summon Undead I, Darkvision
2ndDesecrate, Invisibility, Summon Swarm, Darkness, Summon Undead II, Silence
3edMagic Circle against Good, Animate Dead, Nondetection, Contagion, Speak with Dead, Bestow Curse, Deeper Darkness, Blindness/Deafness, Summon Undead III
4thUnholy Blight, Death Ward, Confusion, Poison, Giant Vermin, Fear, Enervation, Summon Undead IV
5thDispel Good, Slay Living, False Vision, Plague of Rats, Insect Plague, Mass Harm, Unhallow, Summon Undead V
6thCreate Undead, Mislead, Curse of Lycanthropy, Undeath to Death, Anti-Life Shell, Symbol of Fear
7thBlasphemy, Destruction, Screen, Scourge, Symbol of Weakness
8thUnholy Aura, Create Greater Undead, Polymorph Any Object, Horrid Wilting, Symbol of Death, Symbol of Insanity, Blackfire
9thSummon Evil Monster IX, Energy Drain, Wail of the Banshee, Timestop, Otyugh Swarm, Soul Bind, Miracle

"Besides, my strong, cult like faith in the colon of the cards allows me to pull whatever I need out of my posterior!"
-Kid Radd

shadzar wrote:
those training harder get more, and training less, don't get the more.

Lokathor wrote:
Commander: Ah! Adventurers! Perfect.
Tibellus: You can tell by the lobster on my head.

Stuff I've Made
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