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Security Beastiary

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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 5:45 pm    Post subject: Security Beastiary Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I am beginning a new campaign for Shadowrun (SR4, EotM), and this time I'm going to try to indulge in an idea that's been percolating in my head for some time: formalizing the security used in each facility. It's not quite the same as CR, but it's nominally a helpful idea to have a set of pre-made and ready-to-use templates that can get minor adjustments for any particular quirks for the facility.

My first step will be getting an idea for describing the facility itself. As every company and facility handles their security differently, giving variation on its types of security with obvious strengths and weaknesses. It was tempting to use a star-notation in honour of GTA, but I like the idea of a Japanese inspired grading system better. For each grade, not only do the number of units go up, but so do their quality. The examples of each Grade are intended to be typical, with wiggle room - a single patrol guard is C Grade, but if that single guard is a Red Samurai, the entire grade is raised to B. Contrariwise, stuffing your facility to the gills with mooks is nominally an S-Grade maneuver, but the whole thing becomes B if you make them all mall cops (on-site SWAT are given lethal rounds and armored vests).

The response & matrix security are still uncertain, and I welcome suggestions for what each of the grades should look like.

Facility Security Ratings, Personnel
    S - Two per room minimum, heavy cyber or adept, on-site SWAT
    A - Sec armor, 2 per major location
    B - Armored guard w/SMG & assault rifle on alarm, 1 per major region
    C - Plain-clothed mall security (lethal weapon?)
    F - None

Facility Security Ratings, Mechanization
    S - Mobile drone per room, dedicated elite rigger, all guards given training
    A - Mobile drones on patrol and in sensitive region, on-site rigger
    B - Tracked patrol drones, off-site rigger for maintenance
    C - Mid-grade maglocks on gates & doors tied to authorized personnel
    F - None

Facility Security Ratings, Magic
    S - Fully warded, aspected, fiberoptic network, On-site high mage w/assistant, paracritter or spirit in each room
    A - Paracritters, major region w/wards, biomatter walls, patrolling spirit(s) w/on-site mage
    B - Ward on sensitive region, critters, single paracritter, on-call mage
    C - Astral sensitive guard
    F - None

Facility Security Ratings, Matrix
    S - Dedicated white hat, Black ice on every PAN, off-site decker observation, Faraday isolation
    A -
    B -
    C - ICE installed on central PAN, off-site contract decker for maintenance
    F - None

Facility Security Ratings, Sensors
    S - Monitored multi-spectrum cameras, two-factor authorization per door
    A - Interior sensors, biomonitors on personnel
    B - Perimeter cameras w/nightvision, motion sensor @ obvious points, and landscaping, sealed windows
    C - Visual camera on standard entryway(s)
    F - None

Facility Security Ratings, Response
    S - Spirit-assisted VTOL assault squad, response time in 2min of alarm; forensics searches for 6 hours
    A -
    B -
    C - Local Lone Star contract, response time on scale of 20min; forensics is a rating 3 that makes a report an hour later
    F - None, either Z-Zone or too off-the-books to permit additional eyes

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