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[Class] Interdictor

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:20 pm    Post subject: [Class] Interdictor Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

The Interdictor
"Divide and conquer."

An interdictor specializes in slipping behind the front lines of enemy forces and causing as much mayhem and delay as possible. They cut off resource lines, split and demoralize troops, and direct resistance forces.

Ability Scores: Strength and Intelligence are the primary ability scores for an interdictor. Additional Dexterity and Constitution help boost the interdictor's ability to stay in combat without taking critical damage.

Hit Dice: d10
Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Forgery, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (Any), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Speak Language, Spot, Survival, Swim, Tumble, Use Rope

Skills/Level: 4+Int
BAB: Good
Saves: Good Fort and Will

Weapon Proficiencies: All simple and martial weapons, as well as a single exotic weapon of the interdictor's choosing
Armor Proficiencies: All light armor, medium armor, and shields.
Alignment: Any

1Swap Trick (friendly), Armored Stealth, Strategic Strike +1d6
2Demoralize, Short Haft
3Unseen Scout, Horde Breaker, Strategic Strike +2d6
4Clever Wordplay, Outsmart, Echoing Blows (+5')
5Shuffle 5', Bring Low, Strategic Strike +3d6
6Mislead, Pressing Assault, Sense Weakness
7Swap Trick (enemies), Battle Readiness, Strategic Strike +4d6
8Swift Scout, Echoing Blows (+10')
9Blockade (stone), Strategic Strike +5d6
10Shuffle 10', Sow Confusion, Blood Anchor
11Suppress Healing, Delegate, Strategic Strike +6d6
12Slip Through the Cracks, Echoing Blows (+15')
13Shatter Ranks, Strategic Strike +7d6
14Grievous Wounds, Master Scout
15Shuffle 15', Blockade (force), Strategic Strike +8d6
16Conscript, Thundering Blows

Any interdictor ability that requires a saving throw has a DC of 10 + 1/2 character level + Int modifier. Any ability which is the equivalent of a spell is considered to have a caster level equal to the interdictor's character level for all effects that are not otherwise mentioned.

Swap Trick (Su): Nothing ruins a carefully planned offense better than facing an unexpected foe. An interdictor may use a move action to swap places with a willing creature within medium range, immediately teleporting herself into that creature's space and it into her space. At 7th level she may swap places with an unwilling creature, who receives a Will save to negate the effect. Any attempt to swap a creature into a space too small to contain it immediately fails.

Armored Stealth (Ex): An interdictor can carefully choose a path through enemy forces even while armored. If she is wearing armor with which she is proficient, she reduces her armor check penalty to Hide and Move Silently by her Int modifier, to a minimum of 0.

Strategic Strike (Ex): An interdictor knows that very opportunity to do your foe harm is one that must be exploited to the fullest. She adds her Int modifier to her attack roll when making an attack of opportunity, and if she hits she deals an additional 1d6 damage for every two class levels, rounded up.

Demoralize (Ex): An interdictor is a terrifying force on the battlefield, and foes flee from her blows. At 2nd level, the first time she damages a creature each round, it must make a Will save. If it fails, it becomes shaken for 1 minute. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Short Haft (Ex): An interdictor is skilled at using long weapons to strike foes both far and near. At 2nd level, she threatens and may attack enemies within her natural reach while using a reach weapon, and may trip with any weapon.

Unseen Scout (Sp): An interdictor's eyes are everywhere. At 3rd level, as a standard action she can create an Unseen Scout. This acts as an Arcane Eye except the duration is infinite and she may have at most one in existence at any given time. An interdictor may use Swap Trick with her Unseen Scout as if it were a willing creature.

Horde Breaker (Ex): An interdictor handles onrushing hordes with a casual indifference normally reserved for walking away from explosions. At 3rd level she gains Horde Breaker as a bonus feat. In addition, she may use her Int modifier in place of her Dex modifier for determining the number of extra attacks of opportunity granted by the Horde Breaker feat.

Clever Wordplay (Ex): An interdictor knows not all problems are best handled with bloodshed, and can use her wits to talk her way out of sticky situations. At 4th level, she may choose to use her Int modifier in place of her Cha modifier for Diplomacy, Bluff, and Intimidate, and in place of her Wis modifier for Sense Motive.

Outsmart (Ex): At 4th level, an interdictor's clever battlefield maneuverings can completely outpace her opposition. She has the edge on any opponent with an Int score lower than her own.

Echoing Blows (Su): An interdictor is a threat even when she appears to be too far away to inflict harm. At every class level evenly divisible by 4, her natural reach increases by 5'.

Shuffle (Ex): At 5th level, an interdictor can begin to reorder the battlefield to best suit her needs. As a move action, she may move every creature in her threatened area, including herself, by 5' for every 5 class levels. This movement does not provoke any attacks of opportunity. An interdictor cannot use Shuffle and make a 5' step in the same round.

Bring Low (Sp): At 5th level, an interdictor learns a trick to bring foes down to her level. She can cast Earthbind (SpC) as a spell-like ability at will.

Mislead (Sp): Deception is an essential part of the interdictor's art. At 6th level she may use Major Image at will.

Pressing Assault (Ex): Interdictors quickly learn to take advantage of even the slightest break in an enemy's defense. At 6th level, taking a 5' step within the threatened area of an interdictor provokes an attack of opportunity.

Sense Weakness (Ex): At 6th level, an interdictor has made an intense study of her opposition and can determine weaknesses quickly. As a swift action, she may study an enemy within medium range. The DM then tells her which is lowest among the creature's Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves.

Battle Readiness (Ex): An interdictor is always on her toes, ready for a fight to break out at any moment. At 7th level, she adds her Int modifier to her initiative checks, and if there is a surprise round she may always act in it.

Swift Scout (Su): As she gains experience working her Unseen Scout, an interdictor learns how to press it to move quickly into position. At 8th level, her Unseen Scout moves at 90 feet per round, or 30 feet per round while actively searching.

Blockade (Su): An interdictor can create physical blockades to impede her enemies or provide temporary fortifications for her allies. At 9th level, as a standard action she may create up to a number of 5' squares of stone equal to her class level. This acts exactly as the wall of stone spell, except the duration is 1 minute per level rather than instantaneous, the range is equal to the interdictor's threatened area, and the effect is dismissible.

At 15th level, an interdictor may instead choose to create blockades of pure force. This acts exactly as the wall of force spell, except she may only create a number of 5' squares of force equal to her class level and the range is equal to the interdictor's threatened area. In addition, the duration of her stone blockades becomes instantaneous.

Sow Confusion (Ex): At 10th level, an interdictor's blow cause instant chaos in the ranks of her enemies. Any time an opponent would make a saving throw against the interdictor's Demoralize ability, she may instead force it to make a Will save or be confused for 1 minute. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Blood Anchor (Ex): Escaping from where an interdictor wants you, even through different planes, is a dangerous prospect. At 10th level, if an enemy uses a teleportation spell or effect in the interdictor's threatened area it provokes an attack of opportunity. If the interdictor hits with this attack of opportunity, the opponent additionally suffers the effects of a Dimensional Anchor spell for 1 minute.

Delegate (Su): At 11th level, an interdictor can use her Unseen Scout to communicate or affect a battle from far away. She may use any spell-like ability with her Unseen Scout as the point of origin.

Suppress Healing (Su): An 11th level interdictor can prevent her foes from renewing themselves. Any enemy she hits only recovers half (round down) the normal HP from any effect that would heal them for 24 hours. This includes healing magic, fast healing, regeneration, natural healing, and so on. This effect can be removed by a remove curse or break enchantment spell with a caster level of at least the interdictor's character level.

Slip Through the Cracks (Su): An interdictor is extraordinarily skilled at finding her way past obstacles and overcoming impediments. At 12th level she continually benefits from the effects of a Freedom of Movement spell. In addition she can pass through any space as if she were a creature two size categories smaller, to a minimum of Fine.

Shatter Ranks (Su): With a single blow, an interdictor can smash entire enemy formations into dust. At 13th level, once per minute as an attack action she may make a single weapon attack against a primary target with a bonus on her attack roll equal to her Int modifier. Compare her attack roll against the primary target, and every enemy adjacent to the primary target, and every enemy adjacent to them, and so on. Any enemy hit takes damage as if the interdictor had struck them and an additional 1d6 damage per class level.

Master Scout (Su): At 14th level, an interdictor's control over her Unseen Scout has become so familiar as to be instinctive, and her vision through it is unparalleled. She no longer needs to concentrate to move or see through the spy, and her sight through the spy gains the benefits of the True Seeing spell. The Unseen Scout improves to moving 300 feet per round, or 100 feet per round while actively searching. In addition, she may use Swap Trick with her Unseen Scout regardless of distance, even if they are not on the same plane.

Grievous Wounds (Ex): When facing overwhelming force, sometimes the only option is to slowly bleed your foes to death. When she hits an opponent, a 14th level interdictor may choose to inflict a wound on them. At the end of their turn, an opponent takes damage equal to the interdictor's Int modifier for each wound they have taken. Wounds continue to bleed until the target is dead, or they receive a Heal check with a DC of 10 + the interdictor's character level + Int mod. Alternatively, a (Healing) spell of at least 4th level may be used to remove all wounds in place of curing any hit point damage. This ability does not affect creatures that are immune to critical hits.

Conscript (Ex): At 16th level, an interdictor becomes a master of turning the enemies forces against each other. Any time an opponent would make a saving throw against the interdictor's Demoralize ability, she may instead force it to make a Will save or be dominated for 3 rounds. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect.

Thundering Blows (Su): At 16th level, an interdictor's blows echo across the cosmos. She threatens and may make melee attacks against creatures or objects in any square to which she has line of sight.
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