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[Game] Bakuhatsu High
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Serious Badass

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:12 am    Post subject: [Game] Bakuhatsu High Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Bakuhatsu High
(Explosion High)

Welcome to Bakuhatsu High, a school where the future (and indeed current) saviours of the world are trained. Giant monsters have the unpleasant habit of attacking the world, but fortunately, Messiah Enterprises is there to save the day, finding those who have the potential to beat the beasts, and running them through a dangerous school life to get them ready for the task. Will you survive and pass your exams?

Game Setting:
The year is 2XXX, and the world has changed. In many ways, for the better, with leaps in technology improving the lives of billions, and in general bringing about a more enlightened people. But not all is well, for one of the big changes is the arrival of what some call aliens, others call demons, others call monsters, but have been officially named abominations.

Regularly, they appear with little to no warning - the first rained from space and upon landing, immediately set out to ruin everything they could find. The Earth's military were quick to mobilise, but the firepower it took to destroy them was frightening, and the damage the abominations caused was sufficient to raise the question: how many of these can we take before they win?

Scientific analysis of the remains showed something shocking: the abominations did not consist of living cells, but of a plasticlike mass, hardened carbon shells, and thin electrotransmitter wires that presumably send message pulses. It appeared that they were not living creatures, but creations - but apparently not robotics, too simple in origin. It confused many, but gave people hope: it was not alive, so there was no moral issue with "killing" them, and furthermore, they could presumably be controlled, or shut down.

However there were more important issues - how to stop them when they next attacked. To make matters worse, more abominations started to appear from the ground itself, as though the first had delivered spores with complex growth instructions, muddying the issue of whether they were in fact alive.

Luckily, Messiah Enterprises had the answer: they were already a leading company in genetics, and having isolated the Hero gene - only available in a small part of the population - they were able to do two major things:
1. Force the gene into expressing its potential, binding with other genes and unlocking incredible powers.
2. Making the gene dominant - if someone with an "activated" Hero gene reproduced, all children were guaranteed to possess the gene.

The first group of heroes were able to destroy an abomination on their own, with no military assistance. As a result, the world governments were keen to support this, providing the funding needed for more research, and the "production" of more heroes. Upon discovering the minimum age to activate the gene without causing overload and burn-out (roughly 14), they put forward an ambitious idea: to set up not just a training facility, but an actual high school that specially catered to those with the Hero gene. They would be trained in combat and teamwork, as well as conditioned for loyalty towards humanity, while still receiving the training for civillian life in the hopes that one day, the world would return to normal. Upon graduation, the only requirements would be a 4-10 year term of service being on-call, and a promise to enroll any of their children into the school - though there would be no obligation to produce the next generation themselves.

Obviously, the school's production took time - they needed a very damage-resistant place constructed due to their own training exercises, and a large space to cover everything. But it did happen. And the results were astounding. Although the abomination attacks have not ceased - if anything, they have increased, making the school such a good idea for all the heroes produced - humanity still has hope. There is finally a real weapon to use against abominations, and there is belief that eventually, once the origin is discovered, mankind will emerge victorious. All they need to do is place their faith in Messiah Enterprises.

This game takes place in the year 2XXX, which is about 150 years after the establishment of Bakuhatsu High. It has already been going on for some time, with schools needing to be rebuilt on a regular basis. But perhaps now, things are going to change - for the better, or the worse?

Something you probably know:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Player characters are referred to as the main characters of the game, which should also serve a reminder as to who the story is about, and who gets to do the cool, impressive actions. Collectively they are referred to as a gang.

The person who would typically be called a GM or Mister Cavern or whatever is called the Principal, as they are theoretically in charge and set all the rules, but nobody listens to them.

A character's main stats (which are basically both Skills as well as basic Attributes) are referred to as Subjects - because they are actually attending lessons about these things, and using the skills learned in them.

Making a roll against a difficulty is known as a Test, and in most cases these are Pass/Fail, rather than counting how much you pass or fail by.

One session of gameplay is referred to as an episode, and you might be able to guess therefore that a whole campaign is called a season. You might want to specify a traditional number of episodes (12, 13, 24 or 26) to the season (plus OVAs and optional movie), or you might not care that much.

Character Creation Steps:
Step 1: Select House and make any power/ability choices involved
Step 2: Select Elective Subjects and assign Grades (D, C, C, B, B, B, A, A)
Step 3: Select Club Activity
Step 4: Select Traits (up to +5 and -5), determine Hit Points
Step 5: Make a description and backstory, as well as deciding on your Enemy/Rival, Best Friend/BFF and Idol/Sempai/Beloved

Rolling Tests:
All Tests are a simple matter of rolling a number of dice and adding the total up. The only dice you need are six-sided.
For a Grade of F, you don't roll, instead having -1, and are effectively guaranteed to fail.
A Grade of D provides 1d6
A Grade of C provides 2d6
A Grade of B provides 3d6
A Grade of A provides 4d6
A Grade of S provides 5d6
If there is a plus after the letter (such as C+) you add +1 to the result (the total, not each die). If there is a minus (such as an A-) you subtract -1 from the total. So for instance, the C+ would roll 2d6+1 and the A- would roll 4d6-1. F and S do not get + or - appended to them, they are just a number.

Some effects may apply a bonus or penalty beyond what the grade provides. In this case, you simply apply all such bonuses or penalties to the total.

If your roll reaches or exceeds the Difficulty, then you Pass. If not, you Fail.
Anything that could be considered a basic or trivial task is not worth rolling for - just let people succeed and move on with your life. Likewise, things that someone "might" fail, but which would only serve to slow the game down or cause problems all round (for instance, if someone leaps a 1m gap from one rooftop to another, sure, they could theoretically slip and fall to their death, but typically they will just clear the gap and falling adds nothing to the game, so don't ask for a roll).

A Standard Test has a Difficulty of 5, meaning even a D- could theoretically Pass - and meaning an A+ or S needn't roll.

A Hard Test has a Difficulty of 10, meaning it is beyond the capabilities of any "Failing Grade" (D+ or worse), and even a C will have trouble.

An Extreme Test has a Difficulty of 15, making it impossible for even an "Average Grade" (anything in the C range), and still challenging for an A.

Opposed Tests (when two people roll against one another) are simply performed by each rolling the appropriate Subject and comparing. If one scores higher than the other, the higher result wins. If it is a tie and it is possible for the results to be tied (such as crossing the finish line simultaneously in a race or both scoring the same for their assignment) then the result is actually a tie.

Otherwise, use this priority system to determine the winner of a tie:
1. Senior students beat Junior students (if the same year, go to 2)
2. Attackers beat Defenders (if it isn't really an attack of any kind, go to 3)
3. The better Grade wins (if they have equal grades, go to 4)
4. Re-roll

Optional Rule: Math is Haaaaaard!
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Conflicting Difficulties: sometimes, there might be multiple difficulties listed. Usually this is because an action is typically X, but an ability or trait made it Y. In this case, the exception overrides the general case. If two exceptions affect the same thing, changing it to different values, then if both change it in the same direction (a Standard Test is made both Hard and Extreme, or an Extreme Test is made both Hard and Standard), use the bigger change. If both change it in opposite directions, they cancel one another out. If it becomes an opposed roll, this always takes priority over any other changes.

Assisted Rolls: any given character may try to simply assist another character on an action. In combat, this actually takes up your action on your initiative and lasts until your next turn, otherwise it generally means you are helping another and lasts for the duration of the actual Test, but still prevents you from also trying to do something else. In general, you need to be physically able to help out - so a sleeping character can't do anything (usually), and you can't help someone in a fight who is too far away unless you have some brilliant plan.

To assist someone, explain how it is you are helping them, and why that means you should use the Subject you have chosen, and how it helps the Subject you want to improve. Roll a Standard Test, and if successful, you improve their Grade in the stated Subject by one partial step (from an A to A+ or a C+ to B- or so on) for the duration. Alternatively you may attempt a Hard Test to add two partial steps (from B- to B+ or from D+ to C), or an Extreme Test to add a full grade level (from B to A).

Hit Points: Hit Points depend on the Health Grade of the character, as follows: 2 HP for an F in Health, +1 HP for every Partial Grade thereafter (so D+ would have 5 HP, B- would have 9 HP and S would have 15 HP). This can be modified by Traits (in a minor way), Abilities (in a major way) and even your Club and Elective Classes (a few extras). Additionally, main characters get an extra 2 Hit Points for every Year Level past the first one (for a total of +6 at Fourth Year, or +8 when they graduate).

Choosing Important Characters:
Everybody must select three characters that are important to them. This can include NPCs (indeed, even creating NPCs just for this purpose) or other Player Characters.

1. Best Friend: you're such good friends, you won't bail your friend out of prison, you'll be in the same cell. You can help your friend succeed even better than most can. Once per day, you may assist them without spending an action or even being there - give a reason for how last night you totally helped them with their homework or something. Alternatively, by taking the action as normal you may shout out key advice and generally help fire them up, where the Standard Test boosts an entire Grade Level.

2. Idol/Sempai/Beloved: this person is so important to you that you'd put anything aside just to be with them. There is nothing that is too much for them to ask of you. Resisting their requests/demands/advances requires an Extreme test, but on the other hand, their praise is enough to remove all fatigue, sadness, despair or fear from you. Once per day, you can just think about them to allow them to assist you, without even being there or taking an action.

3. Rival/Enemy: this person is also important to you, though not in a way that makes you smile. You have to defeat them, no matter what! You gain a Partial Grade Boost for all opposed rolls against them - note that if you both have each other as Rivals/Enemies, this is useless. Additionally, your attacks against them deal 1 more point of damage than normal.
Count Arioch the 28th wrote:
There is NOTHING better than lesbians. Lesbians make everything better.

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Serious Badass

Joined: 07 Mar 2008
Posts: 12868
Location: South Ausfailia

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Every student belongs to one house. Those who have already manifest their powers are automatically sorted, whereas the other new students tend to be scanned, and if that fails, put through a highly dangerous one week intensive training course. The survivors of that course will have brought their power out by the end of it, so the sorting is then complete. There are no talking hats involved.

House Maiden Knight (the Magical Girls): and not necessarily girls to start with. There can be boys who enter this, but there's a slight problem that when they transform... yeah. In combat mode, they are magical girls, even if out of combat mode they happen to have a penis. Transformation sequences, costumes and specific abilities vary from one girl to the next, but they all have the basic thing in common: normally they aren't so great at fighting, then once they transform they are great at it.

They don't need to keep their identity a secret, which is good, because in some cases the transformation is a new set of clothes and their face and hair look the same. But it is recommended they transform in private, for the same reason it is advised people change clothes and shower in private.

  • Examples: Sailor Moon, Kämpfer, the original Agent Aika, Mikarun X, Nanoha
  • Going generic? Just call them House Sentai or something, and don't mandate the transformation into a female for males - this would even cover stuff like the Power Rangers or the Human Torch

    First Year:

    • Transformation Power:

      • Enhanced Speed 1 or Enhanced Strength 1
      • One Sub-Power from the above choice
      • Grade Boost to Gym and Health
      • Elemental Blast

    • Grade Boost for a specific Lore and a specific Activity
    • Heightened Senses

    Second Year:

    • Resist an Element (same as Elemental Blast, Boosted when Transformed)
    • When Transformed:

      • Elemental Blast: one Sub-Power
      • Upgrade Enhanced Speed or Strength from 1 to 2 or take the other at 1
      • One Sub-Power from the above choice

    • Entangling Attacks or Evasive Acrobatics

    Third Year:

    • Instant Transformation or Dazzling Transformation or Lasting Transformation
    • When Transformed:

      • Elemental Blast: one Sub-Power
      • Upgrade Enhanced Speed or Strength from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 or take the other at 1
      • One Sub-Power from the above choice
      • Elemental Control
      • Emotional Blast or Friendship Punch

    • Fearless or Relentless

    Fourth Year:

    • Double-Transformation (when Transformed)

      • Flight (Fast or Graceful) when Transformed
      • Hyper Attack (with one Sub-Power) or Void when Transformed
      • Genius: one Subject of choice

    • Elemental Blast: one Sub-Power
    • Upgrade Enhanced Speed or Strength from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 or 3 to 4 or take the other at 1 (when Transformed)
    • One Sub-Power from the above choice
    • Emotional Blast/Friendship Punch: one Sub-Power - or gain the other with no Sub-Powers
    • Aura: Innocent Defence, Furious Pressure or Mighty Barrier (when Transformed)

    House Heartblade (Weapon Masters): not only can they summon their specialist weapons out of nowhere (each having a specific weapon that is theirs), but they can do more and more outrageous things with those weapons, such as cutting through slabs of solid steel with katanas or firing homing-bullets from their machine guns. Because the weapon is a reflection of their actual soul, the strength of it often depends on their mood at the time, so making them feel sad can be more important to winning than just stabbing them.

  • Examples: Kämpfer, Freezing, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Shitsurakuen, Disgaea 3 (Almaz)
  • Going generic? You could probably let this cover people who simply have a special weapon without it literally being a manifestation of their soul. That could even cover people like Sousuke Sagara (FMP!) who carry multiple guns at any one time.

    First Year:

    • Conjure Weapon (select what it is)
    • Piercing Attack, Shredding Attack or Pummelling Attack
    • Enhanced Speed 1 or Enhanced Strength 1

      • All Sub-Powers

    • Fast Healing

    Second Year:

    • Weapon Empowerment: Impossibly Large or Trapping or Unexpected
    • Defensive Weapon Conjuring or Dual-Purpose Weapon or Greater Weapon
    • Upgrade Enhanced Speed or Strength from 1 to 2

      • All Sub-Powers

    • Regeneration

    Third Year:

    • Athletic Assault or Evasive Athletics
    • Weapon Empowerment: Energy Wreath or Unmaking
    • Upgrade Enhanced Speed or Strength from 2 to 3

      • All Sub-Powers

    • Instant Weapon Conjuring or Defensive Weapon Conjuring or Dual-Purpose Weapon or Greater Weapon or Armour Conjuring

    Fourth Year:

    • Monstrous Regeneration
    • Weapon Empowerment: Burst Attack or Barrier
    • Upgrade Enhanced Speed or Strength from 3 to 4

      • All Sub-Powers

    • Empty Heart
    • Hyper Attack (must be used with Conjured Weapon)

    House Lotus Fist (Chi Adept/Martial Artist): the martial artists, but more than that, they specifically get to throw fireballs and the like. This group don't summon weapons or transform or anything, they're always in battle mode, but it takes time to fire their battle auras up properly, meaning they get stronger the longer the fight goes on. The power of their abilities is limited by their battle aura - which improves over time spent actually fighting, and decreases when not fighting - running away and hiding from them for a minute or so can actually work to your advantage They can even learn techniques to block the Chi of others, shatter special weapons with their fists, and hit the "Untransform" chakra of Magical Girls.

  • Examples: Ranma 1/2, Freezing (Rana and Creo), Disgaea 3 (Champloo, Master Big Star), Koi Koi 7, FMP! Fumoffu (the karate "rival")
  • Going generic? It doesn't really change if you do.

    First Year:

    • Battle Aura Control (0-2)
    • Aura Sight
    • Energy Wave

      • Battle Aura at 2+: one Sub-Power

    • Enhanced Speed 1 or Enhanced Strength 1 (when Battle Aura is at 1 or more)

      • All Sub-Powers

    • Grade Boost to Gym

    Second Year:

    • Battle Aura Control (0-3)
    • Upgrade Enhanced Speed or Strength from 1 to 2 (2 requires Battle Aura at 2 or more)

      • All Sub-Powers
      • Alternately take the other at 1 (when Battle Aura is at 1 or more)

        • One Sub-Power

    • Pressure Point Attack
    • Explosive Strike (when Battle Aura is at 2 or more)

    Third Year:

    • Athletic Assault or Evasive Athletics
    • Battle Aura Control (0-5)
    • Upgrade Enhanced Speed or Strength from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 (requires Battle Aura at equal level)

      • If it is the Enhancement you chose as a First-year: All Sub-Powers
      • If not: One Sub-Power

    • Damaging Energy Aura (requires Battle Aura of 3 or more)
    • Chi Breaking

    Fourth Year:

    • Battle Aura Control (0-7)
    • Upgrade Enhanced Speed or Strength from 2 to 3 or 3 to 4 (requires Battle Aura at equal level)

      • If it is the Enhancement you chose as a First-year: All Sub-Powers
      • If not: One Sub-Power

    • Hyper Attack: Ultimate Strike (requires Battle Aura at 6)
    • Empty Heart
    • Chained Attacks (requires Battle Aura equal to the number of attacks)

    House Nobility (Psychic): these people are actually the psychics, but they specifically have two things: Subjugation and Dominance. Basically, they are taught to act like nobility and royalty, and everyone else hates them for their snobby attitude, or adores them. Sometimes both. Subjugation is telekinesis, specifically used as a stand-in for servants (TK power to fetch things and pour tea), and to force foes to their knees/hold them still/shove them away. Dominance is telepathy, and while they can read minds and speak into people's heads, mostly it's charming and mind control.

  • Examples: Rosario to Vampire (Yukari: Subjugation, Kurumu and Batty (one episode): Dominance), Freezing (the Limiters), Harry Potter, Railgun (Subjugation)
  • Going generic? You may consider changing the specific power types available, such as giving them the powers of illusions or blasting people with lightning, or whatever else you think psychics should do.

    First Year:

    • Psionic Art I (Subjugation or Dominance)

      • Either two sub-powers, or also get the other at Rank I too

    • Automatic Status (faux nobility)
    • Grade Boost to Language Studies

    Second Year:

    • Psionic Art II (whichever was chosen above)

      • If sub-powers were chosen before, gain two more
      • Otherwise, both Psionic Arts are at Rank II

    • Automatic access to the Service Club (daily tea, weekly cakes)
    • Aura Sight

    Third Year:

    • Psionic Defence
    • Psionic Art III (whichever was chosen at First Year)

      • If sub-powers were chosen before, gain two more
      • Otherwise, both Psionic Arts are at Rank III

    • Automatic Authority: boss first and second year students around

    Fourth Year:

    • Automatic Access: Service Club, Socialising Club events
    • Psionic Art IV (whichever was chosen at First Year)

      • If sub-powers were chosen before, gain two more
      • Otherwise, both Psionic Arts are at Rank IV

    • Fearless or Relentless or Genius: Language Studies

    House Ghost Sight (Soulbinders): the psychic energy of Soulbinders is a bit different from most of the others: they don't manifest it as physical objects or channel it to do powerful things. Instead, they are able to see into the other realms, look past illusions, and communicate with spirits. Indeed, that is their main gift: bonding to spirits and gaining their trust to use them in combat. For some, this is by having one powerful (if irritating) death god who follows them around and murders people for them/on a whim, and for others it means they have a gang of vengeful spirits they unleash at foes. Yet more bond with an aspect of a nature spirit, and ride around on giant tigers or whatever.

  • Examples: Pokemon, Death Note, Guilty Gear (Zappa), Persona, Disgaea (Beast Tamer)
  • Going generic? Well, you'd probably want to specify what they're doing in that case, and maybe just have them be monster trainers or something.

    First Year:

    • Spirit Sight
    • Spirit Bonding (lesser entity)

      • Spirit Taming (Enhanced Speed I or Enhanced Strength I)
      • Spirit Summoning

    • Grade Boost to all rolls that involve finding or communicating with spirits and animals

    Second Year:

    • Spirit Bonding (moderate entity)

      • Spirit Taming (Enhanced Speed II or Enhanced Strength II, same as was chosen before)
      • Spirit Taming (Elemental Blast)
      • Multiple Bonds (2)

    • Words Beyond the Void

    Third Year:

    • Spirit Bonding (major entity)

      • Spirit Taming (Enhanced Speed III or Enhanced Strength III, same as was chosen before)
      • Spirit Taming (Improve Elemental Blast)
      • Spirit Taming (Evasive Acrobatics)
      • Multiple Bonds (3)

    • Spirit Stasis

    Fourth Year:

    • Friendship Punch!
    • Spirit Bonding (Class-S entity)

      • Spirit Taming (Enhanced Speed IV or Enhanced Strength IV, same as was chosen before)
      • Spirit Taming (Hyper Attack)
      • Multiple Bonds (6)

    • Spirit Fusion

    House Monstrosity (Inhuman/Mascot): the Inhuman bunch technically only have one surge of power in their life: one that changes them irreversibly on a genetic level. They literally stop being human, to the point that they can't procreate with humans (plenty have tried - also, the school is divided as to whether they should tell them this, worried they could take it as a blank cheque to go at it like rabbits). They might continue to alter over time, or simply be better at focusing power through their body over time. Either way, they are no longer human, and they look the part. They tend to look like mascot characters such as cat-girls, robots (no really), aliens (a broad category), vampires, bundles of tentacles (less popular with the ladies than you might think) or whatever. Some have changes so extreme that they no longer comprise of cells (which brings up a question of "are they in fact alive?")

  • Examples: Ranma 1/2 (Pantyhose Tarou), Freezing (when they get converted by Novas), Spiderman (the Lizard, Morbius or even Spidey himself, really), Rosario to Vampire (end result: everyone. Actual change: Tsukune)
  • Going generic? Let this be the house for all actual aliens, robots, vampires and catgirls that have their race be the source of their power. So if "I am a vampire, so I can suck blood, turn into bats and gain super speed" is their shtick, they're this. On the other hand, if "I am an alien, so I have my alien raygun and am super-gullible" is the shtick, then they're a Weapon Master who happens to be an alien.

    First Year:

    • Enhanced Durability I with 2 Sub-Powers
    • Camouflage or Body Shaping I
    • Heightened Senses
    • Grade Boost to either History or Science

    Second Year:

    • Enhanced Durability II with 2 Sub-Powers
    • Regeneration
    • Enhanced Speed or Strength I
    • Extraordinary Movement

    Third Year:

    • Enhanced Durability III with 2 Sub-Powers
    • If Camouflage was taken at First Year: Morphic Disguise
    • If Body Shaping I was taken at First Year: Body Shaping II
    • Living Weapon
    • Grade Boost to PE
    • Elemental Blast or Toxins

    Fourth Year:

    • Enhanced Durability IV with 2 Sub-Powers
    • Monstrous Regeneration
    • If Body Shaping I was taken at First Year: Body Shaping III
    • If Camouflage was taken at First Year: Void
    • Enhanced Speed or Strength improves from I to II
    • Ultimate Monstrous Form

    Count Arioch the 28th wrote:
    There is NOTHING better than lesbians. Lesbians make everything better.

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    Serious Badass

    Joined: 07 Mar 2008
    Posts: 12868
    Location: South Ausfailia

    PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

    Every student has eight subjects: six mandatory ones and two electives. At character creation, they may then assign their grades in any way they wish, using the following grades: D, C, C, B, B, B, A, A. Any grade may be modified with a + by modifying another one with a -, however you cannot reduce something below a - to the next grade down, nor increase it above the + to the next grade up.

    Mandatory Subjects:
    Gym: these classes will specifically include playing different sports (like it works/worked in Australia, as opposed to specifically getting football coaches in America who are paid way above the norm and can get away with murder), as well as basic athletics. Students will often be required to literally fight each other to stay in practice. The teacher for this should almost always be an aggressive asshole who carries a kendo stick everywhere, blows a whistle at people and likes prowling around to shout at people who are skipping class. He probably voluntarily signs up to be in charge of detention so he can shout at people/make them run laps. Likes the sound of his own voice above all else.
  • All attack rolls can use this if the user wishes (the default choice).
  • Endurance type tests (keep running without getting fatigued), as well as carrying heavy loads, jumping over stuff and running away from/after people also make use of this.
  • It can seriously be used as a "Look muscular" thing as a way to attract people to your looks. Can also be used to intimidate others (opposed by Philosophy and Ethics).
  • Students with an A or better in Gym gain Automatic Access: keys to the gym storage room. This has a handy supply of weapons and is also a place to make out.

    Health: Health is still in, and is used to determine your HP, because it's all about being healthy, and looking after your body. People also like it because it covers sex ed, and that involves talking about wobbly parts. This is taught by the head nurse of the school, who is pretty and busty (required by law), and tends to wear short skirts, resulting in many boys (well, usually boys) "getting sick" or "having a headache" or cutting their own limbs off. She probably actually carries a giant Makai Kingdom style syringe with her.
  • As mentioned above, the HP is based on this.
  • Also, general health care, fitness, hygiene and generally looking after your body. This can be used to cover attractiveness.
  • This covers first aid, which is incredibly useful in this school. It possibly even covers stuff like surgery - First Aid is Standard, most forms of surgery and diagnostics are Hard, Neurosurgery is Extreme.
  • Being really good at this means you will sometimes be asked to help out in the medical staff, a chance to be near (and get in the good books of!) the nurse. Being bad in it means you're often injured/sick, so have a chance to be near (and being tended to by) the nurse.

    History: ah, history... this is really a broad subject that covers research in general (meaning it could be needed by other subjects), as well as knowing most information about the outside world, and the various things that have happened in the school. It's really a general Knowledge skill. The teacher is an ex-military veteran with a bit of a nervous tic. He's borderline insane and carries an assault rifle everywhere he goes (for assaulting people, of course).
  • Researching things, and studying in general
  • Any kind of Knowledge that isn't Science basically falls under this
  • This also covers genre knowledge and setting info - in more comedic games, this can be used to break the fourth wall and know "Stuff like this always works in this kind of anime!"

    Language Studies: Primarily the "Native Language" class, covering literature and everything, but also covering "speaking other languages". This is good for reading fast, and for essay-writing (meaning sometimes another class might require you to make a Language Studies check), but also actually covers the art of speaking with people, so it's also sort of Social Science or whatever you want to call it. The teacher is probably a kind of short guy who wears vaguely out of date clothing and likes puns. He might be the only person who doesn't threaten the students with death.
  • Covers Diplomacy, and also stuff like innuendo/secret coded messages, clever insults and lying
  • Also covers writing things well, and being good at giving speeches
  • As such, this is good for generally doing well scholastically, and actually means you are less likely to be punished by writing lines because they know you're good at that stuff, and get more weird/interesting things in detention. Like bionic surgery.

    Philosophy and Ethics: this class covers various things, such as self-control, considering other people's side of the argument, holding on to the values you consider most important, meditation and zen. It covers a variety of philosophies, including a small amount of religious studies, but there's a large amount of "make everyone copy books out by hand in absolute silence" and "dig a hole, fill it up again". The teacher is very much government-provided, and thus is there to try to convince everyone that the best course of action is specifically that which benefits society (as opposed to "yourself" or "Messiah Enterprises" or "your job of killing the monsters"). He used to work as an Evil Hypnotist.
  • This can be used for all kinds of self-control and mental resistance
  • It's actually used for guard duty situations: staying alert and on task without falling asleep (Standard for the first 4 hours, then Hard for the next 20 hours, then Extreme).
  • Being good at this means you're likely to actually follow through with studying, training montages and the like

    Science: yes, this covers all the different sciences, and is sort of considered the "smart kid" class. Because of the nature of this school, students who do well in this are allowed to mix nitroglycerin or hydrofluoric acid or whatever. Some tests for this will require mixing poisons and utilising them on other students, or even making killer robots. The teacher is likely to be an eccentric bespectacled woman who is constantly making dangerous crap and experimenting on students. As in "See me in my private office for detention" followed by "You wake up with one of your arms replaced by a buzz-saw". The classroom for this has walls plated with an impossibly hard substance - "Tritanium, it's three times as hard as titanium!"
  • This can be used to cover the production of poisons, acids and explosives (Chemistry).
  • It can also be a stand-in for Health when doing first-aid, especially when treating things like bio-hazards. Also, it can be used to create said biohazards.
  • Biology helps with wilderness survival and hunting, too!
  • If you lack a more relevant Elective subject, Science is used to notice things. Additionally, Science may be used for ranged combat - shooting things and working out the trajectory of space lasers.

    Elective Subjects: of which everyone gets two. That isn't much, and there are a fair number of choices, but that's okay.

    Art: this really covers all the different types of art - photography, drawing, painting, pottery and so on. The art teacher is a man who is probably a thousand years old, and his beard is basically an art smock all on its own. He makes sure all the paintbrushes are sharpened like stilettos at the not-brush end.
  • Any kind of photography or video surveillance will actually fall under this
  • As will map-making and sketching stuff in a hurry
  • Also helpful for noticing details, so can be used to Spot stuff.
  • Automatic Access: the art supply room
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Computing: all aspects of it, from assembly to software to word processing to networking to Internet usage to filter-bypassing to history-deleting to quick-window-changing to monitor-and-keyboard-cleaning to password protecting and hiding folders to rapid-muting... yeah, plenty of people take this for porn access. Downside: they force you to learn how to do MS Access databases.
  • Computer hacking, totally (Standard for no security or a basic password, Hard for secure passwords and firewalls, Extreme for government top-secret agencies or Messiah Enterprises databases).
  • Another tool for research, although there can be risks such as getting locked into Wikipedia for hours on end or forgetting the research and just looking at porn
  • By playing shooters, you can use this for your shooting skill
  • Automatic Access: computer labs. If you have an A or better, you also get access to the server room.
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Drama: this is all about acting, comedy and other types of performance that isn't music and song - there's a separate class for that. Plenty of students use this to enhance their attempts to get out of class because they claim they're dying of TB or whatever.
  • Handy for disguises (both in acting the part and the access to the props and costumes room) and for acting/lying
  • Can be used for convincing the public of things with speeches
  • Can be a substitute for athletic stuff, but not for actually attacking people in combat
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Forensics: the whole CSI thing, including ENHANCE! Seriously though, students in this class are taught how to use a mass-spec, how to dust for prints and lift prints, how to analyse hair and DNA and so on.
  • ENHANCE! Yes, an Extreme Test lets you zoom into someone's eye in low-res greyscale security footage, clear the image up, and pick out the reflection in their pupil.
  • Noticing things around the place
  • Proper investigations and following CLUES
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Home Ec: yay, home economics! Everything you need in order to live life at home, making it on your own as an adult... cooking, sewing, budgeting, fashioning home-made weapons from kitchen appliances, finding loose change in the sofa... the teacher is a manic woman going through a sort of mid-life crisis. She's often hitting on male characters, worried that she's getting too old and is going to die alone and unloved in a rat-infested hotel in Ipswitch. She's probably right.
  • Yes, cooking is really covered here
  • Anything regarding saving money or holding onto money
  • Things like sewing, furniture making, house painting etc.
  • Scrounging and improvised weapons
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Hunting: a wide-ranging skill, the best bit about this one is that it allows for the most off-campus excursions and camping trips. Students who do well in this are sometimes expected to go out hunting truants and bringing them back. The teacher for this is an ex-Gurkha.
  • Setting traps, as well as avoiding traps
  • Noticing and sensing things in general
  • Shooting (as well as weapon maintenance)
  • Setting up tents, skinning animals, etc.
  • Bonus Hit Points: 3

    Music: also covers singing, this class is about doing well with song or specific instruments, but also with composition of music, and of playing well as part of a band. It espouses the usual TEAMWORK! stuff.
  • Performance and capturing people's attention
  • Can also be used to rally your forces in the field.
  • Can more or less be used as the TEAMWORK skill - you indeed get the TEAMWORK RA-RA Ability.
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Piloting: it isn't just driving cars, they also teach students how to operate boats, submarines, light aircraft and hoverbikes. There's some amount of maintenance training as well.
  • Vehicular combat
  • How to operate and not crash a vehicle
  • Navigation, reading sensory equipment etc.
  • Automatic Access: one vehicle (anything below a C is an average car, from a C to a B+ is a motorcycle or nice car, anything in the A range is a race car or APC and an S includes light aircraft)
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Tech: this covers woodwork, metalwork, circuitry and electronics. All sorts of stuff, really. So you can rewire the alarm clock so that the Snooze button actually snoozes and doesn't just give you a shock. You can also make machine guns and fix broken tanks, however.
  • Making weapons and armour
  • Attacking with weapons that you personally made
  • Repairing and maintaining tech
  • Rewiring electronics
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2
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    Clubs: everyone may join a single Club - note that changing clubs is considered bad form (and can result in assassins being sent your way) but is possible, and dealing with assassins is sort of the norm for the game anyway. Changing clubs won't result in an increase in power, however.

    Most clubs Favour one or more Houses. All this means is the majority of NPCs in the club are likely to be of those Houses, likewise you will have an easier time getting leadership positions if you are in them.

    Book Club: it's not just about reading (although a big part of it is). It's also about tracking down rare books, and discussing them, and working on "Reading out loud' skills, speed-reading, analysing texts for hidden meaning, and even writing. Has a President, a Treasurer and a Librarian (who actually keeps track of the school library books, possibly better than the actual paid librarian).
  • Excuses to go searching for secret tomes - adventures and rewards!
  • Grants a Partial Grade Boost to Language Studies, with a further +1 to the roll for essay writing and studying books
  • Is seen as a class for nerds or good students, rarely in trouble
  • Can potentially learn magical spells, gaining access to Magic Spells
  • Has a rivalry with the Occult Club, which may be friendly or... not.
  • House Noble are favoured, as it lends the image of elegance and peaceful reading of poetry and contemplative works.
  • Influence: Read or Die
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Cheerleading Club: okay, so apparently cheerleading isn't all about taking group showers - the Internet has let me down! Although it does actually cover a fair amount of showering, along with the actual athletics and cheering and gymnastics, as well as bitching, sniping and plotting. Has a President, who does not trust the others enough to appoint a Treasurer or anything.
  • Is automatically good at some aspects of Gym, granting a Partial Grade Boost for athletics, and grants the Leaps and Bounds ability.
  • People in this club are automatically considered attractive, even if they're not: because they're cheerleaders.
  • They seriously get allocated extra shower time because the school made the same mistake I did. They frequently need to sweep it for cameras though.
  • They gain the TEAMWORK RA-RA! ability or Sneak Attack ability.
  • Quite handy for assassinations and plotting peoples' demises. Because of this, they have a rivalry with the Parkour and Darts clubs.
  • House Maiden Knight are favoured because they're basically designed for this stuff.
  • Influence: an extensive collection of cheerleading DVDs
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Chess Club: they play chess. No really. Granted, there's also checkers, Chinese checkers, go, shogi, and wargaming involving painted minis and dice, battle card games... but it's mostly Chess. The President tends to be a Machiavellian Xanatos Gambit "Just as planned" sort of guy. There's also a Treasurer and a Timekeeper.
  • Big on scheming and plotting, as well as regular strategy - the "Just According to Keikaku" ability is gained.
  • Instantly know when Schniezel performed an illegal move in chess
  • They are able to bring prestige to the school (and money) through entering televised chess championships.
  • They automatically know any rules, including weird variant rules, to any games, and gain a Grade Boost to History for the purpose of remembering forgotten school rules that can help them out.
  • If they do electronics, they can make very clever, dangerous robots.
  • House Noble is favoured, because they see themselves as the lords than send peasants to die for them.
  • Influence: Code Geass, Hikaru no Go, Wallhammer Faulty Kai, Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Combat Club: yes, it's a martial arts thing. Fight Club, really. They don't obey the first two rules, though - how else do you get members? The President is renamed the Grand Master, and anyone can take his crown by defeating him in one on one combat. There's also a Treasurer and a Secretary (who doubles as Referee).
  • Gain a Partial Grade Boost to Gym for all combat purposes - attacking, defending and Hit Points.
  • Students in this club often look scruffy and unkempt, but are hardier than normal
  • In theory, it's the quickest way to become a Club President - you could do it on day one if you somehow win!
  • House Lotus Fist is of course favoured, with Heart Blade coming in second place.
  • Influence: School Rumble, Battle Club, Ikkitousen, Ranma 1/2, I could go on all day
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Cooking Club: this club specialises in cooking - in all food preparation, technically. But there is a lot of actual cooking. They cover regular meals, but a big draw to this is the baking of cakes, and preparation of sweets. They are extra-popular on Valentine's Day. There is a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary (who handles stock taking as well - the Treasurer only handles financial matters)
  • A handy way of getting invites (and money) for school functions, club members will actually be hired on
  • Automatically good at cooking, even if they don't take Home Ec and suck at Science - in such cases, they can flat-out treat their Grade as B. If they take Home Ec, they gain a Grade Boost to it for the purpose of cooking, or use an effective Grade of B, whichever is better.
  • Also good at putting fires out, and resistant to poisoning and catching fire (+1 to the roll).
  • Kitchen utensils are all acceptable weapons that can be treated as the closest matching "real weapon", except with +1 damage.
  • Goals include taking over the school cafeteria/canteen
  • There is no Favoured House, although many in House Ghost Sight tend to take this.
  • Influence: Yakitatte Japan
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Cosplay Club: yes, costumes and disguises! Specifically, it tends to be anime costumes. Many magical girls pick this club, and it helps them in reimagining their transformed outfits, but plenty of other students join this, some of which then make costumes mimicking the magical girls. Also draws in many Nobles, as it's good for making fancy gowns and such. This club only has a President and a Treasurer.
  • Automatically be good at sewing, knitting, fabric-measuring (and cutting) and so on - an effective Grade of B for this. If they actually take Home Ec as a Subject, they gain a Grade Boost for the creation of clothes, or a B, whichever is better.
  • Costume design is taught as a skill, and they're all good at disguises
  • A lot of money tends to be made (particularly from the Noble House) shortly before the school prom and similar things
  • House Maiden Knight is Favoured for obvious reasons
  • Influence: Cosprayers, that mental penguin one
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Darts Club: why darts? Simple. It's a club for the "sport" of throwing sharp pieces of metal accurately. Yes, it's actually a club full of ninja assassins. President is replaced by the title of Grand Master, and there are no other special positions of power.
  • Automatically good at weapon-throwing and picking weak points, gaining the Pressure Point Attack or Sneak Attack ability, and a Grade Boost to Gym for the purpose of throwing weapons.
  • Also makes you good at math, which can be handy - a Partial Grade Boost is gained.
  • House Lotus Fist is Favoured because it's all about assassins
  • Has a rivalry with the Parkour and Cheerleading Clubs.
  • Influence: Naruto... vaguely
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Detention Club: delinquents, every last one of them. Basically, they're always in detention. Indeed, this actually gives them extra club time: the designated club activity time and also every lunch break and some weekends. In order to be elected President, you somehow have to be sent to double detention. Note that people in this club actually are troublemakers, they don't simply elect to spend all their time in detention for the fun of it.
  • Being given detention really has no effect - you were going there anyway. As such, they can be seen to get away with more things (minor offences, at least).
  • Having so much time for club activity allows for a fair amount of actual plotting and so on.
  • Because there isn't really a club agenda, you can kind of use the time however you like - as long as it's in detention. As such, once per day they may enjoy a Partial Grade Boost in any Subject of their choice.
  • Other students who get sent there are often preyed upon - mugged or brainwashed and sent as sleeper agents - by this club.
  • No House is Favoured here.
  • Influence: Disgaea 3, various "Delinquent" anime
  • Bonus Hit Points: 3

    Do Nothing Club: this is the "I'm not choosing anything" choice. For lazy bums. You have more free time, but are (rightly) seen as a lazy layabout, so automatically have less respect from teachers, and just about everyone. There is no club president here, as it's more of a nickname than a serious club.
  • More study/homework time, letting you pursue other fields. As such, once per day you may enjoy a Partial Grade Boost in any Subject of your choice.
  • You really should take a 1 point Bad Reputation as "Lazy"
  • You can basically gatecrash other club meetings if you so choose
  • Because you haven't joined an actual club, this makes you fair game for clubs to try to recruit
  • Influence: Disgaea 3 mostly
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Duty Club: effectively, Butler and Maid training. It covers everything such people would be expected to know, and generally keeps them in good favour with others. They are closely aligned with the "Social" Club. The President is called the Head Maid or Chief Butler, depending on their sex, and they also have a Treasurer, Secretary, and Officer of Public Relations (who exists to link them up with paying customers, assign tasks from the school and so on).
  • Often actually helping to clean the school grounds and so on, which puts them on a good standing with the school staff
  • Can be paid big money to serve other students (especially the "Social" Club) or to help out at events
  • Tidying quickly is a helpful trait for concealing and pocketing items, you know
  • Gain the Camouflage ability, given The Help should be invisible
  • Frequently brought on board by the Student Council
  • House Heartblade is actually Favoured, because the ideal Butler or Maid should also be an incredible bodyguard and/or assassin.
  • Influence: He Is My Master, Maids vs Butlers
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Exploration Club: this club is very much about treasure hunting, but not just that. They also like to map out the school buildings as they discover lost corridors and forgotten rooms, discovering the perfect hiding places and treasure troves. Also, they sometimes have approved excursions where they go out exploring the forest, caves or ocean. There is a President and Treasurer.
  • Typically good at piloting things, climbing and diving, regardless of actual Grades - the effective Grade for any such thing is always a C or better.
  • Very handy for finding places to hide when skiving off or evading trouble
  • Occasionally, vast amounts of treasure or plot devices can be found
  • House Ghost Sight is Favoured, for their ability to see into other worlds.
  • Influence: Agent Aika: Virgin Mission, Daphne
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Golf Club: this is totally a pun. However it is also a serious club, where they play golf, and learn to do incredibly accurate trick shots at a good range - even using it as a fighting style. It's also a rather posh ladies & gents club. In order to get in, you are given a simple math question, but have to answer with a lower number than the actual answer (for instance 7*3 = 19). There is a President, a Head Caddie (the VP, who also actually serves as the President's caddie), a Treasurer, and a Secretary (who also keeps track of the scores).
  • Gain training with clubs as melee weapons, and hitting the balls as ranged weapons, along with spotting things in the distance. When attacking with these, your effective Grade is never worse than a C.
  • There is a certain amount of automatic prestige involved with just being in the club
  • Gain a Partial Grade Boost to the math side of any Subjects.
  • They have a rivalry with the Soccer Club, due to the "Posh game versus Uncultured hooligans" thing.
  • House Nobility are indeed Favoured by this Club
  • Influence: not much, to be honest
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Gun Club: it's really more of a "general military" club, but the real focus is on guns. And indeed, they often make their own guns, and have access to anti-tank weapons and the like. There is a President, a Treasurer, and the Holder of the Keys, who is the only person with the keys to the gun storage room.
  • Automatically good at shooting things - when attacking with guns, the Grade is effectively C if that would be better than their real Grade
  • Able to maintain, build and repair guns
  • Military tactics and skills are covered too
  • Gain access to anti-tank cannons, gatling guns, bazookas and so on
  • The Houses that are Favoured by this are both Heartblade and Monstrosity
  • Influence: Full Metal Panic!, High School of the Dead
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Kendo Club: this club covers more than kendo - there's iaijutsu, fencing, naginata and the like too. But it's largely kendo. They are very serious about the duels, and consider the Combat Club to be dirt beneath their feet. The President of this is almost always a member of the Discipline Committee - currently, she's the Morality Officer, making her the head of two violent groups, and using her bamboo shinai for both. There's also a treasurer.
  • Be good at all forms of 1-on-1 duelling, as well as general swordplay and weapon usage. A Partial Grade Boost to PE is enjoyed, and every member gains their choice of Evasive Acrobatics or Acrobatic Assault.
  • Also covers honour, tradition, and focus - a Lotus Fist who needs to roll to control their Aura gains a Grade Boost to do so.
  • Being invited to a duel in the flower garden is always dangerous, but victory can win respect and prestige - no loser of these duels has ever harboured ill will against the winner, and a draw always results in the forging of the bonds of eternal friendship - or true love.
  • House Heartblade are definitely Favoured for this, but the attitudes do suit House Noble.
  • Influence: Utena all the way
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Music Club: it's all about music and singing and fun! There are all kinds of instruments, too, along with an official choir and an orchestra and a school band. There's less backstabbing than with the cheerleaders, too. It has a President, a Treasurer, and a Talent Relations Manager, who exists to represent particularly good members and get them recognised in the international markets.
  • Music supports people, everyone knows that. They gain access to TEAMWORK RA-RA!
  • Often called upon during school formals and such, members of this club easily have a time to shine.
  • Also, you can actually make it big and be a number 1 best-selling idol!
  • No House is particularly Favoured, though many members of House Maiden Knight tend to be found here.
  • Influence: take your pick
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Newspaper Club: this club exists to get in everyone's business and snoop about. As such, they're usually playing a delicate balancing game of pissing people off (by investigating them and publishing any embarrassing news) and keeping them happy (by doing interviews and publishing success stories). Because of their tendency to uncover the truth, the Student Council has problems with them quite often - remember, there is no Freedom of the Press, merely Freedom to do What You Can Get Away With. This has a President, an Editor and a Treasurer.
  • Expect a lot of interaction with other clubs, and opportunities to go sticking your nose in other people's business.
  • Bribes and threats will go your way in equal measures.
  • Enjoy a minimum Grade Level of B for writing reports and articles, for meeting deadlines and word limits, and for conducting interviews.
  • Houses Monstrosity and Nobility are Favoured - one has the means to blend in, turn to goo etc. for snooping, the other can just look into people's heads.
  • Influence: various, starting with Rosario to Vampire
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Occult Club: given the different things "occult" can mean, this does cover... a wide assortment. From actual Cthulhu cultists, to people who like stage magic, to goth Wiccans, to people who want to unlock the secrets of ancient sorcery - or even just find out if ancient sorcery is even real. The President is referred to as the Supreme Sorcerer of the Ninth, and has four assistants (roughly equivalent to Vice Presidents), called the Four Shadows. Yes, they wear hooded robes. There is also a High Priest (for religious occult stuff, also the treasurer) and the Book Keeper (doubles as secretart).
  • Magic Spells can be learned here, although they still require the usual research and everything. So if you need a spell cast, this is the place.
  • On the other hand, if Cthulhu is going to get summoned or you're going to be sacrificed... yeah, this is the most likely place.
  • Has a fierce enmity with the Book Club, because "books of eldritch lore man was not meant to know of" are still books
  • House Ghost Sight are Favoured, many using this as a way to call and bind spirits. Due to many in House Monstrosity feeling that they don't fit in with this world, many of those also gather here.
  • Influence: Bible Black, Host Club (Umehito Nekozawa)
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Parkour Club: the Parkour Club is almost exclusively dedicated to Naruto-style ninja training, minus the mystic arts. Yes, they travel around the place by flinging themselves off ledges and running along walls, but basically it's really just training for martial arts ninja combat. There is only one special rank, the President.
  • Has a rivalry with the Cheerleading and Darts Clubs, due to the whole "ninja/assassin" thing.
  • Being in this club guarantees being good at athletics, as well as getting places quickly - you are only ever late if you actually want to be (or if the class bell goes before you start moving). For the purpose of moving about, you gain a Grade Boost to PE, and also gain Evasive Acrobatics.
  • Houses Monstrosity and Lotus Fist are Favoured.
  • Influence: Naruto
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Pet Club: this is where you get your pet cat if you're a magical girl. Indeed, many magical girls sign up for this club so as to have a cute pet that they can talk to. Other people also sign up here so they can have attack dogs and stuff, though never anything like the beasts the Soul Binders can call upon - not to mention the fact that it doubles as an equestrian club. This club has a President, a Treasurer, and a Chief Carer (who is tasked with looking after any unadopted animals, or the pets of those who are in the infirmary or whatever). Sometimes the Chief Carer has all fingers and toes. Becoming President always requires proving your worth: you are locked in a room, and a wasp nest is hurled in there, breaking open. You pass if you talk the wasps into calming down and appease them.
  • You gain an actual useful pet, which can help in combat, and can also just make you feel happy. It's not as good as a Soulbinder "familiar" and can't disappear when convenient, but could totally be a tiger, bear or venomous snake.
  • Sometimes plot hooks will involve the responsibilities of pet ownership
  • Gain a Partial Grade Boost to Health, thanks to all the animal care and first aid training, and if you have Hunting as a Subject, a Partial Grade Boost to that as well.
  • Other skills covered include riding (anything big enough) and the ability to communicate with animals. This does not translate to a bonus to communicate with humans though.
  • House Ghost Sight are Favoured, though there are also many from House Monstrosity and House Maiden Knight found here.
  • Influence: Harry Potter
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Racing Club: don't think Track and Field - that's Gym class. Think cars, hoverbikes, jetskis, speedboats and light aircraft. No really. It's an expensive club, and like most clubs is dangerous, but it's also awesome. There is a President, a Vice President, and a Treasurer.
  • You basically get the keys to your own nice vehicle
  • Gain access to other ones, too, and impress girls/guys by taking them for rides
  • Also, you're actually good at piloting them (effective Piloting Grade of B for a minimum).
  • There is no Favoured House - this one is pretty evenly split.
  • Influence: Akira
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    SCIENCE! Club: I probably don't actually need to explain this one. It isn't just science, it's SCIENCE! In other words, anti-beam beams, plasma cannons, fusion reactors, force field generators, black hole generators, creating plagues, curing all cancers with one pill, synthesising exciting new drugs and poisons, making bombs that will even make explosions explode... and giant robots. All of this and more could be yours. There is the Super President, who resides over the Sub-Presidents of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. There is also a Treasurer, as well as a Secretary and an Officer of Damage Control.
  • You're always actually good at science, at least your core field. Treat your Science Grade as B if it would normally be worse, but only for your specialist field.
  • Any big project always makes a plot hook - either you succeed and have your killer destructo-beam or whatever, or you fail and unleash space distemper or something. See the SCIENCE! power for more detail.
  • The lab itself has all sorts of long-forgotten, discarded experiments to dig through.
  • House Monstrosity is Favoured due to being resilient test subjects, and interesting research experiments.
  • Influence: many
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Soccer Club: it's soccer, which sounds a bit weak compared to the other things here. But oh no. Firstly, it's a great athletic sport that works on speed and coordination. Secondly, all that running about in shorts and taking your shirt off after kicking a goal means members of the opposite sex like to watch. You can learn to kick the ball so that it hits like a tank shell, and also, much like Italian soccer, it's really just a front for a criminal gang. There is a Team Captain (who is also a mob boss), a Treasurer (launderer), a Designated Referee (who knows what calls to make) and a Business Official (who handles the protection rackets).
  • Generally be good at Gym - a Partial Grade Boost - and remain healthy regardless of Health grades, never getting colds and stuff.
  • Automatic popularity with those who are attracted to your sex - for the purpose of attracting people, you have a Grade Boost to Health and PE.
  • Good pay thanks to the illegal side of everything (and other benefits of the mob)
  • If you have a soccer ball, you have an extreme-range weapon
  • House Lotus Fist is Favoured.
  • Influence: ???
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    "Social" Club: see: Host Club (the anime). Yes, it's that bad. There is the core of the club, who are actual hosts/hostesses, and there are others who are just members who are paying customers. It isn't prostitution though, at least not officially, and were I controlling every member of it, it wouldn't be. But player actions trump designer intentions. There is a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, and a Business Administrator (who actually handles the introductions and sets the transactions up). Technically, there are also many specialty positions such as "The Dark, Mysterious Older Guy", "Twins, With Implied Twincest", "The Busty MILF", "The Girl Who Looks and Acts Younger Than She Is, What are You, a Paedophile?" and so on.
  • The club rakes in mega money from the non-core members - and from others as well. Anyone can acquire their services, it's just that non-core members have the most time available to do so and are sort of personal sponsors.
  • It's actually a great way for developing social skills, so very quickly, being in this club makes you a smooth talker.
  • Bestows knowledge in etiquette, tea ceremony, proper tea preparation, dress sense and other things. A Partial Grade Boost to History is enjoyed.
  • House Nobility is obviously Favoured.
  • Influence: Host Club, duh. Also, Maids vs Butlers
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Swimming Club: at its core, this club covers swimming, in both pools and the ocean. It also covers diving, snorkelling, scuba, and looking sexy in a swimsuit (including "Tan Lines: the Style for You"). Expect plenty of "Sempai~ can you rub lotion on my back?"
    It also covers boating and submarine piloting, however, along with how to deactivate mines and use harpoons and torpedoes. There is a Team Captain, and a Treasurer.
  • Swimming skills that are good (B+) regardless of your Gym grade
  • Piloting too! Along with underwater combat - you automatically excel, your foes... don't
  • Pretty much guaranteed attractiveness and popularity, too! Gain a Grade Boost to Health and PE for the purpose of being attractive.
  • On the flip side, when sea monsters surface, you're the first on call
  • House Ghost Sight is Favoured, though Lotus Fist is also popular here.
  • Influence: Daphne
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Tennis Club: this hones reflexes, running speed, and a killer backhand that caves people's ribcages in. It is not a gentle, serene, girly sport - though that said, thanks to short skirts, the female tennis team is very popular, with a great audience attendance. There are rumours that they smuggle drugs through the tennis balls. There is a Team Captain, and a Treasurer. Currently the Team Captain is also Vice President of the Student Council, and people are nervous about what links there could be between the two - it has to be drugs, right?
  • Again, it's a good club for looking good, keeping fit, and moving fast - gain a Partial Grade Boost to PE
  • Also, with a racquet and ball, you now have an extreme-range weapon.
  • Indeed, even just unarmed or with a sword or whatever, your back-hand is ferocious - you deal +1 damage.
  • There is some mysterious influx of money for your club.
  • Houses Nobility and Monstrosity make up the ranks, both being Favoured.
  • Influence: Prince of Tennis, amongst others
  • Bonus Hit Points: 2

    Underwear Club: this isn't even nearly as pervy as it sounds - it's all about making comfortable underwear, and knowing what is best for you - for comfort and for appearance. Many girls wear the wrong bra size or shape because they don't know better, or wear undies that rides up or is made of an unpleasant fabric. This club is all about helping to avoid that, and building self-confidence. It's still a bit weird. All-female club, with the exception of boys who are magical girls - they have a lot of catching up to do. There's a President, a Vice President, and a Treasurer.
  • Gain great self-confidence, as well as comfort wherever you go
  • When your underwear is showing, it's the right kind that suits you, and this works in your favour, giving you a Grade Boost to whatever you happen to be using to seduce people.
  • Good for actually helping out other girls and making friends
  • Thanks to lingerie sales (and posing for magazines), this club makes buckets of cash.
  • House Maiden Knight is Favoured - they are the ones most likely to have their undies showing at any given time. House Monstrosity also has a surprising number of members, needing underwear that fits bodies with nine legs or whatever.
  • Influence: Chu-Bra
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Underwear Club (The Other One): remember how I said the Underwear Club isn't pervy? Yeah, this one is. It's all about panty thieves. Almost exclusively male, but not entirely - some girls like stealing boxer shorts. Or the panties of their fellow female students. Who am I to judge? There is a President, and usually the member list is not made public. For obvious reasons.
  • Learn the supreme stealth skills that make ninjas jealous! Gain a Grade Boost to whatever Subject you use for hiding, but only for hiding.
  • Also good for lock-picking, trap-disabling and similar things.
  • In fact, all kinds of rogue skills start becoming really handy.
  • It's hard to tell which House is Favoured.
  • Influence: dozens of shows. Imagine Happosai (Ranma 1/2) if he was young enough to attend school.
  • Bonus Hit Points: 1

    Special: The Student Council
    Entry to the Student Council is by election or invitation - players cannot just outright choose to join it, and the only position available to first-year students is Officer of First-Year Relations. Needless to say, the Student Council outranks the United Nations and is plotting something incredible that could change the entire world - or possibly destroy it. Although there are a few elite minions (General Members or Members With-Out Portfolio (MWOPs)), most people in the Council have a proper title:
    -President (beyond all reproach, and their decision is final)
    -Vice President (a loyal second in command who also acts as a trusted advisor)
    -Head of General Affairs (the person who starts meetings and keeps track of/recommends solutions to the everyday matters, strictly keeping out of the mysterious shadowy stuff)
    -Officer of First-Year Relations (a first-year, always, with the job of helping first year students integrate into the school, and communicating between them and the Council)
    -Internal Affairs Officer (sort of a Commissar of the Council, there to handle grievances against the Council itself or deal with members who go past their boundaries. Generally employed directly by (SPOOKY ORGANISATION) to make sure everything runs the way they want it to)
    -Treasurer (the only person with the keys to the safe, and the only person to know exactly how much money the Council has (a lot))
    -Secretary (mostly there to take notes, and to know everything)

    Discipline Committee: some see it as a group of armed thugs who go shaking people up for money for the Council... actually, that often IS the case. They also serve as a sort of student police force, and are even tasked with hunting down delinquents, and are given special permissions. Special roles: Morality Officer (equivalent to a Club President, and is a true member of the Student Council), Secretary

    Student Communications Committee: this sub-faction exists to serve as a means of communication between the general populace of the school and the Student Council - so that the Council's time is not wasted by frivolous matters, but people can still have their messages heard. Special roles: Communications Officer (leader, true member of the Student Council), Secretary

    Council-Teacher Relations Committee: this sub-faction deals with such issues relating to the teaching staff - mostly serving as a form of communication with them, but also there to keep them under control. Special roles: Staff Management Officer (leader, true member of the Student Council), Secretary

    Funding Committee: the job of this committee is specifically to raise money for the school in general, and the Student Council in particular. They all report to the Treasurer of the Student Council, but it is sort of a separate entity. Special roles: Income Officer (leader, follows general instructions given by the Treasurer but interprets them as needed), Sub-Treasurer (treasurer of the committee, and reports to the Student Council Treasurer), Secretary
    Count Arioch the 28th wrote:
    There is NOTHING better than lesbians. Lesbians make everything better.

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    Nobody is completely 100% bland and ordinary. Average only really applies across a whole swath of people, "taking the average" and then comparing people to it on any different trait. It's not like anyone actually is completely average in every single way. Some of the differences are good, others are bad, but all of them are memorable.

    Any character must have 1-5 points worth of Negative Traits.
    Any character may (and probably should) have Positive Traits with a total points amount equal to the points worth of Negative Traits they have.
    Points not "spent" do not get converted into better grades or additional powers or anything, they are wasted.

    Other Traits can be picked up in game, ignoring any limits above - these are the results of how the game works out.

    Negative Traits:

      Bad Reputation: for some reason or another, you have a bad reputation. This may or may not be deserved. At any rate, a lot of people who have heard the rumours but not met you tend to avoid you. Social interaction with such people will usually be Hard.
      Bullied 1: another student often bullies you. They are either in your year level, or one higher. This is mostly an inconvenience. If you beat them up a few times they just become an enemy or rival. You encounter them generally once a week.
      Delinquent/Inept 1: you are either kind of dumb and not good at actual class work, or just don't like doing work and cause trouble. People have lower expectations of you, but you're often getting lectured and routinely score below average on tests.
      Forgetful: you have a bad memory. You easily forget people's names, important dates and events, homework assignments, where you're going, to get completely dressed, or where you left your wallet.
      Grumpy: you just tend to be in a bad mood most of the time - and it shows. People who don't know you tend to stay out of your way.
      Innocent: you're... well, a bit dense, in an innocent sort of way. If someone asks you about your skill at cunnilingus, you'd assume they're talking about a dialect of Latin. Innuendo goes over your head.
      Orphan: as an orphan, you were adopted into this school - you didn't actually have any other option. Sometimes you feel sad about not having a family, but your classmates are your REAL family! You don't go home on the holidays, staying at campus or with other students.
      Perpetually Tired: you're almost always sleepy, and often fall asleep in class or oversleep and are late to morning classes.
      Pervert: you are a pervert in some way or another. If you join The Other Underwear Club, you probably have this Trait. Note: you certainly can take Bad Reputation to go along with this, as "a pervert and everyone knows it".
      Poor Eyesight: you can't see too well without your glasses, and will actually miss fairly obvious things or find reading really hard unless wearing them - all sight based stuff becomes Extreme difficulty.
      Poorly: you are often unwell, with the sniffles and such. You have one fewer hit point than normal. If there is an illness going around, you catch it.
      Terrible Fashion: your dress sense is just awful. It's almost embarrassing, and as such, people laugh at you behind your back.
      ✦✦ Addiction: you're addicted to something that's hard to get your hands on. You actively spend time and money pursuing this addiction, and it can land you in trouble. When suffering withdrawal, all of your grades are treated as one full level lower - including a reduction in HP.
      ✦✦ Allergy: either you really easily suffer hayfever and almost always have watery eyes and the sniffles, or there is something reasonably common that you have serious allergic reactions to. Whenever suffering from your allergies, your Gym and Health grades are treated as one full level lower - including a reduction in HP.
      ✦✦ Annoying: you're just a pain in the ass. You grate on other people's nerves, and it's hard to make friends. You have to actively roll for it in all situations, and it's harder than for anyone else.
      ✦✦ Blind Without 'Em: without your glasses, you basically can't see at all - you are actually blind when not wearing them.
      ✦✦ Bullied 2: another few students often bully you. There might be a gang of bullies in your year, or 3-4 from one year level up, or one fourth-year bully (assuming you're a first-year). You generally encounter them a couple of times a week.
      ✦✦ Clumsy: you have a tendency to trip over a lot, or drop things, or slip over, or fail at climbing ladders... in fact, you're generally inept at moving the way you want to. Even with a high Gym score, you will frequently mess up in a comical way, and any failure at Gym is likely to be amusing or result in injury.
      ✦✦ Gullible: you pretty much believe anything you're told. If it is more or less plausible, you automatically believe it. It it is slightly plausible/theoretically possible, it is a Standard test to convince you, and if it's complete bullshit, that's just Moderate. If you want to believe it/actively dread it, it also becomes automatic.
      ✦✦ Phobia: you are irrationally scared of something. Select something that isn't so common it will crop up all the time, such as "people" or "being inside", but not a total cop-out like "red shopping trolleys" or "things that supernaturally scare people". Good examples might be "enclosed spaces", "cats", "speaking in front of crowds" or "guns". You are Afraid of the chosen thing whenever it becomes relevant. You can make a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test to overcome the fear for the duration of the interaction with that thing, otherwise it overcomes you as per the affliction.
      ✦✦ Responsibility: you have a serious responsibility, such as a pet or a Kohai, and sometimes they might get kidnapped or something. If one person has this in relation to another, that other person has the "Looking Out For You" Positive Trait.
      ✦✦ Tsundere: you're pretty inhibited around those you're attracted to, and could never admit that you like someone. So instead, you act grumpy around them and shout at them and generally have a hard time being liked.
      ✦✦ Ugly: you are just plain unattractive. People don't like the way you look, and are not going to be the first resort for "Which stranger do I talk to?", nor get many Valentines. Treat your Health/Gym as F for the purposes of looking nice.
      ✦✦ Unlucky: you have bad luck. Things somehow manage to find the perfect time to go horribly wrong, as though you were cursed. In fact, it's possible you actually WERE cursed.
      ✦✦ Weak Point: you have some kind of weak point in combat. This means that a successful aimed attack at the location (if your foe knows about it) can knock you straight out, regardless of damage. An aimed attack merely requires knowing about it and rolling at least 2 higher than necessary to hit.
      ✦✦✦ Blind Even WITH Them: not only are you completely blind without your glasses, but even when you are wearing them, you still have poor vision and need to spend time focusing just to read and such.
      ✦✦✦ Bullied 3: another few students often bully you. Generally, there are many of them, across a few year levels, with a fourth-year in charge. Teachers might even be in on this. You will quite possibly have to face them every day.
      ✦✦✦ Criminal: you have a history of crime, and would have been sent to prison or something if it weren't for lucking out and having the gene. This does mean, however, that if you don't work with the school here, you do actually go to prison. Also, the staff have their eye on you. So does the Student Council.
      ✦✦✦ Delinquent/Inept 2: you are either really stupid, and thus automatically fail basically all classes, or a real troublemaker. You are regularly in detention, or the school prison cells, and nobody ever believes you when you claim to be innocent.
      ✦✦✦ Eerie: there is something incredibly disturbing and unsettling about you that gives everyone else the heebie-jeebies. They automatically try to avoid you, and bad luck actually gets blamed on your presence.
      ✦✦✦ Horribly Maimed: you have a serious injury. Not a cool scar, but something like the loss of a limb, or lower body paralysis. You have 2 fewer hit points than normal.
      ✦✦✦ Major Responsibility: this is like a responsibility, except more troublesome. Usually in the form of a Kohai or lover who is always getting abducted or something.
      ✦✦✦ Serious Illness: you have an illness which will never go away, aside from death. It actually leaves you unable to function some days, it's so bad. It might literally be the death of you. You have 2 fewer hit points than normal.
      ✦✦✦ Wild Power: your power is actually out of control. Occasionally it won't function when you want it to, or won't switch off when you want it to - or erupts at full strength for no reason, causing collateral damage.
      ✦✦✦✦✦ Abysmal: you are so terrible that you will always fail one specific Subject you have. Select any one, and change it to an F. You can never improve it above F, and the teacher probably doesn't like you.

    Positive Traits:

      Cheerful: you're generally happy and cheerful. It's possible this annoys people, in which case you should have the Annoying Trait as well, but usually it's contagious and people like being around you.
      Contacts: you know a guy who knows a guy, or you know several guys... you can sometimes get info or possibly favours from some NPCs
      Good Reputation: for one reason or another, you have a good reputation - possibly deserved. People who know of you respect you for this.
      Good Student 1: you do pretty well in class, behaving and completing work. The teachers generally like you, or hate you less than they hate everyone else, and you rarely get detention as a result of things in class. For the purpose of getting test scores and assignment results and so on, you have an effective Grade of B for your classes (unless your natural Grade is higher).
      Innocent: you are just innocent and good-natured. You are almost never to blame, no matter what it looks like, and people assume the best of your intentions - because you do intend the best. This is different from the Innocent negative Trait, but you can have both if you want.
      Laugh Inducer: you tell funny jokes, generally. If you are clumsy or something, then people laugh at your antics. These things make you somewhat popular, especially in dark times when they need a laugh.
      Quick Learner: you learn stuff quickly. This means you don't really have to cram for tests, and don't need to do much study/revision.
      Stubborn: it's hard to make you actually back down, and that's often a good thing. Cowing or bulldozing you is difficult - your roll to resist is made as though one partial grade higher. You have one more hit point than normal.
      ✦✦ Attractive 1: you look very attractive, and people notice your appearance. You are popular at the formal, Valentine's Day etc. You effectively have a Health/Gym Grade of A for the purposes of appearance.
      ✦✦ Friend of Pain: either you have a sort of bloodlust where injuries just make you fight better, or you actively enjoy pain. Either way, you never suffer penalties for being hurt, and ignore things that cause pain. If you have this and are in the Detention Club, you basically suffer no ill consequences for actions that don't warrant Imprisonment or worse.
      ✦✦ Graceful: you move with such grace and perfection that you never fall over, and can look stylish and dignified doing anything. People tend to be mesmerised by your movements, and you are certainly able to "steal the show" with your appearance at events.
      ✦✦ Looking Out For You: there is someone who watches out for you, probably a stronger lover or sempai. They will usually come to your rescue, even if they scold you later.
      ✦✦ Lucky: good things tend to happen around you, and people often ask for a lock of your hair before exams or whatever.
      ✦✦ Special Rank: you flat-out have some position of good rank, such as a Title in a Club, Hall Monitor (which tend to get promoted into the ranks of Discipline Committee if they do well) or being a teacher's assistant, or kohai of an important member of the Student Council.
      ✦✦ Time Management Skills: you are really good at managing your schedule, so tend to always be early or on time, and have spare time to do things. This always works in your favour.
      ✦✦✦ Attractive 2: you are amazingly beautiful, and people often stare. Your locker is frequently filled to the brim with love letters. For the purpose of appearance, your Gym/Health Grade is S.
      ✦✦✦ Fearless: you are never affected by fear - you might feel the fear, but it has no control over you. You just shrug it off and do your thing.
      ✦✦✦ FRIENDSHIP!: you are incredibly good at making friends - just about everyone becomes your friend soon enough. Possibly you should form the FRIENDS! Club.
      ✦✦✦ Good Student 2: you are incredibly wonderfully good at your classes. You usually get good grades, and the teachers like you, and other people are always asking to borrow your lecture notes. The effective Grade for assignments and so on is now A.
      ✦✦✦ Relentless: much like Rick Astley, you never give people up or let them down. In fact, you never give up at all. As hopeless as things are, despair never engulfs you. You can be sad, but not suffer penalties from it. Indeed, if you would suffer a numeric penalty from sadness or despair, you instead take that as a bonus. You have one more hit point than normal.
      ✦✦✦ Special Permit: you have a licence to actually leave the school grounds for various things, and indeed go flying planes and the like.
      ✦✦✦✦✦ Supergenius: you are so completely amazing at one subject of your choice (pick one that has a rating of A or A+) that you double-pass all tests for it. Change the rating to an S, which lets you roll five dice (no modifier). You always score the highest in this class (overall, not necessarily individual tasks), and the teacher likes you. Yes, you seriously can double-pass, by getting a 100% with a smaller 100% written inside it.

    Count Arioch the 28th wrote:
    There is NOTHING better than lesbians. Lesbians make everything better.

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    Powers and Abilities:

    Transformation Power: You have the power to transform into something else. This is almost exclusively a Magical Girl ability, and as such, the typical transformation is exactly that - a magical girl. Transforming is an Energy effect. When transformed, you gain certain automatic benefits and there may be additional ones based on your choices and Year Level. Transforming requires a Major Action, and makes your inner aura shine brightly, making it obvious to those who can see spirits and battle auras. The automatic benefits are: +2 Hit Point per Year Level, any one form of Extraordinary Movement, and a special protective costume - even if you are specifically hit in the face or anywhere else your costume doesn't cover, you still reduce all incoming damage by an amount equal to your Year Level unless the costume is damaged. Changing back is Not an Action, and indeed automatically happens when you are knocked out. Upon un-transforming for any reason, you become Blocked. Transformation only lasts for 1 minute per Year Level, and then you automatically change back. There are several "sub-powers" that can affect the transformation:

    • Instant Transformation: Transforming is no longer a lengthy process, it just happens instantly. It changes from a Major Action to Not an Action.
    • Dazzling Transformation: Your transformation becomes almost hypnotic, with a brilliant burst of light that overwhelms viewers. When you Transform, you can make a Health Test. If you roll 5 or better, all First Year students become Distracted for one turn as a Mental effect. For every 2 above that, another Year Level is affected. On a 15 or better, even Staff and Abominations are affected.
    • Lasting Transformation: you remain transformed for fifteen minutes per Year Level, so can just about spend all your time transformed, with short bursts of regaining your energy in between.
    • Double Transformation: You have a second transformation available, which can only be performed once you are already transformed. This unlocks a third form for you, with even more power. In this third form, you reduce all incoming damage by an additional 2 points when your costume is not damaged, and every time you Focus you can remove a status affliction or regain one Hit Point. Transforming requires the same action as it normally does, likewise it is Not an Action to "power down".

    Enhanced Speed: You move fast. Really really fast. Depending on your level of speed, you get to go before everyone else in combat, flat-out move faster, and actually get special actions you can take to move super fast. This is an Energy ability. Any effect that requires you to have used Enhanced Speed on a previous turn simply requires that you used at least a Minor Action to move and were not Blocked.

    • Level 1: You act before anybody who lacks Enhanced Speed, unless they catch you unaware. Additionally, your movement speeds are all doubled, and the difficulty to hit you is always increased by 1. The sub-powers are as follows:

      • Blink-Step: you can move from one place to another in an instant, focusing your speed to incredible degrees. Effectively, for short ranges you don't have a move speed, you can just teleport from one point you can see to another point, as long as you could physically move there.
      • Double-Team: you move so fast in combat that it appears there are two of you working in tandem. Every turn that this is active, you basically have a spare you who can Assist you or perform some kind of non-combat action - picking things up, opening/closing doors, getting vehicles moving and so on, but not Focusing for you, attacking, conjuring weapons or the like.
      • Speeding Bullet: your attacks - even thrown or fired weapons - benefit so much from your incredible speed that few people can possibly avoid them. Every attack you make against anyone who has less Enhanced Speed than you is made as though they are unaware - an automatic hit.

    • Level 2: You act before anybody who lacks Enhanced Speed II, unless they catch you unaware. Additionally, your movement speeds are tripled - on top of the doubling from level 1 (total x6). The sub-powers are as follows:

      • Eye of the Storm: when you attack someone, you surround them by yourself, just utilising the motion blur and the "mirror images" set up. In any turn after a turn in which you move with Enhanced Speed, you can perform two different Major Actions, rolling for both and then selecting the one you want to take. The other is wasted.
      • Jet Thruster: moving in a straight line, you can actually take off and fly. Additionally, you can barrel into or through people, or catch them in the draft behind you and hurl them about. Not only can you fly in straight lines, but everyone in your path must make either a Gym or Health Test (Hard) to avoid getting slammed into and knocked Prone, and everyone immediately to the sides of where you move must make a Gym or Health Test (Standard) to avoid getting dragged behind you.
      • Sonic Boom: you can elect to make a short leap so fast that it creates a massive sonic boom. This is the same as Speeding Bullet, except there is a deafening boom at the point you move from and the point you move to - all within earshot become Distracted for one turn, and all within 10m must pass a Hard Health Test or take 1 Blunt damage.

    • Level 3: You act before anybody who lacks Enhanced Speed III, unless they catch you unaware. Additionally, your movement speeds are quadrupled - on top of the previous multiplications (total x24). The sub-powers are as follows:

      • Illusion Combatants: in combat, there are so many of you moving about that people don't know which to attack - or which one just hit them. Any turn immediately after a turn in which you use Enhanced Speed, all attacks against you are of Extreme difficulty and your attacks catch people unaware. Against a combatant who is also benefiting from Illusion Combatants, the effects cancel each other out.
      • Faster Than Physics: at the speeds you move, gravity is entirely optional. Not only can you skim over water or run along walls or the ceiling, you can in fact run straight up without needing something to run against. You can just move in any direction in any way you wish.
      • Double-Accelerator: having started moving fast, you then do it again - just like going from normal to fast a second time. To use this, you must have been using Enhanced Speed on your previous turn. Once this is active, your move speed gains a further x10 multiplier and you can take two sets of actions each turn. However, for each set of actions, either the Minor or Major Action must be spent actually moving. You cannot Focus when using this ability.

    • Level 4: you are faster than time, and no-one really understands that. You act before anybody who lacks Enhanced Speed IV unless they catch you unaware. Your move speed is multiplied by 5 (for a total of x120). The sub-powers are as follows:

      • Clock Stopper: sometimes you can go so fast that, to you, it is as if the world is standing still. With a Major Action, you can halt time, giving yourself a full turn to act in which everybody else is completely motionless. You can take actions as normal, though the stress of this deals 1 damage to you, bypassing resistances. You cannot use Clock Stopper with Clock Stopper, nor can you use it with Double-Accelerator. You are allowed to use this free turn to charge up for Hyper Attack, for instance, unleashing it on your next turn.
      • Army of Me: you glitch reality with your movements - there are so many shadow clones of you moving about from your rapid movement that reality actually treats them as real just long enough to count. When performing actions that require individual targets, as long as you used Enhanced Speed in the previous turn, you can target up to 10 characters all at once. If using an attack that hits an area rather than an individual target, you effectively launch ten of it, all hitting different areas for one very big total area - overlapping effects don't double-up on the damage.
      • Teleporter: you move so fast that the world just gives up trying to track your location, and you can flat-out be where you want to be in an instant. This is exactly as it sounds - you spend a Major Action, and you are then wherever you could already move to in the universe. If currently restrained, you can't move far, likewise walls and such still get in the way, but other than that, the sky is the limit unless you can fly, in which case it isn't.

    Enhanced Strength: you are so incredibly strong that you can break walls by accident if you're not careful. When you mean to break things, people know it. This is an Energy ability.

    • Level 1: you are very strong, gaining +1 damage in Melee combat, a minimum B Grade for strength-based Gym tasks and the ability to lift/drag/push 200kg with little effort, and carry half that comfortably. The sub-powers are as follows:

      • Herculean Throwing: you can throw stupidly big and heavy objects, and you can throw them stupid distances. You are also even better at lifting than your Enhanced Strength normally grants, able to lift twice as much and carry as much as you can lift for long durations. If you can lift an object, you can throw it, dealing damage as a Massive Object that benefits from your Gym Bonus to damage. You can throw objects ten times as far as normal.
      • Collateral Damage: when you hit stuff, everything around you tends to shatter and explode. Objects do not reduce damage from your attacks, and indeed, when you hit someone, any objects within 2m of them are also damaged - shockwaves, hurling them into walls and so on.
      • Concussive Strikes: when you hit people, it rattles their entire body and scrambles their brains. Any time you damage someone with a Gym-based attack, they must pass a Hard Health Test or become Distracted. If they don't even roll high enough to beat a Standard Test, they instead become Confused (for the standard variable duration of Confusion).

    • Level 2: you are crazy strong, enjoying a minimum effective B+ Grade for strength-based Gym tasks, another +1 damage in Melee combat (total +2) and the ability to lift/drag/push 500kg with little effort, and carry half that comfortably. The sub-powers are as follows.

      • Unstoppable: nothing can stop your movement - once you start going, you can just power on through. You effectively tunnel through walls at your regular movement speed, smashing them up as you jog.
      • Atlas' Shoulders: your lifting capabilities have now reached "stupid" levels, and your spine seems unbreakable. Not only can you lift and carry one thousand times as much as your Enhanced Strength says you can, you never take damage from falling or being fallen on, and are completely immune to harm or pain from being stretched (like on a rack or some submission holds) or compressed (falling in a trash compactor). Also, you can throw things ten times as far as normal - so if you also have Herculean Throwing, that's x100.
      • Pinball Strikes: when you hit people, they are launched through the air at dangerous speeds. You launch targets 2m per Partial Gym Grade above F (so for the minimum B+ that would be 18m), multiplied by the level of your Enhanced Strength (so the bare minimum is 54m). If they hit an object, which they probably do, apply the damage against the object. If it's enough to break it, they go through and keep moving. If it isn't, they take an extra point of damage and bounce off.

    • Level 3: your strength is beyond ridiculous. You have a minimum effective A+ Grade for strength-based Gym tasks, another +1 damage in melee combat (total +3) and the ability to lift/drag/push 1,000kg with little effort, and carry half that comfortably. The sub-powers are as follows:

      • Shockwaves: when you hit things, it creates a shockwave like an explosion - basically all of your attacks have area of effect blasts that you are immune to. The area of effect is a 5m radius, increasing to 10m at Fourth Year. The damage dealt to the area is half the amount dealt to the primary target (round down), with one point of damage to all objects in the area (enough to shatter windows).
      • Mighty Leaping: you can spring off the ground, taking off like a comet. This leaves a small crater where you leapt from, and allows you to move 3m per Partial Gym Grade above F (so 36m for the minimum of A+) with a Minor Action, doubled at Fourth Year. Landing leaves a substantially larger crater - a 5m radius - and causes your Bonus Gym Damage plus the Enhanced Strength Bonus (so a minimum of 5) to everyone in the area. They can avoid this damage with a Hard Gym Test, or automatically by throwing themselves Prone.
      • Pulverising Blows: when you hit objects, they completely shatter into dust and fragments. This includes large walls, vehicles, forcefields, the limbs of abominations and so on. One hit automatically destroys one such object. Abominations and other massive creatures lose a limb, taking damage as normal and being unable to use the lost limb (obviously). Against other humans, it batters them and causes any armour and so on to burst open, removing defences.

    • Level 4: you are THE STRONGEST. You have an effective Grade of S for all strength-based Gym tasks, and can lift/drag/push up to 10,000kg with little effort, or carry half that amount comfortably. The sub-powers are as follows:

      • Earthquake Stomp: with a Major Action, you can stomp the ground so hard that a literal earthquake hits the area. Decide what magnitude you want, from 1 to 6. That magnitude hits the area within 100m, with the next magnitude down hitting everything from 100-500m away, the one lower hitting the area out to 1km away and continuing to lower by 1 for each additional km. The ground cracks and rumbles, buildings shudder and collapse, furniture falls over and breaks, people fall over if they fail Standard Gym Tests.
      • Tempest Roar: with a mighty bellow as a Major Action, you create a massive shockwave in the air that blows things away and damages them. This hits a cone that is 100m long and at any point is as wide as its length. Anyone caught in the area must pass an Extreme Test - Health or Gym - or be hurled to the end of the area and then an extra distance equal to how far they have already been launched. This deals 1 point of Blunt damage to all who pass the Test, and 3 to all who fail and to all objects.
      • Dinosaur Wrestler: you can grab and grapple anything, regardless of weight or size. You really could suplex Godzilla. You ignore the size and weight of anything you wish to lift or tackle. Likewise you can reach vital weak points and pressure points on creatures no matter how large, and ignore the benefits of Ironskin. Any time you throw something, it takes as much damage as what it crashes into (though they each apply their own damage resistances separately).

    Enhanced Durability: you are extra tough, and can generally shrug things off that should probably kill you. Depending on the level, you have more HP, you suffer less damage from attacks, and generally are immune to some things. This is a Physical effect, not affected by energy manipulation.

    • Level 1: you are very resilient - you never catch colds or get minor bumps or scrapes from day to day activity. You reduce all damage taken by 1 point, have 2 extra hit points, and a minimum effective Grade of B for endurance aspects of Gym and Health.

      • Anvilfall: when you fall, you don't take damage. Everything below you does. You never suffer falling damage, but your landing causes a shockwave with a radius of 1m per point of damage you would have taken, dealing the damage you would have taken to all in the area and making a crater in the ground.
      • Sturdy: you are particularly solid and hard to move. Shockwaves, telekinesis and so on can't move you about the place and you can't even be tripped or thrown. A character of a higher Year Level than you can affect you in such ways, but the distance and damage are halved (round down). Unlike normal, abominations are not actually treated as seniors for this - they can't shove you around.
      • Relentless: your endurance is not only physical but mental as well. You're never going to give them up, nor let them down. You gain the Relentless trait.

    • Level 2: you can be mistaken for granite at times. The only reason you wear shoes is as padding to protect the ground from your hard feet. You don't suffer from aches and pains after injuries or a hard work-out. You reduce all damage taken by another point (total 2), have 4 more extra hit points (total 6), and a minimum effective Grade of B+ for endurance aspects of Gym and Health.

      • Weather the Storm: you are not affected by wind, rain, hail or dust storms, and are basically immune to Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts: any attack that, after damage is reduced, only deals a single point or no damage but another effect, instead has no effect on you.
      • Poisonproof: you are completely immune to Poison effects, including diseases and so on.
      • Sturdy Mind: you are mentally resilient as well, and your effective Grade for endurance also applies to Philosophy and Ethics Tests.

    • Level 3: the structure of adamantium is based on you, true story. Some people hide behind you when there are missile strikes. You never catch illnesses of any kind, even mutant space ebola or magical super tetanus. You reduce all damage taken by yet another point (total 3), have another 6 extra hit points (total 12), and a minimum effective Grade of A+ for endurance aspects of Gym and Health.

      • Ironskin: your flesh actually does have the consistency of steel or something. Not only do you have incredible resistance, reducing incoming damage by another 2 points and Resisting Sharp and Jabbing damage, an Extreme Gym Test is required in order to force your limbs to move when you don't want them to. Likewise you weigh ten times as much as you normally would, and landing on people is a very painful affair - for them.
      • Shake it off: nothing hampers you for that long. At the end of each turn, you can roll 1d6. On a 6, you end one condition that is affecting you - even if it doesn't make much sense. You don't have to do this, so you're still able to sleep like normal.
      • Recoil: weapons tend to break against you, and people hurt themselves from the shockwaves. Any time someone hits you, make a Standard Health Test. If you succeed, they suffer 1 damage per Health Grade you possess above F (such as 2 for a C). If they hit you with a weapon, they can elect for the weapon to shatter instead.

    • Level 4: to put it bluntly, you are immune to "things". You cannot be transmogrified or polymorphed without your express permission, actively resisting the effect. You have 8 more extra hit points (total 20), and a minimum effective Grade of S for endurance aspects of Gym and Health. You also feel no pain ever, ignoring it completely.

      • Immunity: pick a type of damage. You are 100% immune not only to that damage, but to any secondary effects that are carried by it.
      • Awesome Cover: you actually ignore shockwaves and explosions. Rather, you stop them - they not only have no effect on you, but you block them so the people behind you are perfectly safe.
      • Immortality: you have no natural lifespan - you'll just remain in your prime forever until something kills you - and I have good news on that front. Even if apparently killed, as long as your brain remains intact it enters a form of stasis so that cell death doesn't occur. This allows your entire body to regenerate and be restored to life in about a month if sufficient nutrients are available.

    Grade Boost: Various things boost grades - abilities, traits, just being in a House, whatever. This is simple: increase the Subjet's letter by 1 - so a D to a C, or a B- to an A-. This cannot raise an F, nor can it increase an A to an S.

    • Partial Grade Boost: a Partial Grade Boost is typically given from Club Activities or traits, not as an ability in its own right. For the Subject in question, it removes a minus from the Grade. If there is no minus, it adds a plus. So a C- would become C, a C would become C+ but there would be no benefit if the grade was already at C+.
    • Grade Penalty: typically caused by the effects of others, or by traits, a Grade Penalty is basically the opposite of a Grade Boost: you lower the Subject's Grade by one full letter (so from a C to a D, or from an A- to a B-). As above, this cannot reduce a D to an F, nor can it reduce a Grade of S. A Partial Grade Penalty works like the opposite of a Partial Grade Boost - changing your B+ to a B or your B to a B- but not affecting a B-.
    • Genius: this is the same as a Grade Boost, except it can raise a Grade from F to D, or from A-, A or A+ to S. Additionally, for the purpose of getting actual results in exams and such, it is treated as S even if it isn't.
    • Grade Perfection: a much rarer ability, this changes the Subject Grade to an S, forever making it perfect. People will always be impressed by how amazing you are at that Subject.

    Elemental Blast: you can unleash blasts of elemental energy. You actually have to pick an elemental type from the following when gaining this ability: fire (Fire), lightning (Shock), wind (Air and Blunt or Air and Sharp), ice (Cold), water (Water and Blunt), light (Fire), darkness (Mental or Poison), LOVE (Mental), plant (Sharp or Poison), earth/rock (Blunt), metal (Jabbing or Sharp). This is used as an Energy weapon with a range of 50m/100m and base damage of 1 per Year Level (5 for Teachers and Abominations). There are several sub-powers that can be chosen, too:

    • Second Element: you have a second element you can use - and if you also have linked effect, it has its own secondary effect. If you Focus, you can mix the two together - the damage is the same, but the type of damage is "both" for the purpose of beating resistances and immunities, and in the case of linked effect, both secondary effects apply.
    • Linked Effect: your blast has a secondary effect on those hit by it. This effect is:

      • Fire: Burning until they spend a Major Action going Prone and rolling about
      • Ice: if they fail a Standard Health Test they are Immobilised until thawed
      • Air: the attack is Pummeling or Shredding as appropriate
      • Water: Distracted until they spend a Major Action clearing their lungs and eyes
      • Lightning: Immobilised for 1 turn
      • Ground: the attack is Pummeling
      • Plant: Burning (from seeds taking root or poison) for 3 turns
      • Metal: the attack is Shredding or Piercing as appropriate
      • LOVE: Confused
      • Light: Distracted for 3 turns
      • Darkness: Confused

    • Mighty Blast: the range increases to 250m/500m, and if you Focus, the damage increases by 1.
    • Prism Blast: when you Assist an ally, if they use their own Elemental Blast you may use yours, adding them together. The damage is all treated as being from the one attack, so any reduction applies once to the total.
    • Negation Beam: you can in fact channel a special form of energy that negates energy in general and breaks magical effects. If this hits somone, it negates ongoing Energy effects and causes the Blocked condition.
    • Wide Blast: you enjoy big blasts and explosions. Your blast can be used as normal, or you can also unleash a cone that is 10m long and as wide as it is long at any point, or an explosion starting at the point hit by your bolt, with a 5m radius.

    Heightened Senses: your senses are all exceptionally good. You have an effective minimum of A to track things by smell, can always smell and taste poisons, have darkvision and echolocation. You can fire ranged weapons at extreme range without needing to Focus. You are also never caught by surprise when combat starts, and gain a Grade Boost to Crime Scene Investigation Tests if you possess it.

    Resist: select a damage type. All attacks of that type against you deal half as much, rounding down. Additionally, you are unaffected by regular environmental irritations related to it - so hot weather or walking over hot coals for Fire, drowning for Water, or getting small cuts and scrapes for Sharp, for instance. Resisting that element (for instance, to resist torture) is always Standard for you, they'll probably need to try something else. You can actually Focus on your resistance (or for some characters it can be innately Boosted). This results in that damage type never doing more than 1 damage to you.

    Entangling Attacks: when you attack people, you tend to trip them over, bind their arms and weapons and so on. If you successfully hit an opponent with an attack, they must roll higher than you did with a Gym Test or be Distracted as a Physical effect until they spend a full turn untangling themselves.

    Evasive Acrobatics: instead of the Standard difficulty for foes to hit you, you make a Gym Test of your own - it becomes an opposed roll as you leap and dive out of the way with your awesome skills.

    Elemental Control: select an element from: wood, metal, water, air, earth/rock, fire, ice/snow. You can use a Major Action to control an amount as follows: half a metre cubed for First Year, one cubic metre for Second Year, 3 metres cubed for Third Years and 10m Cubed for Fourth Years and graduates. This amount is doubled if you Focus. You can't conjure the element - it has to be there to begin with. This can be used offensively, defensively or in a completely different way. This is an Energy power.

    Emotional Blast: you can unleash a special wave of energy that is powered by your emotions and hits the minds of enemies - this is an Energy attack, but any conditions caused are Mental. This is a ranged attack out to 50m/100m and the effects depend on your emotional state - if you are strongly affected by the emotion in question, you automatically count as having Focused. The target is also somewhat affected by the emotion in question - if hit by Angry Blast, they become angry and so on.

    • Anger: the target is hit by your blinding rage, and takes 1 point of Mental damage per Year Level as though by a Pulverising attack. This also deals 1 point of damage to all objects within 3m of the target, including those carried, wielded or worn. If you Focus, they suffer from the Burning condition until either you or they calm down.
    • Happiness: the target is hit by your happiness, which fills them with hope and energy. This removes the Afraid condition and restores 1 Hit Point per Year Level, as well as making them Distracted for 1 round. If you Focus, it also cures the Burning, Confused and Immobilised conditions.
    • Love: you channel your love into the target - whether for them or for someone else. At any rate, the weird mixture of feelings overwhelms them and they become Confused. However this does cancel out any other Mental effects. If you Focus, you can dictate their actions for the duration of the confusion - however they can elect to still be confused.
    • Sadness: the target is overwhelmed with waves of sadness, and finds it hard to do anything. They are knocked Prone and take 1 Mental damage per Year Level. If you Focus, they are instead Immobilised for one minute or until someone else snaps them out of it.
    • Fear: you scare the target. They become Afraid of you. If you Focus, they actually become Afraid of every living thing.

    This Power also has a few Sub-Powers:

    • Emotional Aura: you can unleash the emotional blast out in a sphere emanating from you. It extends for 2m per Year Level and the attack potentially hits everyone in the area (roll once, everyone in the area opposes it with Philosophy and Ethics).
    • Suggestive Beam: you can fire this off in a different way to normal. Instead of making a blast that is powered by your feelings, you instead unleash an invisible beam that causes the emotion, without even dancing about or shouting the attack name. Your attack roll is resisted by Philosophy and Ethics, and if you succeed, they are strongly affected by the emotion of your choice.

    Friendship Punch: by Focusing, you can make an attack carry a special wave of power and love and friendship. If the attack defeats them, they become your friend and see things from your point of view for the rest of the day, and still have positive feelings about you thereafter. This only works on humans - interestingly enough, no matter how far they change, the Inhuman are treated as human. Thankfully, Abominations have not been found with this power, yet. This is a Mental effect and has a number of sub-powers to choose from:

    • Friendship BEEEEEAM: this becomes an attack in its own right: with a Major Action, you utilise this Energy effect, making a ranged attack out to 50/100m. If it hits, it deals damage equal to your Year Level. If that reduces someone to 0 HP, they are affected as though by Friendship Punch.
    • Lingering Friendship: when you defeat someone with this, they become your friend and see things your way forever - or until you betray their implanted friendship.
    • Thorns of Betrayal: you can Focus to add this Mental effect to any attack: if it deals any damage, the seed of betrayal is planted. Within the next minute, you can declare that it has sprouted - you declare the target's actions on their next turn. After that, the effect has ended but the damage is done.
    • Forbidden Rhapsody: you have a horrifying form of mind control that changes a person's alleigance, even making them your personal warrior and causing them to accept any strange bionic enhancements you perform on them. Forbidden Rhapsody requires physical contact, typically a jab to the heart, gripping the head, touching the forehead or holding them close to you. As such, the target must already be Immobile. They are allowed one chance to resist - an Extreme Philosophy and Ethics Test - and if they pass, they cannot be affected by your Forbidden Rhapsody for another day. If they pass, you become their Beloved and you can make any request of them and they will go along with it.

    Fearless: you are completely immune to Fear of all kinds forever.

    Relentless: this works just like the Trait with the same name: you can be sad, but not suffer penalties from it. Indeed, if you would suffer a numeric penalty from sadness or despair, you instead take that as a bonus. You have one more hit point than normal.

    Flight: you have the ability to fly. If a character just has this base ability, they can move at the same speed as they can normally move (modified by conditions, Enhanced Speed and so on), but manoeuvring is not that great. They have to make a Gym or Piloting Test for many types of movement - Standard to go around a corner without crashing, Hard to avoid obstacles such as people in a corridor, Extreme to suddenly change into reverse. This is an Energy power.

    • Fast Flight: your flight sped is multiplied by 1.5 if a First Year, x2 if a Second Year, x3 if a Third Year, or x5 if a Fourth Year or greater.
    • Graceful Flight: you can turn on a molecule, weave through all kinds of obstacles and so on. You don't need to make Tests for manoeuvrability, and can make Gym or Piloting Tests to oppose enemy attack rolls in combat.

    Hyper Attack: you can a super-duper beam attack which basically annihilates everything, as an Energy power. It does, unfortunately, take some time to charge up. You have to spend one turn (Major and Minor Actions) gathering your power, and then unleash it on the second turn - using both your Major and Minor Actions. The beam travels out as a ray of energy, 1m in radius and 100m long - and affects everything in the area (roll one attack and apply it against all). The damage is a standard 10 points of any one type of your choice - chosen when gaining this power. A sub-power must be chosen:

    • Apocalypse Beam: this attack has a massive area of effect, and is great at causing colateral damage. The beam automatically destroys objects, and upon hitting something big enough to count as terrain (a mountain, a building, the ground, an Abomination), that thing takes full damage and there is an explosion out to a 50m radius. Everything in that area takes 5 damage, or 2 points if they pass a Hard Gym Test and throw themselves Prone. This leaves a crater.
    • MIND CRUSH!: this attack is a mental effect, damaging only minds and souls - it leaves people as drooling idiots and zombies. The damage is Mental, and anyone hit at all becomes Confused. If it deals enough damage to beat them, they are rendered Immobile and incapable of thought - perfect for possession or mind control - for one day. During this time they are unable to resist Mental effects.
    • Gamma Ray: the blast from this beam excels at killing the living while leaving other stuff unharmed, but also leaves deadly radiation behind. It deals Poison damage, and anyone hit is Burning until the radiation is "cleaned" off. The area is left irradiated for 1 week, causing the Burning condition to anyone who wanders into it.
    • Mining Beam: this energy ray can shoot a hole straight through the planet. Literally. It carves through anything. It ignores any reduction to damage from any source, and just keeps on going through any objects. It is also longer - 1km to be precise.
    • Ultimate Strike: you unleash a physical strike with does cataclysmic damage to the target, obliterating them and ignoring all of their barriers. It must be charged up as normal, but only requires the Major Action on the turn you use it - you can still use your Minor Action. This adds your bonus damage from Gym and/or Enhanced Strength and ignores armour, shields, forcefields and such, but not "innate" resistance to damage.

    Aura: you radiate a constant 3m radius aura that can be used to affect those around you - you can suppress or resume the aura with a Major Action, and in all cases you can Focus on the Aura to strengthen it. This is an Energy ability. The different auras are as follows:

    • Innocent Defence: you just seem too innocent, nobody would want to hurt you, right? Anyone within the area must pass a Standard Philosophy and Ethics Test in order to attack you each round. If you Focus, it becomes a Hard Test that round.
    • Furious Pressure: the pressure radiated is so great that people have difficulty moving. Entering the area requires a Standard Gym Test, and within the area, all movement is halved and Enhanced Speed is reduced by one level (minimum zero). If you Focus, the Test becomes Hard and Enhanced Speed is reduced by two levels.
    • Damaging Energy: you radiate electricity or fire or something. At any rate, people in the area suffer 1 point of damage of the appropriate kind every round. If you Focus, the radius is doubled.
    • Total Fear: you emit a wave of horror, and people don't want to be near you. Anyone in the area must pass a Standard Philosophy and Ethics Test or be Afraid of you. If you Focus, the Test becomes Hard.
    • Mighty Barrier: this is an actual forcefield. Enemy attacks bounce off, probably leaving octagonal ripples in the field. Against attacks originating from outside the area, you reduce all damage by 1. If you Focus, the damage is reduced by 3 and attacks that destroy shields, objects and forcefields simply cancel out with the aura, leaving you unscratched but taking the aura out for one turn.

    Conjure Weapon: there is a specific weapon keyed to your mind, and you can conjure it by concentrating. Conjuring the weapon is an Energy power, and the weapon itself is an Energy effect. By spending a Minor Action, you summon the weapon into existence, into your hand for use. It is not an action to dismiss it, and if it leaves your hands for more than a minute, it disappears, allowing you to summon it again. If it is broken, you become Blocked and cannot summon it again until the Blocked condition ends. When gaining this power, select a weapon other than the bazooka. It will always be that exact weapon, except the minimum damage (before modifiers) is 1 for a First Year, 2 for a Second Year, 3 for a Third Year, and 4 for a Fourth Year or beyond. This has only a few Sub-Powers directly related to the conjuring itself:

    • Defensive Conjuring: you can partially summon the weapon when it is not even your turn - it appears in your hand to help parry an attack unexpectedly, making it a Hard Test to hit you. However, on your next turn you lose your Major Action - it was retroactively spent conjuring the weapon. If something prevents you from spending your Major Action, it's no big deal, you already summoned it.
    • Greater Weapon: the weapon can now be something better than before, such as a bazooka, or a gun that fires chainsaws (as the chainsaw, but with a range of 10 metres/20 metres) or a super sniper rifle (as the rifle, but with a range of 1 kilometre/2 kilometres) or something.
    • Armour Conjuring: when you conjure your weapon, you can also conjure up armour - it can appear however you like, and if either is broken, then you become Blocked. The armour reduces incoming damage by an amount equal to your Year Level. If it is targeted for damage, it is treated as steel, regardless of what it is made of.
    • Dual Purpose Weapon: your weapon now has two profiles, for instance it could be a rifle that is also a big club, or has a bayonet that makes it a spear, or you have a guitar that is a big club or an axe (oh the hilarity) that can send sonic waves like a shotgun that deals Air/Sharp damage.
    • Instant Conjuring: conjuring your weapon is no big deal to you - it is not an action. If you have this and Defensive Conjuring, then defensively conjuring your weapon just uses a Minor Action on your next turn.

    Piercing Attack: this automatically affects all Jabbing attacks you make, ignoring shields, armour and forcefields - only innate damage resistance can apply. They must also pass a Hard Health Test or drop Prone from the shock. If you Focus, the attacks pass straight through foes (not in a harmless way) and you can attack foes behind them as well - apply the attack roll against all of them in the line as far as the attack can reach.

    Shredding Attack: this automatically affects all Sharp attacks you make, damaging armour, clothing and force fields as well as the primary target and causing the Burning condition (a Physical Sharp effect) as they start to bleed out - at the start of every turn, they can attempt a Standard Health Test. If they succeed, the bleeding stops and the condition ends before the damage would occur. If you Focus, it also negates any Auras for one turn and reduces Battle Aura by an amount equal to the damage dealt (if applicable), and the Health Test becomes Hard.

    Pummelling Attack: this automatically affects all Blunt attacks you make, causing the target to become Distracted for one turn as a Physical Blunt effect. It also weakens their defences, negating all of their damage resistances for the next turn - these things end at the end of your next turn. If you Focus, the for is Confused instead of Distracted (but still for only one round), and they are so stunned they're unaware of any attacks for the duration.

    Fast Healing: you heal really fast. Every minute, you regain 1 Hit Point. You also don't physically bleed. This is an Energy effect.

    Weapon Empowerment: these are modifiers that alter the properties of a Conjured weapon, so typically only apply to those, though a character may be able to grow flaming horns or something. As they alter an existing weapon, this is only an Energy effect if the weapon itself is (it usually is).

    • Impossibly Large: the weapon is surely too big to actually wield... except you wield it anyway. This lets you target an area around you - everyone within 3m (or 5m if you Focus) is targeted, you just make one attack roll and apply it against everyone. Anyone hit must beat your attack roll with a Gym or Health Test or fall Prone.
    • Trapping: this weapon binds people and locks them down so you can hurt them more. When you hit someone, you may elect to reduce the damage by 1 and cause the foe to become Distracted as a Physical effect, somewhat bound and entangled. They also can't physically move away from you without beating you with an opposed Gym Test. If you double this up with a second hit and Focus, they must beat your attack roll with a Gym Test or else become Immobilised.
    • Unexpected: the weapon hits from strange angles, or is completely hidden until you make a surprise attack. In any fight, the first attack you make with this weapon catches the foe unaware. Even afterwards, people using Evasive Acrobatics have a Grade Penalty to their roll.
    • Energy Wreath: the weapon channels some kind of energy that makes it hurt people more. Add one type to the damage such as Fire, Shock or Cold, and every time it hits it causes the Burning condition until they spend a Major Action going Prone and rolling about.
    • Unmaking: the weapon hits with a strange negative energy that breaks energy effects and reduces Battle Aura. Foes that have Battle Aura find it reduced by an amount equal to the damage dealt, and it cancels any Energy effect that is active on the target. If you Focus, it also causes the target to be Blocked.
    • Burst Attack: the weapon causes blasts and explosions. Used for ranged weapons, this makes the attack hit a 3m radius area - apply the attack against all in the area. The radius is 5m if you Focus. Anyone can attempt a Hard Gym Test to drop Prone and halve the damage (round down).
    • Barrier: the weapon actually makes a good shield. You can hide behind it or otherwise use it for protection, reducing incoming damage by an amount equal to its base damage and making all incoming attacks Hard.

    Acrobatic Assault: you are particularly skilled at attacking on the move - leaping in to deliver unexpected strikes and then sliding out of reach, and attacking from multiple directions at once. Foes can't use Evasive Acrobatics against you, and when you use a Minor Action to move, you gain that movement both before and after your Major Action, if your Major Action is spent attacking in some way.

    Empty Heart: you are able to close your eyes and just clear your mind, heart and soul. Doing so requires a Major Action, but you purge most ongoing effects - you negate any emotions and Mental effects, and you momentarily suppress your own chi. Doing so ends any ongoing Energy effects you have active, or suppresses them if they don't truly stop, also ending the Blocked condition. It also reduces your Battle Aura to 0 if you have Battle Aura Control.

    Battle Aura Control: you have perfect control over your battle aura, and thus can shape it as necessary: you can hide it completely, making it appear (to those with Aura Sight and similar) that you are completely ordinary, you can also alter the intensity, seemingly having greater or lesser power than your own (though if you read as an Abomination or something, people will probably guess you're faking it... or raise the alarms). You can also force your aura into shape, changing your emotions to those as necessary - you can remove the effects of any emotion you are feeling. Most importantly, as you progress, you gain greater maximum levels of battle aura. Every turn that you spend fighting or at least very angry, it rises by 1. Every turn not spent angry or fighting, it lowers by 1. The minimum is 0, the maximum depends on your Year Level. In and of itself, this doesn't do anything, but various abilities require certain minimums of Battle Aura. This is an Energy power.

    Aura Sight: you can look at people at see what they are feeling - as well as how powerful they are, and whether or not they're ready to fight. This is an Energy power, and just needs a Minor Action to switch on or off. By looking at someone, you can see what House they are in, their Power Level (None, Low (First Years), Moderate (Second and Third Years), High (Fourth Years and Graduates) and Extreme (Abominations)), what Energy effects are active on them and the strongest emotion they are feeling.

    Energy Wave: as an Energy power, you can use a Major Action to strike the air and propel a wave of energy towards foes with destructive results. It has a range of 5 metres/15 metres, is clearly visible and has a Base Damage of 1, using your Philosophy and Ethics instead of Gym for the damage modifier. It automatically ignores all damage resistance of spirit creatures and Abominations. The damage is Shock. This has several Sub-Powers that can be chosen:

    • Invisible Pressure: your energy wave is completely invisible, it's just a blast of air. Against foes who can't see auras or into the spirit realm, this always catches them unaware, and it deals Air and Blunt damage against foes.
    • Burning Motion Wave: your energy wave actually ignites, setting foes on fire. It deals Fire damage and causes the Burning status on anyone who suffers any damage. If they spend their Major Action dropping to the floor and rolling about, the fire goes out, otherwise it lasts for 5 rounds.
    • Solar Flare: your energy wave is a short range massive burst of energy that is blinding in its intensity. The damage is Fire, and instead of a range, it attacks all within a 2 metre cone. Those who are hit are Distracted for 3 rounds from the blinding light.
    • Vacuum Wave: you instead draw the energy towards you from outside, catching your foe(s) from behind and bringing them closer to you. Foes in a 10 metre cone are dragged towards you, the nearest one landing right in front of you and suffering the hit - they are caught unaware and the damage is Air.

    Pressure Point Attack: by jabbing or gripping the pressure points of foes, you can cause all sorts of effects. When you gain this ability, select three of the following options. Others can be learned with experience and time or experimentation.

    • Sleeper Hold: you grab someone and make them fall asleep. You need to successfully attack, but once you grab on, they need to beat you in an opposed Gym Test to escape. Every round you keep it locked on (including the first round), they must pass a Health Test - Standard on the first turn, then Hard on the second, and Extreme after that. If they fail, they pass out, becoming Immobile and unaware. Once you release them, they can attempt Standard Health Tests to wake up.
    • Knock-Out Punch: you punch someone and they pass out. This requires a Hard Test to hit, but if it deals any damage they must pass a Hard Health Test or pass out, becoming Prone and Immobile. Every turn they can attempt a Hard Health Test to wake up.
    • Spine Stopper: you jab someone and paralyze them. If you hit, instead of dealing damage you force them to take an Extreme Health Test. If failed, they are Immobilised until the end of your next turn.
    • Clot Jab: with one jab, you cause a terrible blood clot that is potentially lethal. If you deal any damage, they gain the Burning condition, rolling 1d6 at the end of each turn (after damage has been taken). On a 5 or 6, the condition ends.
    • Brain Shock: with one strike, you disrupt their brain. Instead of dealing any damage, you cause the target to become Confused.
    • Arm Shock: a simple jab renders the arm useless. If you hit, you only deal 1 damage but their arm is completely worthless for one minute.
    • Leg Shock: a simple blow renders the leg useless. If you hit, you only deal 1 damage but their leg is worthless for one minute and they fall Prone.
    • No-Damage Blinding Touch: you blind someone without clawing their eyes out. This requires a Hard Test to hit, but if you succeed, you do no damage and just blind them - they cannot see, and thus have an F for any task that relies on sight and are caught unaware by everyone if they don't have Enhanced Senses.
    • Chakra Poison: you poison their energy, slowly killing them. This deals no damage if it hits. Instead, the target loses all healing and regenerative abilities until cured, and suffers 1 point of damage per day. Every morning, they can attempt an Extreme Philosophy and Ethics Test to end the effects.
    • Puppet Squeeze: as long as you grip the nerve cluster at the back of the head, the target is your puppet. This requires an Extreme Test to hit, but if it works, as long as you maintain contact you can control them - you can make them walk and talk, although forcing them to fight is really hard, making every action Extreme difficulty.
    • Chakra Block: you seal off someone's energy with a touch. If you hit, you deal no damage but the target is Blocked.
    • Healing Jab: you can actually heal injuries and undo terrible effects with the right touch. The target regains 1 Hit Point.
    • Happy Jab: you poke the spine in the right way to make someone happy and energetic. This removes all Mental afflictions and changes their mood to happy.

    Explosive Strike: when you punch things, they explode. Or at least, there is a massive shockwave, launching them away and shredding things. When you hit someone or something with an unarmed attack, everything within 5 metres, including objects, is hit for 1 Blunt Air damage and hurled to the edge of the 5m radius and then an equal distance beyond (so if they were 1m from the point of impact, they'd travel 8m total). This actually includes the target, who suffers this effect on top of any damage. Simple objects in the area are just flat-out destroyed. This is an Energy effect.

    Chi Breaking: you can break ongoing energy effects with your attacks, and also end such effects by hitting the users. Whenever you hit with an unarmed attack, if you Focus you may cause the target to be Blocked in addition to any damage or other effects. This is an Energy power.

    Chained Attacks: you combo your attacks together so well that it's a constant barrage, making it hard to actually defend against you. If you Focus when attacking someone, then they suffer a Grade Penalty to defend if they attempt to evade rather than leaving the attack roll in your hands. Furthermore, for every 4 points you exceed the threshold by, you hit them once more with the same damage and effect each time.

    Psionic Subjugation: this is the psychic art of telekinesis - moving objects with your mind, or killing a yak from five hundred yards away... WITH MIND BULLETS! Unless specified in the description for the power, any use of Subjugation is a Major Action.

    • Level 1: you can telekinetically handle things that you can see. It's kind of clumsy - the most complex actions it can do would be to pull a lever, so it could lift or shove someone, but not yet choke them out. Still, even at this level you can handle up to 100kg of weight. The better abilities require Sub-Powers:

      • Kinetic Strike: You can focus the Telekinetic might against small points, creating massive force. Basically, you can make attacks with your mind, at a range, using Science and with a Base Damage of 1. Furthermore, these attacks actually knock foes around: they are launched 3m per point of damage.
      • Strong Kinesis I: Your Telekinesis benefits from Enhanced Strength I, so it can move things up to 200kg when just doing a short shove, push or lift for one turn rather than carrying them for the long-term. It also has Hurclean Throwing. As usual for Enhanced Strength, it deals +1 damage when attacking.
      • Multi-Focus: you can handle multiple objects at a time with your telekinesis, splitting the weight up amongst them.
      • Basic Complexity: you now have better telekinetic control, and can choke someone out, poke them in the eye or operate a keyboard, but not pick a lock or hotwire a car or activate pressure points.

    • Level 2: your telekinesis is both stronger and better controlled: you can handle up to 200kg of weight, and it automatically has Basic Complexity as a Sub-Power. If you already had this, gain another level 1 Sub-Power. The level 2 Sub-Powers are as follows:

      • Advanced Complexity: your complexity is really good - you can now pick locks, activate pressure points or write with a pen. You can't pluck individual hairs though, and performing surgery is not recommended.
      • Strong Kinesis II: your telekinesis benefits from Enhanced Strength II with the Atlas' Shoulders Sub-Power, so can carry 250,000kg or quickly lift 500,000kg, and deals +2 damage when attacking.
      • Energy Kinesis: you can actually move energy - forcing electricity away from you or from power sockets into people, or moving heat around the room as necessary. You can even clear radiation out of an area.

    • Level 3: your telekinesis is stronger still, with a limit of 400kg and one free level 1 or 2 Sub-Power. The Sub-Powers for level 3 are:

      • Perfect Complexity: now you can perform surgery, do wiring and soldering, or pluck individual hairs. You can even do things with your mind that you can't do with your body, your control is that fine.
      • Strong Kinesis III: your telekinetic power benefits from Enhanced Strength III with the Shockwaves Sub-Power, so can carry 500kg (500,000kg if you have Strong Kinesis II) and quickly lift 1,000kg (1,000,000kg if you have Strong Kinesis II) and do a total of +3 damage with telekinetic attacks.
      • Biotic Kinesis: you can actually move people's blood cells and trigger the synapses in their brains. You need to make an Extreme Science Test in order to cause a specific biological function or kill specific cells or whatever, but it's a Standard Test to just afflict them with "bad stuff", causing them to become Immobile for one turn.
      • Kinetic Wall: you can set up telekinetic barriers that are stronger than steel. The walls can be up to 100m in height and in length, but are just one micron thick. They nonetheless have 20 HP and reduce all damage suffered by 5 points.

    • Level 4: your telekinesis is now the strongest, with a limit of 1,000kg and a free Sub-Power of level 1-3. The level 4 Sub-Powers are:

      • Strong Kinesis IV: your telekinetic power benefits from Enhanced Strength IV, so can carry 5,000kg (5,000,000kg if you have Strong Kinesis II) and quickly lift 10,000kg (10,000,000kg if you have Strong Kinesis II) and do a total of +3 damage with telekinetic attacks.
      • Subatomic Kinesis: you can mabnipulate individual particles, so you can rearrange the structure of carbon to turn it into diamond, ot strip electrons from atoms with fun results, or whatever. This requires an Extreme Science Test to do specific things.
      • Telekinetic Flight: although there's nothing stopping you from lifting yourself anyway, this gives you Flight, with both Sub-Powers. However that counts against your telekinetic limit, which may or may not be a problem.

    Psionic Dominance: this is the psychic power of telepathy - from basic thought reading and communication all the way up to actual mind control. Unless specified in the description for the power, any use of Dominance is a Major Action.

    • Level 1: you have the power to communicate telepathically with anyone you can see. You can read their surface thoughts and send telepathic messages to them. You roll Language Studies, resisted by their Philosophy and Ethics, if they are unwilling. You can also link in with someone you can see, allowing you to continue communicating even after they leave your line of sight. This works for as long as you concentrate - you can't Focus and it ends if you get Distracted. But there is no actual time or space limit. Anything else requires Sub-Powers:

      • Foggy Mind: with a Minor Action, you can get into someone's head, just causing enough disruption to make them Distracted.
      • Agreement: you talk about something and spend a Major Action. The target then has your opinion placed into their head - they must pass a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test or agree with you on the matter. This can be used to suggest people do things and have them do these things. The effects wear off after ten minutes unless you spend another Major Action to reinforce it - you must still be in contact with them to do this.
      • Cause Fear: you spend a Major Action, and the target then becomes Afraid of you for one minute.

    • Level 2: your telepathy now extends out to 500 metres even if you can't see people - thankfully you can choose to tune people out. You are also instantly aware of any presence in this area, and you can also know someone's fears, desires and most important people just by looking at them. The Sub-Powers are as follows:

      • Mind Link: you form a link with a target whose surface thoughts you can read - if they resist, they make a Philosophy and Ethics Test opposed by your Language Studies. If you succeed, then until either of you becomes Blocked or Distracted, you can see through their eyes, hear through their ears, and innately feel their opinions and instincts about everything.
      • Influential Trance: with a Major Action, you unleash a wave of hypnotic power across a group of people - all within 5 metres of you. They all may make a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test, and those who fail become Distracted for two turns, and susceptible to your suggestions, as though subject to Agreement (level 1 power) with no chance to resist.
      • Mind Blast: with a Major Action, you unleash a blast of mental power that overcomes your lessers (everyone). Nominate up to one target per Year Level that you can see (including seeing them through the eyes of another). They must make a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test or become Confused. If you Focus, failure also results in 3 points of Mental damage.

    • Level 3: your telepathy extends to a kilometre, and you can also gather people's intentions. Additionally, you are a natural lie detector - you just know when a person is lying. The Sub-Powers are as follows:

      • Domination: this power requires a Minor and Major Action, and the target has to be Distracted or Confused at the time. You make a Language Studies Test, they make a Philosophy and Ethics Test. If you win, you can control their actions for the next minute, though this uses your own actions to focus on.
      • Befriend: this power gradually batters someone's mind until they realise they have to be your friend, whether they like it or not. You make an attack as a Major Action, using Language Studies to hit. If you hit, they must make a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test (Extreme if you Focus) or become your friend forever.
      • Kneel Before Me!: you can overwhelm people and assert your dominance all the time. With a Major Action, you force a target to make a Standard Philosophy and Ethics Test (Hard if you Focus). If they fail, they are rendered Immobile and Prone for one turn. Alternatively, you can make the Test Hard without Focusing, but they are only Prone if they fail, not Immobilised.

    • Level 4: you can establish basic (willing) telepathic communication with someone no matter where they are, as long as you've linked with them before. The Sub-Powers are as follows:

      • Control of the Heart: this power is particularly extreme in intensity. It works as Domination, except that the target needn't be Confused or Distracted. Furthermore, you not only control their actions, you control their thoughts and feelings - you can place ideas and opinions in their head that they will thereafter consider to be their own and true. If these conflict with their own beliefs, then the first time it comes up, they are allowed a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test to realise it is illogical and discard it, otherwise cognitive dissonance just lets it stay, overriding their own genuine thoughts. This can also be used to change someone's emotions or thought processes, by specifically implanting chains of thought, to alter their behaviour. It requires an Extreme Test to undo the effects through counseling.
      • Mental Journey: this is the power of mental healing. You contact the mind of a willing target - or an unwilling one who is Distracted and fails a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test - and then concentrate, entering their mind. At this point you have access to all of their thoughts and memories, even those that are locked away from themselves. You can learn every secret about their thoughts in this way, dig through all of their dreams, and also remove any effects that have been placed there, including all other uses of Dominance. This can also undo trauma and heal the mentally ill.
      • World of Illusion: you reach into the minds of everyone around you and alter their perceptions trapping them all in a dream. Any targets you can see or have contact with must pass a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test, or become Confused. Even when the confusion ends, they become Distracted until you stop concentrating. During this time, you can implant suggestions (like the Agreement power) and actually fool their senses so they are not truly aware of the world around them.

    Automatic Status: you automatically have a certain kind of status, and the reputation to go with it. This means people will generally know who you are, and you can command the respect of people. In any case where your Year Level matters (such as being allowed into places, tie-breakers, what is needed to affect you with certain powers) except for the strength of your own powers, you are treated as one Year Level higher. A Fourth Year would be treated as a graduate in these cases.

    Automatic Access: by dint of who you are, you are automatically allowed to do something specific - this is often access to certain off-limits areas, or to use certain equipment, but can also allow instant membership to the Student Council depending on the form of access. What you gain access to is always mentioned when you gain this ability.

    Psionic Defence: you have psychic defence powers, allowing you to protect yourself... WITH THE POWER OF YOUR MIND. As long as you are able to use your powers, you can attack with them to negate enemy attacks. Their attack roll becomes an opposed roll, with you rolling whatever you would roll to attack with your power (typically Language Studies for Dominance, or Science for Subjugation).

    Innate Authority: you just have authority. You are given special rights and possibly responsibilities based on the nature of the authority, and this is recognised by staff and, broadly speaking, students. You gain an effective Grade Boost to Language Studies for the purpose of telling people what to do, but not for anything else like using Dominance powers.

    Spirit Sight: you are just able to see into the other world, and likewise see invisible creatures, pure energy effects and so on. Activating or deactivating this ability is a Minor Action, and it is an Energy effect. With a Major Action you can focus hard enough to tune in for one turn, thus engaging all of your senses - you can hear the other world, feel things, determine the temperature, the direction of gravity, taste and smell stuff, and all those other senses.

    Spirit Bonding: you have the ability to communicate and bond with spirit creatures from the other world. This allows you to always know where they are and how they feel, and heal them with a touch. Bonding requires 1d6 minutes and a Standard Language Studies or Hunting check. By touching a creature with a Major Action, you restore 1d6 + Grade Level hit points to it. Unless a character has "Multiple Bonds", they can only bond with one spirit creature at a time, though a creature can be dismissed with a ritual, meditation and conversation that takes an hour. The rules on creation are below, but sample critters will be listed later.

    • Lesser Entities: these critters are usually smaller than humans, possibly as small as rabbits. They also aren't power houses, typically. They don't have Elective Subjects, and their grades are D, C, C, B, B, B to assign as they wish. They may have up to three points worth of positive Traits and up to three points worth of negative Traits. They may have a single power of the following: Enhanced Speed 1, Enhanced Strength 1, Enhanced Durability 1, Shredding Attack, Piercing Attack, Pummelling Attack, Fast Healing, Energy Wave, Elemental Blast, Living Weapon. They receive 1 Bonus HP and are treated as First Years for all effects.
    • Moderate Entities: these ones often are human sized or even a bit bigger, and can be pretty powerful creatures. They still don't have Elective Subjects, but their grades are C, C, B, B, B, A to assign as they wish. Again, they can have up to three points worth of Traits of each type. They may have one of the previous powers, with one sub-power if appliccable, and also one of the following: Enhanced Speed 2, Enhanced Strength 2, Enhanced Durability 2, Explosive Strike, Regeneration, Extraordinary Movement, Toxins. Taking Enhanced Attribute 2 requires choosing Enhanced Attribute 1 for the other power, but grants all of the level 1 sub-powers. They may instead select two of the Lesser Entity choices. They receive 2 Bonus HP and are treated as Second Years for all effects.
    • Major Entities: these creatures are usually significantly larger than humans, and are "the big guns". They are allowed one Elective Subject, and can assign C, C, B, B, B, A, A for their Grades. On top of the previous benefits, they can also improve Enhanced Strength, Durability or Speed from 2 to 3, gaining all level 2 sub-powers, or gain an Aura, Flight, Emotional Blast or, if they have Living Weapon, a Weapon Empowerment. Any ability may be traded down for a lesser one. They receive 3 Bonus HP and are treated as Third Years for all effects.
    • Class-S Entities: these creatures might actually be gods. They are created as Major Entities, but with B, B, B, A, A, A, S for their Grades, and gain two selections from each of the power sets. Also available as the Major Entity choices are Psionic Dominance I (all sub-powers) or Subjugation I (all sub-powers). They receive 4 Bonus HP and are treated as Fourth Years for all effects.

    Spirit Taming: you can actually train spirit creatures, teaching them new abilities that are available to them - even if you yourself lack those powers. As you progress, new options are unlocked, and you can teach these to creatures - once per power (or sub-power) per creature. Doing so takes 1 hour each time, though that can be broken into 15 minute segments.

    Spirit Summoning: you can summon the creatures you bond with into the material world. Summoning into the "real world" requires a Major Action, and sending back requires a Minor Action. Every turn, you have to issue commands with a Minor Action, otherwise the creature merely loafs off, plays around, gets distracted or defends itself against attackers. Only one creature can be summoned at a time by any one person - it takes too much energy to focus on them. A Distracted character has to pass a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test in order to summon a creature or even keep it in the material world. On the turn that a creature is summoned, it immediately Guards and Shadows its summoner, and continues to do so until further instructions are given.

    Spirit Fusion: you can temporarily fuse with your spirit creatures, turning into a beast yourself. It requires a full turn to do - for both participants. Upon fusing, you have all of the Traits, Abilities and Powers of both participants (though they don't add together - if you both have Enhanced Speed I, it doesn't become Enhanced Speed II). Likewise, for any Subject, you use the higher grade of the two. This transformation lasts for only one minute, or until Blocked or you are knocked out. After that it ends and the spirit creature returns to the spirit realm.

    Multiple Bonds: a character with Multiple Bonds can bond with more spirit creatures than normal. Specifically, you can bond with however many is listed under "Multiple Bonds" for you. So if you gain "Multiple Bonds (3)", you can bond with up to 3 creatures at a time. You can still only have one active critter actually manifest into the world and listening to you at any given time.

    Words Beyond the Void: you are able to communicate intelligently with creatures from the spirit realm, regardless of how smart they are. You communicate telepathically, so can convey and understand emotions and base instincts as well as fully developed thoughts. Disturbingly, you can also understand the "words" of Abominations, but perhaps more importantly you can understand their intentions: when fighting an Abomination, regardless of turn order, the Principal has to tell you at the start of your turn what action the Abomination intends on taking next.

    Spirit Stasis: with a Major Action, you can place a spirit creature - even one that is not bonded to you - into stasis. You just have to touch it, and make opposed Health checks. If you win, the spirit creature is put into stasis - any afflictions are paused, and it can't gain or lose hit points, but it also cannot take actions. It is literally frozen in time. This lasts for as long as you concentrate - if you Focus on anything or become Distracted it ends. Typically, this lets you protect your own spirit creatures (which can elect to not roll and let you win), or temporarily shunt enemy ones out of a fight. This ability can be used on living creatures that aren't spirit creatures - including Abominations and those from House Monstrosity. In this case, all it does is, if successful, cause them to be Distracted and Blocked for the duration. This is an Energy power.

    Camouflage: you naturally change appearance to blend in with your surroundings, which is really handy for not being seen. People must pass Extreme Tests in order to spot you when you are hiding.

    Morphic Disguise: you can slightly transform your body to change your appearance. It requires a Major Action to do, and you can only turn into things that are roughly the same size as you, but they needn't be the same shape within those size limits. Keeping your body in this altered state requires no action expenditure, though if you become Distracted you revert back to normal. You may use Health to disguise yourself in this manner.

    Regeneration: every minute, you regain one hit point. Furthermore, minor wounds close up quickly and you can reattach (with one minute of holding it in place) or regrow (with one hour) missing limbs on your own. Your brain still needs a supply of oxygen and other blood-carried things, however, so decapitation will kill you.

    Monstrous Regeneration: you regain a hit point every round. Furthermore, select one damage type - against which you can never be immune or even resistant. Damage from all other sources are marked down separately, then on your turn you can make a Health Test to remove all of this damage (1-3 damage: Standard, 4-10 damage: Hard, 11+ damage: Extreme). If you fail, it actually does turn into real damage. You can instantly reattach limbs, or regrow missing ones in just one minute. Finally, your brain simply goes temporarily dormant if deprived of vital stuff, so decapitation is no real threat in itself - the brain must be crushed, stabbed, burned or whatever to kill you.

    Body Shaping: your body is changing. As you get older, your body starts to take on permanent morphs, in quite dramatic ways.

    • Level 1: you start gaining some surprising changes:

      • Partial Grade Boost to Health
      • Your body is particularly resilient to physical damage, reducing incoming Jabbing, Blunt and Sharp damage by 1
      • You are clearly different, and can be easily noticed or recognised
      • You may once, as a permanent change, gain Living Weapon or Extraordinary Movement or Resist (any one type).

    • Level 2: your body changes even more. You gain a full Grade Boost to Health, and can ignore the Blocked condition. You also gain Herculean Throwing, the Sub-Power for Enhanced Strength.
    • Level 3: you look completely inhuman by this stage, but that's okay. You gain a single Sub-Power from Enhanced Strength, of any level, without actually having Enhanced Strength. Furthermore, Abominations don't realise you are a human and will not treat you as a threat until you actually attack them.

    Extraordinary Movement: you have a special way of moving that isn't exactly normal. Select one of the following:

    • Water Walking: you can move on water as long as you keep moving. You can also sink if you want to, but you can run across liquids, or slide along the surface or whatever.
    • Wall Crawling: you are able to run up walls and do the spiderman thing, treating any solid surface as the ground. If you become dislodged, you will fall like normal - and in the same direction that everyone else falls.
    • Floating and Levitation: you can hover in the air. You naturally remain about 30cm off the ground, but can vary that from "on the ground" up to about 5m.
    • Leaps and Bounds: you can just jump immense distances. You can leap 1m upwards per Partial Grade above F in Gym, and twice as far across. If you have a run-up, this is multiplied by 3 (so with a Gym Grade of C+ you could jump 6m up or 12m across, or 18m and 36m with a run-up). A standing jump can be a Minor or Major Action as you see fit, but a running jump is a Major Action.
    • Gloop: you can actually seep through gaps like a liquid. This one is the most obviously supernatural as you can't explain this shit away. You can slide under doors and down drains, although such things require a full turn per metre of movement, and any actual resistance (like trying to slide down someone's throat or the wrong way into a printer) prevents this from happening at all.

    Living Weapon: your body is a weapon - you have some number of horrible natural weapons that mean you don't have to worry about carrying a sword or anything.

    • Fangs: you have a mouth full of sharp teeth. These have a Base Damage equal to your Year Level, and deal Jabbing damage. You can make opposed Gym Tests after a successful bite to lock on, preventing the target from running off.
    • Claws: your hands and feet have razor sharp claws that shred foes. These have a Base Damage of 2, deal Sharp damage and automatically have Shredding Attack.
    • Antlers/Horns: your head has bony sharp bits on top. They deal either Jabbing or Blunt damage, with a Base Damage of 2. When you Focus the attack, throwing all your weight behind it, the base becomes 4.
    • Tendrils: you have a number of long tendrils - maybe one tail, or maybe lots of tentacles or vines or something. At any rate, they only have a Base Damage of 1, but any target hit becomes Distracted (a Physical effect) as you wrap them up and has to hurt you in order to end the effect and escape. If you affect them a second time while still Distracted, they become Immobilised.
    • Spines: you are covered in spines. Not only are your unarmed attacks Jabbing with a Base Damage of 1, but anyone who hits you in melee combat takes 1 point of Jabbing damage.

    Toxins: you have a dangerous venom available to use - either injected via your natural weapons or spat onto wounds/weapons or something. At any rate, anyone who is hit by the toxin must pass an Extreme Health Test. If they fail, they begin Burning, taking 1 Poison damage each turn. At the end of their turn they can attempt a Hard Health Test to end the effect.

    Ultimate Monstrous Form: you have the ability to burst out into an especially monstrous form, much like a transformation... except very not. It requires a full turn to do this, and you always end up 10-50 metres tall. Typically it results in a monstrous appearance - everyone is Afraid of you if they fail a Hard Philosophy and Ethics Test. You gain an effective Gym Grade of A+ for strength based tasks, 10 bonus Hit Points, and a special attack: you attack a 3m radius area with a stomp or similar, and anyone hit is knocked Prone in addition to any damage taken. Finally, any time you take damage you automatically stop being afflicted by Immobilised, Distracted, Afraid or Confused as anger overrides everything. Thanks to your size, you can treat entire buildings as objects that can be destroyed with single attacks (reduces damage by 3, 10 HP).

    Magic Spells: you have the ability to learn and cast magical spells. These are always carefully-researched rituals - combat spells don't really exist, that's covered by actual powers people get. A magic spell has to be researched, generally requiring the restricted section of the library (or the Occult or Book Club). It requires 24 hours to research, however this can be divided amongst multiple people to speed things up - but anyone who fails a Hard History Test fails to find any information and thus can't contribute. It then requires all who were involved in the research to perform the ritual, requiring one hour of uninterrupted work, and then the spell goes off. A magic spell must have its parameters defined before research begins - for example "We will research a spell that will [summon a tornado] that will [tear through the sports field] and [disrupt the game for an hour]." or "We will research a spell that will [curse the headmaster], causing him to [become old an enfeebled]."

    To affect someone requires a History Test, resisted by their Health or Philosophy and Ethics. Generally, the effects should be things that are grand and create or resolve situations.

    TEAMWORK RA-RA!: you have a number of special teamwork abilities - skills that you can use to help people beyond the basic Assist action:

    • Ally Launch: you can throw team-mates into the air, improving their movement speed and temporarily letting them fly. With a Minor Action, you make a Standard Gym Test, and if successful you hurl them like a thrown weapon. Any movement they spend on their turn can be part of the thrown distance, so if you throw them upwards they can keep moving up even if they lack a fly speed. Should this movement end with them attacking someone, they gain the benefits of having been Assisted.
    • Double-Team Manoeuvre: when both you and an ally wish to do the same thing to the same person, you can work together for it - use the worse initiative for this, however you are both treated as Assisting each other.
    • Follow-Up: whenever an adjacent enemy is knocked down or stunned, you are quick to put the boot in. If an enemy is close enough that you could hit them, and they become Prone or Immobilised, you may instantly make a quick attack without a roll, dealing 1 point of damage to them.
    • Incessant Cheering: if you just generally cheer and praise your team, your allies perform better in all that they do. You have to spend a Major Action doing this, and you then roll a Test as though with an A. All of your allies who can see and hear you can use your Test result instead of rolling for any rolls they make until your next turn. The one exception is they cannot use this for their own Incessant Cheering to create a chain of everyone using the same result for ever and ever.
    • Distraction: you can distract foes with your noises and actions. With a Major Action, you can attempt to distract one foe - make a Gym or Health Test if jumping about, or a Language Studies Test if making noise. This is opposed by their Philosophy and Ethics. If you win, they are Distracted until you stop - once you start, it only takes a Minor Action each turn to keep it up. If you Focus on the first turn, it affects all foes.
    • Team Talk: you can prevent your friends from feeling bad about failure - or can remove the bitter from a bitter-sweet victory. After any incident, you can make a Standard Language Studies Test to help everyone else feel okay, removing any sadness.

    Just According to Keikaku: when people plot against you and even do completely unexpected things, it was all actually part of your plan. You planned for things people were going to do before they even know about it. Once per fight, you can declare that up to one hour earlier (as long as you can point to a time when you were free to do so) you had planned for this and sabotaged it, allowing you to do something along the following lines:

    • Physically change the battlefield with a pit or collapsed wall or cave-in
    • Make a foe Distracted as a Physical effect until you leave the area
    • Cause an explosion (use Science to make an attack against the target, Base Damage 4, Explosive damage)
    • Grant yourself a breather - allow an opportunity to escape

    Sneak Attack: you really hurt people when they don't expect it. Whenever you hit someone who is unaware of your presence (or treated as such, for instance being Prone), you may select one of the following:

    • Deal an extra point of damage (4th Year students: 2 extra damage)
    • Distract them for one turn
    • Cause a Grade Penalty to one Grade of your choice until all damage is healed

    SCIENCE! This covers all major projects of the SCIENCE! club. To conduct a major project, you must put forward the basic idea of what you want to achieve with some vague ideas on how, such as "I wish to blow up the moon by feeding multiple large energy reactors into a laser with seven magnifying glasses". This happens at the beginning of the session. Then a time frame is decided: after each session, roll 1d6 plus the number of sessions you have been working on it. Once the total is 7 or more, you finish at the end of that session, and the beginning of next session can involve the deployment of the SCIENCE! idea. Roll a Hard Science Test. Whether you succeed or fail, something important and plot-guiding always happens. Afterwards, it is discarded and people move on, though if successful it can be brought out once more in future to specifically solve a problem if everyone agrees. So your space laser could be used to shoot a hole through an Abomination one more time, but then the laser is gone and everyone is more interested in some other new thing.

    Void: your shadow is too real for other people. Or maybe not real enough. You can move your shadow about independently from your own actions, however it is still attached to you, and if it reaches someone (requiring you to direct it with a Major Action), it can grab them: you make a Health Test and they make a Gym Test. If you beat their roll, they are grabbed and pulled in, sucked into the void. While trapped there, they take a point of damage each round, ignoring resistances or immunities, and all they can do is try to claw their way out. This requires an Extreme Gym Test. If they succeed, they burst out of your shadow, also dealing 3 Sharp damage to you in the process. If, while someone is trapped in your shadow, you become Distracted or Confused, you Focus on something, you try to swallow something else with your shadow or you lose your shadow (such as being in a completely dark room), the victim is ejected harmlessly.
    Count Arioch the 28th wrote:
    There is NOTHING better than lesbians. Lesbians make everything better.

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    Sometimes, people don't get along, and that's unfortunate for them, but probably good for people who want some kind of conflict in their story. In general when two people want different outcomes the clash involves merely making relevant Tests, highest roll wins. But some things are a bit more complex than that.

    Physical Combat

    When people wish to punch each other in the face, the first step is to determine the turn order, which is a fairly simple affair:

    If one side catches the other by surprise (the other side is unaware of them - them just being unprepared for your attack is not enough), they automatically go first.

    Otherwise, arrange everyone into groups based on how much Enhanced Speed they have - Enhanced Speed IV goes first, then Enhanced Speed III, then Enhanced Speed II, then Enhanced Speed I, and then everyone else.

    Within a group, roll Gym.

    The turn order is rolled once at the beginning of combat, not every turn, however it can be modified by various things. If someone joins a combat, merely add them to it as though nobody is caught unaware. A turn lasts 10 seconds, allowing for some degree of speech, movement, weaving about, collateral damage and so on.

    Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

    On your turn, you can take a Major Action and a Minor Action, in any order. Here are samples of the various actions:

    -Move 30 metres (modified by Enhanced Speed)
    -Make an attack
    -Guard somebody or something
    -Actively defend yourself
    -Move 20 metres (modified by Enhanced Speed)
    -Stand up
    -Pick an item up
    -Swap any carried items into or out of your hands
    -Shadow someone you are within arms' reach of
    Not an Action, you can just do it:
    -Speak/Shout without activating an ability based on speech
    -Drop a held item
    -Open/Close a door
    -Drop to the ground

    Attacking: when you attack someone, you make an attack roll - in most cases, this uses a Gym Test, but various characters could conceivably use something else entirely. Someone who is unaware of your presence is hit automatically, but for anyone else, the Test is simply Standard.

    Attacks deal damage based on the weapon, attacking stat and any circumstancial modifiers:

    Gym GradeBase Damage

    Typical Weapons:

    WeaponDamage ModifierRangeType
    Unarmed (Basic)-1MeleeBlunt
    Knife+0Melee/ThrownSharp or Jabbing
    Big Club+1MeleeBlunt
    Launched Ball+130 metres/100 metresBlunt
    Handgun+110 metres/30 metresJabbing
    Rifle+250 metres/100 metresJabbing
    Unarmed (Lotus Fist)+3MeleeBlunt or Jabbing
    Shotgun+310 metresBlunt
    Massive Object+4Melee/ThrownBlunt
    Bazooka+4100 metres, 5 metre radius blastFire and Blunt

    Thrown objects have a range of 1 metre per partial grade above F - so a D+ would be 3 metres, a B- would be 7 metres and an S would be 13 metres. Where two ranges are shown for firearms, the second range is considered "extreme", and requires you to Focus the attack before doing so.

    For the blast radius of the bazooka, you make the one attack roll and apply it against all targets in the area, along with the terrain. A Launched Ball it what it sounds like: a tennis, golf or soccer ball launched at full strength by someone in the relevant club. Basically, they can treat their sport as a weapon type. There are two types of unarmed combat - one basic one, and then that used by those in Lotus Fist (and potentially some others). That's because they're just so more awesome at unarmed combat that it doesn't compare to normal "flailing with fists" or "I did three years of Kempo after school".

    Once the damage is added up, if it is +1 or greater, it is subtracted from the target's Hit Points. Once someone falls below 0 Hit Points, they are knocked out. If both the player of the attacker and the player of the target agree that it would be suitably cool, then limb loss, coma or death may follow. Otherwise, they are just knocked out and will wake up in 1d6 hours on their own, or within 1d6 minutes if tended to.

    Recovery: if you lack any special abilities granting faster healing, it's still not so bad. Characters regain a single hit point per hour of rest, or per 6 hours of activity. This is slow, but not terribly likely to crop up: if you're not dead, the school nurse can generally fix you up very quickly.

    Attacking objects works just like attacking the unaware: you automatically hit (unless they are actually moving, in which case it's a Standard Test), and just need to do damage. Most objects have only one hit point - windows, wooden doors, tables, chairs, trash cans, clothes etc. Lockers, vending machines and other sturdy things have 3 hit points. Steel doors, walls and such have all of 5 hit points. Typically, objects resist certain things - cloth resists everything except Sharp and Burning, wood resists Poison, Cold and Air, and reduces incoming damage by 1 point. Metal resists Poison, Cold, Air, Water, Jabbing and Sharp, and reduces all incoming damage by 2 points. All inanimate objects are immune to Mental damage.

    Guarding: with a Major Action, you can elect to guard a person, object, area or exit that you can reach. Until your next turn, you have a "spare" Major Action that can be made against someon entering the area, trying to use the exit, or trying to interact with the object or person. Typically this is to attack people, but it might also be to trip them or shove them away or even to assist if it's the right person.

    Shadowing: by spending a Minor Action, you may shadow someone who is within arm's reach of you. When they move, you move as well, preventing their escape unless they are faster than you. You can only move up to your regular movement speed when doing this. You may Shadow someone at the same time as Guarding or Defending them.

    Defending: when defending, you either defend yourself or someone else within reach from all attacks, or you defend everyone from one target you can reach. Basically, you spend your Major Action so that incoming attacks are not as effective. Until your next turn, all attacks against the target are Hard Tests that require the attacker to Focus. Alternatively, if interfering with one target, all of their attacks against anyone are Hard Tests that require they Focus. In both cases, you have to be able to reach the subject of your Defend action when the attack is being made.

    Focusing: various tasks require you to Focus. That's what this is. You spend your Minor Action focusing so that you can perform your task by concentrating on it. Some abilities become better if you Focus, and some conditions require you to Focus to act normally. If an action or ability has no listed benefit from focusing, and you are not suffering from a condition that requires you Focus, then there is no point to it. When you Focus, you specifically gain one benefit to one action - you can't just Focus in general and activate all benefits from all abilities.

    Types of Damage:
    There are a few different types of damage, which in many cases won't mean anything. However, various characters and (especially) abominations will have different resistances, immunities and weaknesses. The types are as follows:
    Air: various things count as air - getting thrown around by a tornado (although that is also Blunt), a "razor wind" attack (which is also Sharp), being caught in a vacuum and suffocation (which is really a lack of Air). This blows objects around the place, extinguishes small flames, disperses smoke clouds and so on.
    Blunt: this covers most forms of punching, kicking and bashing with objects. Falling, or being landed on, would count as Blunt. Shockwaves are also Blunt, and most attacks that would be considered "ground/earth/rock/stone" are as well.
    Cold: this is sort of the opposite of fire. It's cold weather, generally sapping the heat from things, and although hitting someone with ice is typically Blunt or Jabbing, it is also Cold. This can freeze small enough amounts of liquid.
    Fire: this covers fire and intense heat, so also includes lasers, giant orbital light cannons and similar stuff. This burns materials and can set things on fire.
    Jabbing: this is the stabbing side of sharp, as opposed to slashing. Stepping on a caltrop is considered Jabbing, as is getting bitten by something.
    Mental: this covers mental psychic attacks, emotional trauma and being possessed by ghosts. Even feeling sad is a source of Mental damage.
    Poison: this isn't only traditional poisons, but smoke, diseases/infections, parasites, radiation, some curses and allergies. "Plant" based stuff is often Poison.
    Sharp: this covers slashing and perforating, not stabbing. It often actually cuts things up. Running through brambles would cause Sharp damage.
    Shock: electricity is the main form of Shock, but plasma and "spooky dark lightning effect" would both count as well. This can short out electronics, or power robots up.
    Water: Water attacks are typically Blunt as well, because a wave of water crashing into you is that. But acid and drowning are both considered Water damage as well. Water effects douse fires and leave the area wet and possibly slippery.

    Status Afflictions:
    Sometimes, people don't feel so great. Things sometimes affect your fighting capabilities in a problematic way. There aren't many actual status afflictions, instead, the one affliction could stand for many things - this is specified by its descriptors - so if a mysterious white powder caused you to be Distracted as a Physical, Poison effect, that's "high on drugs".

    Afraid: this is typically a Mental, Fear condition, resisted with a Philosophy and Ethics Test. Characters that are Afraid have to Focus in order to attack anything or approach the source of their fear. If the fear is felt towards a specific thing, it is cured one minute after leaving its presence. If the fear is caused by circumstances, then it is cured one minute after the circumstances end. If it is a general fear as a result of a strange effect, it lasts as long as the effects dictate.

    Blocked: this is typically an Energy condition. A character who is Blocked has their inner energy locked down or something similar, unable to use Energy abilities of their own. At the end of each turn, roll 1d6. On a 6, the condition ends. If you Focus, you roll two dice to see if the condition ends - either one coming up as a 6 ends the effect.

    Burning: a burning character isn't necessarily on fire, they're just taking constant damage - doused in acid, bleeding out, filled with flesh-eating spiders, a magic arrow is burrowing towards their heart, they're in terrible ongoing pain that is getting worse and worse, poison, infected chakra, whatever. The character takes a single point of damage each turn, and takes a Partial Grade Penalty to everything they do. When first subjected to the effect, they must pass a Standard Philosophy and Ethics Test or become Distracted for the duration.

    Confused: confusion is not necessarily actual confusion, but covers any situation where a character's actions are unreliable - actual confusion, being hypnotised/resisting mind control, in a blind rage, actually blind, fighting in zero-G or an illusiory field and so on. A confused character may elect to take no action, standing there are trying to make sense of things - this simply allows for no terrible mishaps on their part. Alternatively, if they Focus they may spend their Major Action to act as normal, but must pass a Standard Philosophy and Ethics Test (if this is a Mental effect) or Health Test (if this is a Physical effect) to move in the right direction, attack the right opponent etc. Otherwise it is randomly chosen from those nearest. If they don't even Focus and just act, then the Test is Extreme. If attacking and suffering from the random target, a character will never attack their Best Friend, Idol, Beloved or Sempai, and will always attack their Rival or Enemy if available. At the end of every turn, they may roll 1d6. On the roll of a 6, they are free from the effects of the condition. If they took no action, they roll 2 dice. If either is a 6, they are free from the effects.

    Distracted: being distracted is what happens when something is impeding you in some way. This could include being drunk, entangled, impeded by magical static, pulled down by a magnetic field, half-hypnotised, tired, or in terrible pain. As a situational effect, it ends when the cause ends. Every action becomes Hard (unless already more difficult than that) unless the character Focuses first, and they move at half speed.

    Immobilised: any immobilised character can take no actions. This may be because their chakra are completely blocked, or because they were affected by a paralysis drug, because they're asleep, or completely tied up or frozen solid or something. Basically, they are unable to move or perform any action. The exception is if their Abilities would logically be able to end the conditions causing immobility - so if they are tied up, a character with Hunting as a class could escape with a Hard Test, and if frozen solid, a character that emanates heat should automatically be freed from the effect.

    Prone: this is always a Physical effect. A Prone character is one who is lying down - note that sitting and kneeling are not "half prone" or anything, they are treated as standing. A Prone character can only move at half speed, takes a Grade Penalty to Gym, and is treated as being unaware for all incoming attacks. Prone is negated by spending a Major Action standing, or a Minor Action with a successful Standard Gym Test (keeping the Grade Penalty in mind).

    This is a fairly simple affair, designed to be quick and easy to adjucate. First, to find something or someone that is not actively hiding, just hard to see, you simply need to pass a Hard Science Test (or Standard Art, Forensics or Hunting Test).

    When someone is actually hiding, it's a simple opposed test at the first opportunity to possibly see them - after that opportunity has passed, there are no more tests: either you saw them or you didn't.
    For hiding, you may use any of the following:
  • Gym (taking a Grade Penalty)
  • Hunting
  • Drama
    For spotting, you may us any of the following:
  • Science (taking a Grade Penalty)
  • Art
  • Forensics
  • Hunting

    This game has multiple methods for characters to gain abilities and change over the course of their lives. One of these is an automatic thing, and part of the rules - you can't change this. The others are considered more optional and up for interpretation, but I would still recommend using them.

    1. Advancement via year level: as a character enters a new Year Level, they gain new abilities from their House. This just automatically happens through the passage of time. At the end of the year, along with the exam phase, characters have a special challenge, and it is in this that their new powers emerge - strength through adversity. When this happens, players might want to change clubs and even elective classes. It's up to the Principal to decide if classes can be changed - maybe they can even change their Grade allocations around as they find themselves doing better in some things and worse in others.

    2. Advancement via accomplishments: when things happen in-game, it may seem appropriate to reflect this on character sheets. Go for it. Consult with the Principal if you feel that your achievements warrant removing a negative trait or gaining a positive one. This should not be terribly common - any given player should only have this happen once per long story arc or about once per four episodes. If you wish to emulate episodic anime that often have an episode focus a little more on one character than usual, then consider planning ahead - work with the Principal, tell them what you'd like your character to address, and what you think they should get out of the deal.

    3. Flat-out getting new stuff: every session, just give everyone one point of experience. At the end of a session, someone can spend XP to actually gain new stuff they shouldn't have. Keep a running tally - this way, new players can still have the same amount of extra stuff (although they haven't had any accomplishments to benefit from).

    BenefitXP Cost
    Sub-Power (junior Year Level)1
    Sub-Power (current Year Level)2
    Partial Grade Increase3
    Power/Ability (junior Year Level)3
    Power/Ability (current Year Level)5
    Full Grade Increase5

    A Full Grade Increase changes a B+ to an A- or such. If a player wants a new power or ability not actually available to them, they can't have it unless all of the following are true:
    A. It is not simply available to them later on
    B. Another character of equal Year Level can have it
    C. Doing so doesn't step on the toes of any other main character

    If this is the case, they pay 4 points for a new Sub-Power or 10 points for a new Power/Ability.
    Count Arioch the 28th wrote:
    There is NOTHING better than lesbians. Lesbians make everything better.

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    Rules for Piloting:
    Piloting a vehicle is a simple affair: it uses the Piloting subject. The difficulty depends on the action being performed:
  • Just getting it moving: Automatic
  • Safely swerving because something jumped into the way: Standard
  • Really cutting it close with racing: Hard
  • Evasive maneouvres/combat piloting: Extreme

    Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)


    Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

    Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

    Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

    Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)


    Creating an Abomination:
    Abominations are treated as effectively being fifth-years for most powers and effects. They only have a few Grades that actually matter: Health, Gym, Philosophy and Ethics, Science and Language Studies. The latter two only matter if actually using powers that utilise them. At any rate, assign the following: S, A, A, B, B however you like. Optionally, you may instead use: S, S, A, D, D.

    All Abominations should have between one and three of the following: Enhanced Strength IV (one sub-power per level), Enhanced Speed IV (one sub-power per level), Enhanced Durability IV (one sub-power per level), Elemental Blast (one sub-power), Emotional Blast (one sub-power), Hyper Attack (one sub-power), Flight, Psionic Subjugation III (one sub-power per level), Psionic Dominance III (one sub-power per level), Monstrous Regeneration, Ultimate Monstrous Form, Void

    If randomly creating one, roll on the following 1d3 times:

    d12 rollPower:
    1Enhanced Strength IV
    2Enhanced Speed IV
    3Enhanced Durability IV
    4Elemental Blast
    5Emotional Blast
    6Hyper Attack
    8Psionic Subjugation III
    9Psionic Dominance III
    10Monstrous Regeneration
    11Ultimate Monstrous Form

    Re-roll if you get the same thing more than once.

    All Abominations should also have up to six of the following: Enhanced Strength I (one sub-power), Enhanced Speed I (one sub-power), Enhanced Durability I (one sub-power), Heightened Senses, Resist, Fearless, Relentless, Aura, Piercing Attack, Pummelling Attack, Shredding Attack, Regeneration, Aura Sight, Explosive Strike, Chi Breaking, Psionic Dominance I (one sub-power), Psionic Subjugation I (one sub-power), Psionic Defence, Toxins, Extraordinary Movement

    If randomly creating one, roll on the following 1d6 times:

    d20 rollPower:
    1Enhanced Strength I
    2Enhanced Speed I
    3Enhanced Durability I
    4Heightened Senses
    9Piercing Attack
    10Shredding Attack
    11Pummelling Attack
    13Aura Sight
    14Explosive Strike
    15Chi Breaking
    16Psionic Dominance I
    17Psionic Subjugation I
    18Psionic Defence
    20Extraordinary Movement

    Re-roll if you get the same thing more than once or if you roll Psionic Defence but don't actually have Dominance or Subjugation.

    All Abominations have Living Weapon.

    After working out total Hit Points (from Health and Abilities), double the amount.

    Using Abominations:
    Remember, Abominations were created as a plot device - the catalyst for why the setting is the way it is. They are not appearing all the time, so you can in fact run an entire campaign without one ever arriving. That being said, it is recommended that if they are used, it be done sparingly. They should be considered boss fights, not interrupting existing plot arcs but creating major events of their own. You may very well wish to have an Abomination first appear somewhere far-off to cause destruction, so that there is a planning and preparing phase. Or you might want to have trouble strike directly.

    Abominations are primarily interested in destroying infrastructure, followed by killing animals (this includes humans). Wrecking shit and causing a panic is very much part of their goals, so they are unlikely to be specifically drawn to where the Main Characters are if they are already in a city. They will of course defend themselves with full power once they recognise the threat, and even if they see a bunch of plucky humans in close range, they'll typically make a beeline for them.

    Abominations are basically handled (by the Principal) like any other NPC.

    Sample Abominations:
    Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

    Count Arioch the 28th wrote:
    There is NOTHING better than lesbians. Lesbians make everything better.

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    If all else fails, just roll on one of these and call it a day. Let things pretty much evolve from there as players take it in a direction.

    Table 1:

    d20 rollToday's Plot Hook is...
    1There's a strange new transfer student (see table 1A)
    2Two or more clubs are butting heads, and it's turning into all-out war!
    3It's the mandatory beach or pool episode! (50% chance either)
    4School festival? What is this, primary school?
    5Messiah Industries versus World Government (see table 1B)
    6A nearby strange place or thing needs investigating (see table 1C)
    7There is a major ??? Competition coming up (see table 1D), which class/team/individual/campus will win?
    9The Houses are squabbling, wanting to prove their ultimate superiority...
    10The Student Council is now cracking down on (what the Main Characters are doing), but why?
    11As part of proper training, Messiah Enterprises has unleashed killer robots into the school. Enjoy!
    12Cafeteria food has taken a downturn of late. Find out why before the riots start.
    13One of the teachers/club leaders/council members has been assassinated! Now's your chance!
    14The spirit realm is leaking, monsters are going loose, people are vanishing...
    15Some kind of solar flare or EMP has fried all electronics. Even backup generators are out, who knows how long?
    16A natural disaster leaves defences weakened but also creates a nice holiday environment.
    17Time to go visit another campus. New places, new people, new rivalries...
    18Earth's military thinks it's onto some great new system of destroyer tanks and jets. Go show them you're better!
    19It's a holiday, you can actually leave campus for a bit. Visit houses and themeparks, do karaoke!
    20Abomination Attack! Danger, danger!

    Table 1A: new student

    d6 rollThe new student is...
    2Planted by the World Government as a spy
    3Planted by Messiah Enterprises as a spy
    4A robot
    5An alien
    6Secretly out to destroy the whole system

    Table 1B: Messiah Enterprises versus World Government

    d6 rollWhat happen?
    1Messiah Enterprises is unleashing a take-over attempt
    2The World Government is laying siege to the school
    3Major hacking attempts and information gathering - this could go very badly
    4Sudden funding cuts bring things to a heated level
    5Politicians request students as personal bodyguards, Messiah gives assassination instructions
    6Health and Safety gone mad! The Department of Education wishes to investigate and shut the place down!

    Table 1C: Investigations

    d6 rollWhat needs investigating
    1The crater where a meteor landed and people reported strange creatures
    2An ancient ruins that is "probably not dangerous any more"
    3The old abandoned chemical weapons testing facility
    4The research station on Mars where everyone suddenly vanished
    5The part of the ocean where ships and aircraft go missing and the sky glows strange colours
    6The sunken military fleet where ghosts are rumoured to be

    Table 1D: ??? Competitions

    d6 rollContest
    2That local sport
    3Inter-campus no-holds-barred combat festival
    4Stylish buildings and clean campuses
    5Art (or construction or poetry or whatever)
    6Anything goes martial arts tea ceremony!

    Table 1E: Weird SCIENCE!

    d6 rollExperiment
    1A godzilla-monster has just been unleashed
    2The giant robot has gone berserk!
    3Yet another zombie plague!
    4Nuclear meltdown/major radiation leak
    5There may be a small black hole forming, no bigger than a tennis ball...
    6A terrible fluoride fire has engulfed a building - we need brave rescuers!

    Count Arioch the 28th wrote:
    There is NOTHING better than lesbians. Lesbians make everything better.

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    The numbers look reasonable at first glance. It's hard to say for sure without knowing what student's report cards will look like, and what kinds of tests they'll face in an average day.

    Two points you may want to watch out for, from the other thread, were special bonuses and grade substitution. Giving out +1s and +2s for things like being in a club (combined with the bell curve from their dice roll) will make players much more likely to succeed on the appropriate tests. Similarly, if players can find ways to roll against their A grade instead of their D, they'll pass way more tests. I'm not sure if those will be the actual mechanics, but it sounded like that might be how it'll work.

    For example, if someone has a straight B, they have a 98% chance to pass a standard test, a 64% chance to pass a hard test, and a 9% chance to pass an extreme test. If they get +2 to their roll because of their House or Club or whatever, those odds change to 100%, 84%, and 26%. The effect is largest if the player is around a 50% success chance, because shifting up or down a few points captures so much of the bell curve.

    That may actually be the way you want things to work, though. There's certainly nothing wrong with the players succeeding more than they fail, or with people seeing a significant improvement from their +1s, instead of a negligible 5% change.
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    How much do you want to emphasize the assumptions of the base setting you have in mind versus keeping things setting agnostic? Because if you intend for people to mostly flesh out their own schoolyard hierarchies you may be better off just calling Magical Girls "Sentai" and Noble Lords/Ladies "Psychics" followed by introducing the gender bending and BDSM class warfare themes in the "How it rolls when Koumei is running it" section.

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    Yeah, the idea is that people should succeed on a lot of actions, and that small bonuses/replacements should mean a lot. Bonuses themselves will be fairly rare, such as the best possible being +1 for House/Year, +1 for Club, maybe +1 for a Trait or equipment, +1 for Circumstances. Yeah, if everything is going your way, then that's +4, which is huge (it means a flat D suddenly auto-succeeds on Basic tasks, for instance), but that is the entire upper limit.

    As for how easily divorced from the pre-packaged fluff, essentially it's going to have little "Going Generic?" things added to various stuff, as a way of providing options if you're doing your own thing. But I'll specifically be creating it with the assumption that people are playing with the base setting that doesn't let them do "any anime thing" but gives them a bunch of options for different things and a setting the MC can pick up and use on the spot without players going "Oh, I watched the series, the OVAs and the movies, and read the manga as well as playing the visual novel. How much stuff do I have to forget?"
    Count Arioch the 28th wrote:
    There is NOTHING better than lesbians. Lesbians make everything better.
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    Sounds reasonable. I'll be keeping any more li'l thematic questions to the other thread in the future as per your earlier request. I just had a few wires crossed in my brain the other day and kinda forgot about the thread split, apparently.
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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

    In that case, the numbers look good. It's hard to comment much on the fleshed out Houses, because so much of the list just refers down to the Powers section. I do have one question about the speed/strength sub-powers, to make sure I understand how it works for the three Houses listed:

    1) Magical Girls. They start at 1/0 or 0/1 and can advance either one each level, gaining one appropriate sub-power at each level. (ending at anything from 4/0, 3/1, 2/2, 1/3, 0/4).

    2) Weapon Masters. They start at 1/0 or 0/1, and advance to either 4/0 or 0/4, respectively, gaining all sub-powers for each level.

    3) Martial Artists. They start at 1/0 or 0/1 and then do something confusing. It looks like they are intended to end at either "4/0 or 0/4 with all sub-powers" or "4/1, 3/2, 2/3, 1/4 with one sub power per level". Is this correct? Because if so, the wording may need work.

    Last edited by Whatever on Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:18 am; edited 1 time in total
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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

    So, I really like the direction this system is going mechanically speaking, and will probably be doing some fluff conversions once it's done. For planning purposes, how much of an impact will choice of club have on the end character? Is it mostly like another elective, in that it gives you another skill more situationally useful than the core classes, or is it more like a sort of sub-House that grants you character-defining powers? Is it mostly just plot hooks and rivalries? If two characters have identical Houses, electives, and traits, but one's in the Chess Club and the other's in the Occult Club, how big of a difference will it make?
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    PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

    I see how the martial artists work now, that's much clearer. They basically get to choose between the "4/0 or 0/4 with all abilities" and "3/1, 2/2, 1/3 with one ability per tier" options that the other two are set with. Presumptively fair, but it'll depend on what those abilities actually are.
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    PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

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    PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

    I shall get to it, yeah. When I've recovered from this virus.
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    PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

    Is this officially shelved?
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    PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

    On a temporary basis due to all the stuff going on in life. But I might go and fluff things out, modify stuff etc.
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    There is NOTHING better than lesbians. Lesbians make everything better.
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    PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

    I was afraid of that. It's too bad, I really liked where this was going and wanted to play the finished product some time. Oh, well, guess there's not much I can do but hope your life calms down.
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    PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

    Eh, I have a few weeks where it's not too crazy - when I move is going to be when it gets interesting, it's possible I'll be going from "unemployed" to "full-time".

    I'll see about finishing off the Houses and the Intro tonight. Next will be to finish the Advantages/Disadvantages, then actually go into detail into what all the powers do, and then just explain the combat system and such.
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    There is NOTHING better than lesbians. Lesbians make everything better.
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    PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

    What dark god do I have to sacrifice a Japanese schoolgirl to in order to get this thing finished?
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    PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

    I know that you have a life, but should you have the time please finish this up; you have good ideas and designing talent, and I really enjoy what you make; it's really good and you should be proud of it.
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    Do want.
    Chamomile wrote:
    What dark god do I have to sacrifice a Japanese schoolgirl to in order to get this thing finished?

    You need to sacrifice a dark god to a Japanese schoolgirl.
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