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Josh's alternate poison making rules.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2004 3:18 pm    Post subject: Josh's alternate poison making rules. Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Some houserules for those of us who don't want to use the BoVD rules:

Poisons for Josh's Game:
New Use for Craft (Alchemy)

Craft (Alchemy): May now be used to extract venom and distill poisons according to the rules below:.

Caveat: As a special use of a skill, and similar to the traps rules, these rules are designed to allow PCs to use poisons in a reasonable timeframe, but are totally broken if PCs try to use them for generating money via sales of crafted works. If you want to make money with Alchemy, you use the usual Craft rules for that.

In order to distill a poison, you must have access to the appropriate alchemical equipment, as usual for alchemical processes. Distilling poison requires raw ingredients equal to Ĺ of the poisonís Market Cost.

Alternatively, raw ingredients may be extracted from a tamed/ recently slain animal, a cultivated plant or some other handy source with either a Craft: Alchemy roll or with a Survival roll at -5. This extraction takes at least an hour and yields raw materials equal to the square of the tjeck result. That is to say, enough source material to distill a total amount of poison equal in cost to twice the square of the tjeck result. This tjeck may only be attempted once per source per poison source, and failure means that raw venom may not be extracted until the poison source is replenished (the timeframe for sources replenishing varies with each source ard is determined by the DM). Thus you may not take 20 on this roll.

The most potent poison you can distill is equal in market price to your the square of (your ranks in alchemy minus three) times 100 gp. See DMG 297 for a list of the market prices of various poisons.

The base DC for distilling a poison is 20. If the poison is a contact poison, this DC increases by 5, and if the poison is inhaled, this DC increases by 10. It also becomes more difficult to craft more virulent poisons, for every point the save DC exceeds 10 by, add +1 to this DC. Distilling poison takes 1 day of dedicated work (as does magic item creation) for each 1000 gp in the poisonís base cost, with a minimum time to distill of 1 day per dose regardless of cost. Failure on a roll to distill poison means you have wasted your day of work and failure by five or more means that you have ruined half of the raw materials.

Thus to distill a single dose purple worm poison from a freshly slain purple worm, you must have at least 6 ranks in Craft(Alchemy) ( since (6 minus 3)^2 x 100 is greater than the market cost of 700 gp). You first must spend at least an hour to make a DC 19 Craft: Alchemy or DC 24 Survival tjeck to extract enough venom for a single dose, (27 or 32 for 2 doses, 32 or 37 for 3 doses, and so on) and then you must spend another day to make a DC 34 Craft: Alchemy tjeck (The DC is a base of 20 since itís an injury poison and +14 for a Save DC of 24) to actually distill the poison.

Perils of using poison: Characters without the Poison Use class feature run a 5% risk of accidentally poisoning themselves every time they make a tjeck to extract or distill poison.

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