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Shadowrun - running the ACHE

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:37 pm    Post subject: Shadowrun - running the ACHE Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I run a game a bit on the pink mohawk side, because I'm not a fan of needing player knowledge and it's way easier and more enjoyable to just go with it. This run would be a longer run requiring entry into the secure part of the ACHE (former Renraku Arcology) to recover a person who is being made to recover stuff from the dangerous lower levels.

I figure the run would have 2 parts. First you need a pass to gain entry to the mall area, which would be ridiculously easy-to-bypass automated security, because they are more concerned with keeping people in than out (maybe someone trying to go out that way gets tasered by 3 guards, then hauled off to a back room). All of the indentured people who wanted SINs working, willing to help in exchange for being smuggled out, but being afraid to out themselves for fear of being caught. The hard part would be getting to an employee-only area, so you can get into another area that would let you into Deus' former playground. On the other side of the metroplex guard.

Deus, who used to run the arcology and presumably left behind traps and parts of itself was angry/somewhat insane after being tortured/neutered to be controllable. Classic. My thought was the area all of the fun stuff happened in would have about half of the traps set off but not reset in Deus' absence. Showcase deadlier traps without actually killing characters. Also, it would be something like a cross between the Saw movies and insane humor.

For example, the runners need a passcode to get through a door. The computer has 3 programs with the information they need: one program always tells lies, one always tells the truth, and the third one is psychotropic IC that will melt your brain.

I'm also guessing the players will want some amount of combat, so I'll have to stat out some drones that would have been beyond cutting edge 20-ish years earlier.

Anyone have good or stupid ideas to add? Obviously the best ideas are a combination of both.
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