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Dominions 4 game - Lords of Corruption

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:57 pm    Post subject: Dominions 4 game - Lords of Corruption Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

There's a new Dominions game on Desura looking for players that fancy something a little different. It's using a nonstandard setup - Nationgen is being used for the nations, and there are a few other rules that should make things interesting:

Over time, the Lords of corruption grew fat and lazy, living off the fat and blood of the Land. And once again, the wheel turned...

For this Elmokki/Ealb game I'd like to try something different.

One player will play the Lords of creation. They will take a vanilla nation of their choice, and will start with 12 territories in the center of the map. They will have 4 level 2 thrones, and the level three throne on their capital. The spell Astral Corruption will be reduced to Level 0 for their nation.

Their lands are the epicenter of civilization as well as pleasure and corruption. They have no interest in the barbaric lands beyond. Ie., they may not attack indies to expand.

The Lords view blood as the stuff of life. It is only when they find evidence of one of the poor barbarians (you - the rest of the players) using blood can they attack that player. The Lords of Corruption absent blood evidence may *only* retake their original provinces. Since assassination is a way of life in their lands - again, unless blood slaves or magic is involved they may only respond via bodyguards, patrolling etc. It is very much survivial of the fittest in the blood lands.

In the event that blood evidence is obtained - the Lords of Corruption may attack that player. However, after that player is eliminated they take no interest in those lands outside of civilization. The wilds - or other players may take them - and they will not respond. Those lands are not treated as an expansion of his starting territories. They are still the forsaken Lands.

The Lords of Corruption lose (get set to AI) if they ever lose their central throne. They win if the game gets to turn 60 and no one has dethroned them.
The rest of players may decide if they wish to go for a cooperative win -or individual wins. If the latter, at turn 60, the game will be decided by most throne points (various 1 point thrones will be available throughout the barren lands), and then by most competent blood mage. If their is still a tie, by gem income.

Each players capital will have +4 gem generation. Each barbarian player will have one spell specialization - a spell that is either lowered in cost, requirements or more commonly level. It will be a spell the weakest mage on the upstarts (you) nation would be capable of casting. The spell chosen will reflect the moderators belief as to the relative power of the upstart nation.
Elmokki Nat Gen Mod is available here:
Current version is 0.67

Download elmokki's mod. Make sure you have java (available at Run nationgen.jar. It will ask you how many nations to generate, and a random number seed. Age is yet to be determine. Check back. When it is done, it will generate mod files for each of the nations - and a description file that will help you browse them. When you find one you want - copy the mod files (includig custom sprites) and you're set to test.

Signups for this game will take awhile due to the nature of finding the perfect nation for you. But after that I expect the usual 24 hour turn around to start. To be clear, I am setting up the game and publicizing it, as well as making mods, modifying the map etc - but I will not be playing in it.

Graphs: off
Turns: 24 hrs
Story Events: On
Events: Common
Sites: 25%
Thrones - 1 III, 4-II, Player # - I

Head over to the thread on Desura if you want to sign up!
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