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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:37 pm    Post subject: Online PC RPG ARENA Game Codename “CUSTOM HERO ARENA” Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List


This game is about competitive PvP based on a point buy system and fully modular customizable gameplay most likely indie produced in the Unreal 4 engine.

Characters are generated based on a wide range of statistics either purchased or “bargained for” with drawbacks and slider tensions.

For Example, in a standard Arena Game mode, each player might get 20 stat points, 10 ability points, and 10 equipment points. You may purchase spells, weapons, skills with ability points, and augment your strength with stat points. Everyone is even from the get go, and EVERYTHING is unlocked for everyone. Buy the game for $19.99 and get it for LIFE. Demo character creator.

The game will aim for fast paced but slow enough for teamwork to shine through gameplay. It is an RPG FPS with a Steampunk feel. Think BIOSHOCK, meets Skyrim, meets Team Fortress meets DnD, meets Champions, with a better interface for computer gameplay. It will have a SPORElike level of customization.

Color of your character, their equipment, size, placement, accessories (all available for everyone, no item store, just buy the game and PLAY!!!!) is all customizable. Every player should feel their HEROES are completely unique because of the intricate level that customization goes to. The balance comes from a natural metagame and strategies that counter other strats and a focus on a high element of counterplay.

Find a way to make it clear to other players what kind of player they are up against, but hide enough to keep an element of surprise.

This may take time for a player on the backend, but we will have hundreds of fully playable presets to start from. possibly auto generated based on points allowed, possibly a “Level UP” or MOBA mode.

This game will aim to be both EXTREMELY FUN and COMPETITIVE with the ability to be played CASUALLY and have a diverse experience without the need for modifications.

Heroes are picked before games depending on allowed slots for that game mode.

Preliminary stat system based on DnD + Champions System

SIZE: From Tiny to Huge
SMALL ------|||-------- LARGE
The smaller the character, the harder they are to hit, the less they can carry, and the faster they move.

RACE: Select a race:
Each race begets certain racial bonuses.

STR: Effects Carry weight, Melee attacks with brute force weapons, lift and throw for large objects,
DEX: Effects ranged percision, move speed, avoidance, dodging
CON: Effects max health, affliction resistance, Natural Weapons
INT: Tech, Knowledge, Arcana
WIS: Spirit and Nature based magics
CHA: Fire, Lightning, Soul, Charms

Ability prereqs based on stats, ability trees, racial preselection, size, etc.
Spans the Range of archtypes.
Abilities themselves will have intricate inner workings with drawbacks to allow you to shift power from one area to another, lots of customization, endless ability combinations.

This ability conjures a magical bolt based on the elements of your chosing:
Element and Aesthetics:
Fire(Cha), Ice(Int), Water(Wis), Earth(Wis), Dark(Cha), Light(Wis), Steam(Int), Force(Cha), Breath (Con), Spines (Con), Smoke (Int),
Each element will have multiple aesthetics, color ranges, sources, feels, densities, lights, etc.
For example, fires may be red, blue, purple and have a range of arcane to realistic textures.
Size, Shape and Distance
Smaller travel faster, do less damage.
SLIDER: SMALL ------|||-------- LARGE
Larger are easier to land, and begin to get AoE or knockback from mass. (Think conjured boulders that strong players can throw for magic strength combo).
AND SKILL POINTS: Skill points can augment size and speed independant of slider for an extra kick.
SHAPE: Bolt, Cone, Line, Ball, Chain, Beam
Certain shapes may cost or return you skill points based on strength.
DISTANCE: Max travel distance may decrease power for the trade of “sniper” abilities. Touch abilities are dangerous but rewarding.

Slows, Dots, Disables
These may cost alot in some cases but allow you use your character as a disabler. Effects available depend on selected element, shape, size, etc.
Dark has nasty effects, big boulders could explode or deal additional knockback, fire could burn longer (PYRO!!), Ice could freeze longer or slow better.
Charge Time
Cooldowns and “Spin ups” may make the spell more powerful.

Drawbacks and buffs:
Drawbacks allow a player to add negatives to their spells in order to squeeze more power out of it. You may for example make you spells less accurate or damaging to give yourself an extra skill point to spend on this spell. Overall this isn’t always a good decision because the resulting spell will be about 90% but niche cases may make the mechanic worth it.

Icey Touch:
Element: ICE
Shape: Touch spell (-2)
Freezes (+4)
Does less damage (-2)
Long Cooldown (-2)
Longer Status (+3)
Total cost: 1 Skill Point
Any ability costs minimum 1 Skillpoint, but you can only spend up to your magic modifier in skillpoints on a spell.


You are a master of sword fighting. Gain stances that beget certain styles:
Favored Sword:
Rapier, Broad, Bastard, etc
Offensive, Defensive, Sneaky, Magic Imbued, Berserker, etc

Jump higher, dodge better, run faster, sprint
Mighty Leaper(str), Catlike(dex), Athletics (str), tumbler (dex), Wrestler (str+dex),

Possible Skills: Two Weapon Fighting, Marksmanship, Conjuration, Druid Lore, Bardic Lore, Ranger, Steampower, Worship, Tank, Sword and Board, Breath Weapon, Demonology, Charger, Hand to Hand, Beastmastery, Reach Weapons

I know its almost off topic for this forum, but I'm really into video game design, and I think it could be a great delivery system for an RPG game. This system could be adapted to many styles of game, from dungeon crawler, arena fps, maybe even a super smash bros style fighter.

Opinions? Contributions?

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

This is a video game you're making? How does it control (turn based, clickity click mouse and keyboard or controller, first person or 3rd, etc.)

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 9:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Its just a brainstorm for one, the new unreal 4 engine kit looks really interesting and this is a game I just made up. If I have the time and will, I will put together some kind of beta eventually.

Real time, Keyboard and mouse, probably 3rd person. It will be an FPS style game akin to Team Fortress 2 with Steampunk/High Fantasy/Medieval type style. Althought, it could just as easily be turn based.

Ultimately the point would be to have a modular RPG system that would be adaptable to multiple playstyles and allow users to create their own experience just like DnD. I think computer games are the next generation of "Table Top" gaming with voice chat becoming the norm. Since its the unreal 4 engine, it would have a whole vast resource for players to learn from and easily edit. I would just charge some set amount for an unlimited lincense to the rpg engine built in unreal 4.

This game is a distant intangible object even for me, but I've like the Tome opinions on DnDs game style, and I thought maybe you guys could contribute some input on how it would translate over to this "open source" style game.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 11:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Expanding on the idea, you could attach certain personality traits to characters for an AI makeup too. For DM purposes you could make territorial minotaurs, sneaky scouts, agile ninjas, sniper defenders, controller wizards, giants that pick people up and throw them.
BBEGs that level up and flee. Shadow of Mordor brought a new dimension to this, now bring it beyond orcs and make it a multiplayer cooperative adventure experience. Make it an open but easy creative experience for players and DM's alike.
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