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Lost Post, help?

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:24 pm    Post subject: Lost Post, help? Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I'm not quite certain how it happened, whether by accident or glitch, but my setting thread HERE lost basically everything on the first post. Does anyone happen to have the ability to refer to an older version of it, because I don't want to have lost all that.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

The Google cache of the thread is set at the 12th:

virgileso wrote:
Well, I've got the party playing in a very vaguely formed setting using Tome rules. I've put in an absolute level cap of 11 for everybody, and the only way to actually break 10 is to attune yourself to a place of power and explicitly choose to buff yourself. The intent is to use much inspiration from one of the TNE threads.

Each node will have their own cycle of waxing, waning, peaks, troughs, etc. The intent is for it to be unpredictable, though the image of people attempting to break the 'code' with orreries and charts is an attractive one.

There will be a dominion aspect and a roaming aspect with each node. A dominion aspect is a localized manifestation that cannot extend beyond the reach of the node, and is very rigid; though extreme effort can be made to 'twist' a dominion aspect. For example, the Caverns of Flame's dominion aspect is being on fire; but with sufficient architecture and effort by the attuned master, it can be concentrated into numerous forges so that normal humans can walk down the tunnel (and not be on fire) and see a giant line of forges and smithies. Of course, breaking the attunement causes a 'reset', which would kill many people.

The roaming aspect will be 'creations' of the node, power and energy formed into an independent effect that can extend beyond the reach of the node. This is almost universally in the form of monsters that fit the theme of the node, with more being created when the node accumulates enough energy to 'erupt'. This is the part that is malleable and twistable by the owner, though going outside the theme requires another node as a 'filter'. For example, once 'tamed', the Caverns of Flame stop producing fire drakes and produce what the owner wants along the fire theme; such as bestowing upon a select few the mantle of the Smoldering Knights (who lose their power if the place becomes unattuned), or even set up a mystical link to bolster the aspects of another node.

As a stabilizing influence, nodes are generally separated by hundreds of miles of land, yet their dominion is almost never larger than a city. On top of this, close to half of the nodes are wild and many wild ones are forgotten.

Places of Note
Empire of the Sun
Our starting point, and one of the larger kingdoms in the land because its node has been at a high point for a generation. The Coronal Guard keep the peace within its borders, and do well. I'm unsure how many of them there should be though.

Dominion: Within the city, there is either total darkness or bright light. If it would otherwise be shadowy illumination, even from torches or heavily shadowed areas, it is instead bright illumination that counts as natural daylight. The torch still illuminates only out to 40', so there's a virtual wall of darkness.
Roaming: The elite and favored of the Empire, the Coronal Guard, formerly 5th level warriors made into CR 5 humanoids with eyes of sunfire. When untamed, the node creates lantern archons (not good aligned for PCs) and [insert light themed monster].

Notable NPCs
Tezozomoc: 5th level focused divination specialist (necromancy and illusion barred), primary messenger and go-to person for all things oracular. Has access to divination spells outside the wizard spell list (and a variant on animal messenger), at the expense of some of the better combat spells.
Netzhual: High Cleric (8th level) of the Empire of the Sun, second only to the Empress.
Chantico: 7th level Imperial wizard, and primary crafter of magic items, using accumulated power from the Empire's font. Also the head of the Mage Council.
Coronal Guard: Formerly 5th level human warriors, now count as Samurai 4/Fire Mage 1 Aasimar.
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 8, Wis 16, Cha 12
Equipment: Ancestoral Macuahuitl (Exotic 2H, 3d6/x3), Magic Flame Hauberk

Blackened Grove
A warring nation with the Sun Empire, though mainly a kind of lukewarm war rather than major hostilities. The kingdom is founded by druids who focus on the ickier aspects of nature (poison, creepy crawlies, mold, carrion eaters, etc), so I suspect that their governing node will follow this theme, though I've yet to decide on what.

Barghest's Maw
One of supposedly many assassin guilds, this guild was founded by a barghest, whose appetite would assure its clients that their mark will not return. That was long ago, and while the organization remains, its barghest leader has since been destroyed. What makes these assassins notable is their ruthless and efficiently used magic. It is common for a group of ninjas to open up with a single-use shock & awe charm to ensure the element of surprise, and their safehouses are guarded by animated objects. While effective, this use of magic has its costs, and thus the guild charges a minimum of 700gp.
Notable NPCs
Jabb: 5th level bugbear assassin, current leader of the guild, and former disciple of the barghest founder. When he was trained, the barghest performed a unique ritual by eating only half of Jabb's soul, which gives him a unique tie to the afterlife with one foot literally in the grave. This grants him speak with dead & clairvoyance at will, the Dark-Minded subtype despite him not being undead, and DR 10/jade.
Barghest Ninja: Grunts of the guild. 3rd level human warriors, hide & move silently are class skills, wielding dan bongs, wearing camouflage armor, and the following is their standard mission package...
* 2 smokesticks, 2 acid flasks (or alch fire, depending on target), 1 tanglefoot bag, charm of wraithstrike

Oxom's Caravan
One of the Small Gods, Oxom is the herald and the harbinger of the cthonic, ferrying good and bad fortune between the two worlds, and is privy to many secrets from this activity. His portfolio includes Earth, Knowledge, & Death.
Within Oxom's priesthood, they act as information brokers, selling secrets to the highest bidder through magic and skill. The order exists on a migratory route, never allowing themselves to live near any location that would be of geographical importance (nodes, resource rich land, travel chokepoints/hubs, etc).

Caverns of Flame
Within the borders of the dwarven mountains, this is a wild and untamed node. Salamanders and fire elementals spawn here from its flames, occasionally raiding the dwarven guardposts at their borders for weapons able to withstand their heat.
Notable NPCs
Gebenya: Wyvern and 3rd level Fire Mage, this is an unusually large and crafty dragon that is the defacto ruler of the caverns of fire, occasionally leaving its lair to feed and expand its hoard.

Hungering Maw
The source and reason for the wastelands surrounding it, this is a node of hunger and thirst, constantly draining moisture and energy. It's primary physical feature is something akin to a sarlaac pit large enough to be a geographical feature, occasionally belching forth dessicators and other creatures that consume beings of negative energy and positive energy alike. Orcs have been forced to live near it for some time due to their poor luck at fighting for real land, and most clans revere it as an angry god.

Riddle Manor
A place of knowledge and mystery. An ultimately minor node, its potential for danger is mitigated by producing creatures of sedentary nature (though territorial) and at a slow rate, so attacks upon its neighbors are few and far between.
It lies high on a mountainside, in a slight dip, actually giving it protection from scrying and teleportation in a manner not unlike a low-lying cloud kingdom. Within the mountain, below the manor, is a substantial labyrinth inhabited and constructed by minotaurs who have made agreements with the kobold tribes beyond the mountain side to install traps throughout. Sphinxes & manticores roam and nest throughout the mountain terrain within several day's flight of Riddle Manor, feeding upon travelers and generally making the land dangerous for fliers or climbers.

The manor itself affects the features of a wide, two story (not counting attic or basement) Victorian mansion. All of the architecture is magically treated for toughness, courtesy of former owners. The halls & doors are wide enough for lions to maneuver without trouble. A wide and eclectic selection of art pieces can be found throughout the estate, the entire place kept in clean and repaired condition by animated tools left behind by generous guests (brooms, dusters, paint brushes, etc).
Dominion: Information that desires protection is stored here. If all living creatures that know the information are gathered upon the estate and desire it to be hidden, it will be removed from their minds. All attempts to obtain the information with magic upon the possessors of the knowledge or the knowledge itself, such as divination or contact other plane, will only result in obtaining the same riddle. Even attempts to magically divine the location of texts that have the information desired will yield this result, and any who cast illusory script upon the text will find that the duration becomes permanent and none are allowed to read it.
Note, however, that this does not protect the information from mundane discovery or dissemination. In fact, if too many learn the information without utilizing Riddle Manor, the protection and icon's magic will fade.
The solution to the riddle will be represented in some fashion on the estate, and speaking the riddle before the icon will result in the information being released from the manor's protection. It will also bestow the information to the speaker on conjured text a single time.
Roaming: Produces sphinxes and minotaurs, who protect the Manor estate from art thieves; as the icons that provide the information cannot be replicated nor function when outside the estate.
Notable NPCs
Turan Phix: A particularly large gynosphinx & matron of Riddle Manor (11HD, several magic items), she wears a dark blue shawl and her human features are strikingly handsome. Even awakened lions will confirm that the rest of her is equally attractive. She's the only one who has a full account of every riddle within the estate (and was present for the actual deposit for a great number of them). She can't reveal 'inventory', but she can confirm its condition directly; she won't answer "got anything from the Empire?", but she can confirm and even provide the riddle for something like "the location of Bluebeard's buried treasure". While she's surprisingly accommodating to visitors, she does have strict rules and is ruthless in the defense of the Manor. She will answer three questions concerning her inventory (with the above limits), which is a sum limit for the entire group and not per person. She will provide quarters to visitors for no longer than three days. Repeat visitors must wait a year and a day before they can get the accommodations again, and while multiple short visits are not explicitly forbidden, treatment varies with her attitude (at least one wizard visits monthly for conversation).
While it is possible to displace Turan as the 'owner' of Riddle Manor by killing her and attuning normally, this does not bestow upon the owner the inventory list of the manor's riddles. In fact, the inventory and position can be obtained by answering a riddle. Turan will only reveal the riddle on the condition that the challenger accepts death for answering incorrectly (she normally just has all of the symbols on her body activate). The riddle is changed into a new one after being revealed, and a challenger cannot attempt again for a year and a day should he be raised from the dead.

Circus of the Mist, Circus Genip
Far, far away from the Empire of the Sun, near the Clockwork Country, sits the Circus Genip. It is a major power amongst the lands around it, featuring four separate nodes linked and empowering a migratory troupe of terror. Aside from the five 'courts' of the Circus Genip (four nodes and the troupe), it is an impoverished nation. The serfs toll away to ultimately fuel the extravagant courts, regularly attending the carnivals to be entertained and distracted.
Notable NPCs
Cotter Cali the Villein: A 9th level human jester, dressed in a variation of the hobo clown outfit, Cali was the advisor to the Ringmaster and held a position of quiet fear by all of the courts in Circus Genip. Cali has been known to 'elevate' random peasants to greater status through setting up events that seem to be pure luck to everyone involved, only to make their humiliation and fall all the more tragic once Cali reveals their secrets.
With a DC 23 Knowledge (nobility), DC 25 Knowledge (local), or a DC 28 Knowledge (history), a player can realize that within the last year, Cali has left the Circus of the Mist under unfriendly terms; current wherabouts unknown.

Star Cove
Significant in many ways. It is a node, one of the largest known ports in the land, and has been a part of the Empire of the Sun since its inception. Its age and standing with the Empire gives it a sense of independence. Some believe that their great loyalty to the Empire is more from respect than deference. It is otherwise a metropolitan port town (with the inland folk more traditional Empire citizens), with a varied architecture except for the oldest buildings (invariably the most important ones) that maintain the mesoamerican style of the Empire.
Dominion: The water maintains supernatural level of clarity and cleanliness. One can see the bottom from the water's surface readily as if there was but air separating the viewer. The node maintains the water as exceptionally healthy, such that both freshwater and saltwater life make their home within the cove, and poisoning it is impossible unless it is first isolated from the main body in a container no larger than a keg.
Roaming: The node has been a part of the Empire of the Sun for a very long time, so the full extent of its wild state is forgotten. Surges largely consist of dire versions of the local water life, and some believe that the clan of sea elves are products of the node despite their assurances that they're displaced immigrants from long ago. During auspiscious celestial events, Star Cove's clarity fades, in which Tojanida arise from the darkness with unknown purpose.

Frozen Islands
Across the ocean from the Star Cove lies an isolated island chain (roughly Hawaii in size) with a most apt name. The island with the tallest mountain (both the island chain and possibly the known world) is also known as one of the most powerful nodes, as that single mountain is made entirely of ice that will never melt.

Emerald Oracle
At the base of a wide mountain sits numerous squat buildings, with a handful of beautiful towers breaking the skyline. In this part of the land, the sun takes on a green hue.
The kingdom is largely self-sufficient due to preparation and foresight, of which every native is more predisposed towards. As there are numerous schools for oracles, crime is difficult, such that a single Coronal Guard is usually all that's required for entire region.
Dominion: Divination spells that work on percentage chance success rate have their chances improved by 10%, and divination spells that do not function off of % chance results instead are cast at +2 caster level. Also, omens pertaining to events within the area are more common.
Roaming: The strangest of beasts can be spawned, all requiring peculiar and esoteric prophecies to be fulfilled in order to be born. This gives a fair bit of warning as to their nature, so they are always prepared, even if it's just to hire a passing group of adventurers while handing them the creature's equally esoteric weakness.
Notable NPCs
Auzrha: A green hag with the casting ability of a 9th level cleric (CR 9). She possesses a hag eye, which rests in her forehead as a third eye made of emerald, never confirming membership with a covey. She was the former ruler of the node before the Empire came, who were barely aware of its nature before she gave it to them, and continues on as the greatest oracle (if mercenary) in the Empire.

Lake Cerul
A minor node, ultimately, but important to the life of the smallest country within the Empire of the Sun that borders the Wastelands and staves off the droughts of the Hungering Maw. It is a massive lake of elemental water located deep underground, with only a single hidden passage from the surface that leads down.
A particularly vicious water weird had ruled Lake Cerul & the land above it, calling forth deluges from the sky and scalding geysers from below. Her cultists would enforce her will by proxy, who would run the water wheels (torture devices and low-grade dust of dryness producers). The country was saved by the Empire of the Sun, who defeated the weird, tore down the active water wheels, and brought prosperity to the people that's lasted for two hundred years.
Notable NPC
Atzi: 6th level water genasi (formerly elf) elementalist, and very meek. She is also the head priest of the node, ensuring its latent power fuels the Empire of the Sun.
Dominion: While within the cavern, even on the shores or islands, the node has the Water dominant planar trait; making fire subtype creatures deeply uncomfortable while also dealing 1d10 damage per round to any creature made of fire.
Roaming: Having been on a slow, constant wane, Lake Cerul isn't currently causing trouble. Every so often, it surges and produces aggressive water elementals and mephits.

New Rules
Force Armor: The armor of an ancient culture steeped in magic. Widely spaced bands of golden metal are placed over various parts of the body, as well as rods extending out from the upper armors and up from the back with circular frames at the end, all covered in runes of warding and protection. When activated, the wearer is covered in interlocking plates of pure force.
Heavy Armor (+7 AC, +3 Max Dex, -2 ACP, -6 ASP)
BAB Benefit
+1: A Force Armor's armor bonus applies against Incorporeal attacks
+5: You can initiate the bull rush maneuver against anyone within reach without moving from your square
+10: Force Armor prevents bodily contact with summoned creatures and suppresses mind control as if under the effects of protection from alignment
Flame Hauberk: Favored armor of the Coronal Guard, crafted under brightest of the Empire's light.
Medium Armor (+5 AC, +3 Max Dex, -2 ACP, -3 ASP)
Sense Motive Ranks Benefit
4: You radiate light like a daylight effect. Undead creatures and Evil Outsiders within this area suffer 1d6 of Light damage each round.
8: With a Standard Action, you can make a focused gaze attack (Will DC 10 + 1/2 level + Cha mod) against one target within the illumination of your daylight effect to blind the target for a minute.
Dan Bong (Exotic Light Melee; 1d4/x2): Ordinarily just a club sized one step smaller than the wielder, this short stick is the basis for a brand of pressure point fighting technique. With the proficiency in the fighting style, the wielder is granted an additional +1d6 sneak attack damage. Unlike other lethal weapons, when used for nonlethal damage, sneak attack remains an option (as per the sap).
Shuriken: The rules for an exotic weapon outclassed by a dart make me cry. These 'wicked cool' ninja weapons need something to make their existence worth a damn. Therefore, proficiency grants them an additional +1d6 sneak attack damage.
Fishing Rod (Exotic 2-handed Ranged, 1d4/x2, 5' increment): Acts as a thrown weapon which can be used to trip or disarm, the former with a +2 bonus (range penalties apply to either check). If you are tripped or disarmed during your own attempt, you can drop the fishing rod to avoid being tripped or disarmed. The fishing hook itself cannot damage a target if they have an armor bonus or a natural armor bonus of +2 or higher.

Small Gods
Small gods have actual personalities and goals, a dogma for each one that priests must adhere to, and are approachable after a fashion.
Great Gods
Great gods are semi-anthropomorphic manifestations of fundamental forces, fully omnipotent within their portfolio and fully alien to mortal minds. Priests are not beholden to any dogma, their rites and meditations acting as a mental focus to make themselves more noticeable to a Great God; as their very 'awareness' of a mortal imbues them with power.
Xeg-Vet of the Chalk, Lord of Negative Energy: Beyond the manifestation, is the force of death, undeath, & decay. Whenever its form is manifest, the sound of scratching chalk and visions of unknown signs drawn upon a void with chalk is everpresent.
Xeg-Mar of the Bag, Lord of Positive Energy: Xeg-Vet's counterpart, representing birth, life, & growth. It always manifests with a bag of varying size and construction.
Asar the Bear, Lord of the Elements: Represents the concrete and the building blocks of material existence.
Ledi the Moth, Lord of Names: The counterpart of Asar, representing the platonic ideals of all things.

Formatting didn't survive the browser->Word->text translation.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 6:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Awesome, thanks
Come see Sprockets & Serials
How do you confuse a barbarian?
Put a greatsword a maul and a greataxe in a room and ask them to take their pick
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

virgileso wrote:
Awesome, thanks

virgil i see an edit on aug 15th.
Ancient History wrote:
We were working on Street Magic, and Frank asked me if a houngan had run over my dog.
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